Chapter 40     [Title below]


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Seeing her having over 100 kg of fat, Huang Lei’s body instantly shivers as his legs turn soft and nearly peed in front of everyone.

He was originally stable but at that moment his hand trembles as he cued making him cue the ball skewed!

The 8 ball draws an arc on the table before colliding against the side of the pocket before bouncing to the side, “Ahhhh! Fucking hell ah!”

Huang Lei almost fell apart. While that fat lass also trembled from fear. But when she regained awareness, that 8-ball had already entered the corner and bump into the cushion twice before entering the middle pocket.

“Mother ah! Taoist Laozi has really blessed me ah!”

Huang Lei laughs while Li Fan sighs. Looks like this Huang Lei seems to really have the protection of god ah. Such is the Will of Heaven.

As a man, he must do as he says. Li Fan place down the cue and says, “Okay, in future you will be following me.”

Huang Lei immediately bowed towards Li Fan before searching around. Finally, he took a bottle of cola from the boss’s counter and unscrewed it before respectfully passing it to Li Fan.

“Big brother! Using cola to replace tea!”

Li Fan rolls his eyes before asking the billiards boss. “Replace tea your sister! Boss, how much is it?”

The boss immediately waves his hands and says, “You drink, you drink. I give it to you.”

“How can we do that.”

Although Li Fan is embarrassingly short of money but he is not willing to accept the favor from other people for nothing. He touches his pocket and inside still have ten dollars left. One 5 dollar, 5 done dollars. Although he eats at home usually, but as a man, have so little money is indeed not convenient.

Murong Ying is very rich, but Li Fan does not wish to stretch out his hand and ask money from her. Else how can that still be called a man!

Looks like I really need to think of a method to earn money. Who asked my family to have parents who pit their son!

Li Fan passes the boss 3 dollars before saying to Huang Lei, “How are you planning to follow me? I am only a student and cannot help you achieve a meteoric success.”

“Hehe, usually I only anyhow mingle around that’s all.”

Huang Lei is slightly embarrassed as he rubs the back of his head. While Li Fan is just a student, usually he did not think of things like how to make money. Today is the first time he had experienced a single cent stumping hero.

“Better think of some methods…”

Li Fan turns around and suddenly sees the two words pasted on the walls of the billiards hall, ‘Renting out’.

“Boss, you renting out this place?”

Li Fan recalls that this billiards hall’s business is not bad but does not know why the boss wants to rent it out.

“Alas…my daughter is working overseas and wants to bring me over.”

The boss sighs, “Really do not wish to leave my old home ah…but I only have a single daughter.”

Li Fan thinks a bit before asking, “Boss, how much do you plan to rent it out for?”

“I still have a half a year left. In addition to my items, a total of 200k.” The boss stretches out two fingers, “How is it, little brother, you have friends that wish to rent?”

“Boss. 200k is a bit too expensive.”

Li Fan raises his eyebrow, “After all, there is only 4 billiards table here so your turnover is at most 400 right?”

“When business is good, around 700 a day!” The boss hurriedly says, “When it is bad, it is still 400 a day. 200k is not bad all!”

Li Fan clenches and states a figure, “150k, and I’ll take it over.”

Huang Lei shouts by the side, “Do you hear it! 150k! it is enough for you to prepare for your coffin! You this old thing!”

He instantly becomes quite the moment Li Fan glares at him.

“Boss, I am only a student that’s all. 150k is also a big figure.”

Li Fan comforts the boss and says, “After going overseas you can be considered as retiring already. As for the 50k you just treat it as contributing to the local GDP.”

“Fine, okay!”

The boss clenches his teeth. The main point is that he does not wish to offend Huang Lei. “Within two days, as long as you come and find me, I shall transfer this shop to you!”

“Okay thank you boss!”

After Li Fan discuss finish his business transaction, he is feeling happy in his heart. While Huang Lei is slightly curious and ask, “Big brother, where are you going to get 150k from ah?”

“You think of a method.”

Li Fan’s single sentence causes Huang Lei to cry to death. He immediately starts crying that he is poor, “Big brother ah. The money for lunch was something that I stole from a beggar! Where can I steal 150k from ah! You can just kill me ah big brother!”

Li Fan says half teasingly, “Don’t you know how to predict right? Go and calculate what is this week’s lottery ticket.”

“Aiyah, if I have that ability, why would I mingle on the streets!”

Huang Lei makes a bitter face while Li Fan only paved the road first. Methods to earn money can be thought up.

Just as the two of them are unable to find a solution, the billiards hall door suddenly bumped open. 6 gangsters holding machetes rushed in. The leader among them is a guy with a crew cut. They are like fiends as they scared the students in the billiards hall into crouching in the corner.

“Motherfucking hell, Huang Lei, you are indeed fucking hiding here!” That crew cut is holding a machete as he points it at Huang Lei and scolds, “Today I am going to chop you to death!”

“Da Zhang, did your brain get kicked by a donkey!?”

Seeing the 6 gangsters holding a machete, Huang Lei relying on the fact that Li Fan is by his side, did he have courage in his heart as he immediately confronts, “I do not have any grievance with you, why do you want to chop me?”

“Fucking hell! You this idiot slept with my mom and you still dare to fucking ask me!”

Li Fan immediately felt a chill flowing down his back. This Da Zhang looks to be around 20 that means his mother will be at the very least around 50 ah….

“Aiyah, really cannot blame me ah. Who would know that she is your mother? Furthermore, she looks so young around 40 only….what don’t tell me that she regretted already and ask you to find me to ask for money?”

“Fuck your ancestors! Chop him to death!”

The 6 men charged over with their machete making Li Fan purse his brows. Although Huang Lei did not do these things tastefully, but after all, he is already my little brother. As a big brother, I cannot betray my little brother.

They had already charged up as their machete is chopping towards Huang Lei already.

While Li Fan suddenly moved. Like the saying, Calm as maiden, move like a rabbit. His feet instantly strides out as he threads through the gangsters.

At the same time, his hands form a crane beak and hit out.

Crane nodding head!

      [Editor: Is it just me or did the name of the move change?]

Every time Li Fan attacked, his fingertips that were pinched together would accurately strike the blood vessels on the gangsters’ neck.

By obstructing the blood vessels, it can cause a person’s heart to lose blood and immediately become unable to keep beating.

The gangsters were not martial artists thus their acupuncture point was not protected. Li Fan does it cleanly, once per person and instantly all the 6 gangsters were lying on the ground.

All of the students in the billiards hall were stunned when they see this. Is…is this guy still a human!

Da Zhang is also stunned as he lies on the ground for a while unable to say anything.

He did not expect that the brothers he brought to chop people would already be lying down before they are able to chop anyone.

“This friend, although my brother is in wrong, but it is also wrong of you to chop people. I let my brother apologize to you and let this matter end like this okay?”

Da Zhang is only nimble in talking as he curses, “Okay your fucking head!”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 40   [Slept with someone who should not have slept with]

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