Chapter 4    [Fulfilling husband and wife duty]


After a sword is placed on his neck by another person, this is the first time Li Fan have a sense of death is about to approach!

What the book says is right, beautiful woman cannot be provoked…didn’t Confucius says that woman and a vile person is hard to support! But if I give up my surname what is the point of me still being alive?

During this lifetime Li Fan had always carefully stay alive. On the public bus when he sees other people pickpocketing he also does not dare to speak up. But this time around he must live for his dignity!

“Not changing! As a guy, I say that I am not changing so I am not! You just kill me!”

Twenty years later, I will still be a good man!

“Considered as you still have a bit of courage.”

Unexpectedly Murong Ying did not kill him. Instead, she keeps her sword and tosses it to Tie Zhu who is by the side.

“My Murong Ying’s man needs to have this bit of courage. Enough, you had passed the test.”

“Then does that means that there is no need to change my surname?”

Li Fan turns from worry to delight but Murong Ying smiles sweetly, “I did not say that before. But currently, it does not make sense to you. In the future, we will look into it again. The current problem is that you are too weak. You are way too far away from my ideal husband.”

“Can I first ask how does your ideal husband look like?”

Li Fan suddenly becomes apprehensive in his heart.

“Firstly he needs to be stronger than me and is an expert who is able to support the heaven and earth.”

Murong Ying says faintly, “Furthermore need to be handsome and confident. cherish the world, tolerent and benevolent. His fame must resound in all direction. Mm, just these few simple requirements.”

“This is still considered simple?”

Li Fan almost collapsed, “You care all this are simple? Big sister ah did your world outlook have a problem already okay?”

“After all, I am two years older than you.”

Murong Ying knits her eyebrows as she looks at Li Fan, “It is not suitable to call be big sister. Call me Niang-zi.”

[TL: Niang-zi is a polite address for one’s wife.]

“I am not calling you that! Too awkward already!”

What era already and still Niang-zi! You think that you are Bai Suzhen is it!

[TL: Bai Suzhen is a female character from Madame White Snake.]

Li Fan feels that it is very awkward and do not wish to call her that.

“Cannot. You are already my finance. You must address me this way.”

This time around, it is Murong Ying’s turn to insist on it.

“What the, then can I not be your fiance okay?”

“Rescind the engagement is it?” Murong Ying considers for a bit before saying, “That is not out the question. But the in-laws had already accepted my Murong Family’s betrothal gift. If you want to break our engagement you need to return the betrothal gift first.”

“Returning betrothal gift is it, are they marrying off a daughter?!”

Li Fan pats his chest. “Isn’t it just a betrothal gift. How much is it, I go and work to pay you back!”

“Nothing much, just 60 kg worth of gold.”

Li Fan immediately says warmly, “Niang-zi, what do you wish to eat tonight, I go and cook for you right now!”

“No need. A guy ought to keep away from the kitchen.”

Murong Ying is rather stubborn about this aspect, “For cooking this matter leave it to Tie Zhu. Her handicraft is not bad. Other than being good in martial arts, she is also a national grade chef.”

“Big miss, if you keep praising, my face will turn red.”

Tie Zhu lowers her head shyly nearly making Li Fan pee in his pants. Gods ah, can I still stay in this house in the future?!

“Gu-Ye. What do you wish to eat tonight?”

“I do not wish to eat anything. I wish to hurry and sleep.”

Li Fan’s head is unbearably dizzy. He only wishes to hurry and go to bed to sleep, hoping that when he wakes up, everything will restore back to normal. How nice would that be!

After Li Fan follows Tie Zhu’s directions and returns to his own room, Murong Ying suddenly says, “Oh right. Your previous bed is too soft. It is bad for your muscles and bones so I had helped you changed to a new bed.”

“Thank you!”

Li Fan says in his heart, this Murong Yin still slightly at very least know how to be considerate of others.

But the moment he pushes open the door and sees 2 fingers thick rope stretching across the room, he is completely stunned.

Is it the way I open the door wrong?

Li Fan once again starts seriously question his life. This woman! Does she thinks that she is Xiao Longnu?! Even if she is Xiao Longnu I am not Guo Jing!

Li Fan originally wishes to protest but recalling the extremely expensive betrothal gift that his parents had taken, he bears with it. Forget it. Right now this place is no longer my home. Like the saying, ‘Living under other people’s roof, have no choice but to bow the head’. Isn’t it just sleeping on a rope? Right now I had already absorbed 10 years of her cultivation that wouldn’t be hard right?

Li Fan carefully sits on the rope and in the end, he falls over from the other side of the rope.

Motherfucking hell! The novels are all scam! I just sleep on the floor alright!

Just as Li Fan lies down on the ground, lighting current surges through him. Shocking him until his bones nearly soften as black smoke emits out from his mouth.

From outside of the door comes Murong Ying’s voice, “Right I had connected your ground to the direct current. Every ten minutes, electricity will follow through. Your slippers are insulated but if you lies on the ground to sleep….”

Demoness! She is definitely a demoness!

Li Fan is about to cry, how can I live the rest of my life ah! There is only a small table in the room and it is not like I can sleep on top of it.

Li Fan does not have any other choice but to continue to try and sleep on the rope. In the beginning, he is not successful and falls over a few times until he had a bloody nose and swollen face.

But afterwards, he found the trick and realize that as long as he lifts a breath from his dantain, his body and bones will become a lot lighter. Under his continuous try, finally, after midnight, he had successfully lie down on the rope.

No matter what he can finally sleep. But Li Fan’s heart is heavy, in future am I really going to live with this Murong Ying….but since we are already about to become a married couple why can’t I sleep in on a bed ah!

Just as Li Fan is feeling indignant at the injustice, from outside comes Tie Zhu’s voice, “Gu-ye if you are not used to sleeping on the rope, you can squeeze together with me. After all, I am considered as the dowry maid, I had already prepared my heart…”

[TL: poor Tie Zhu, she got rejected]

“No, no, no! Thank you for your kind intentions! I am sleeping very well!”

Li Fan suddenly feels that the rope is incomparable cute. After being scared by Tie Zhu like this, he no longer has the heart to think of anything else. Later on, he sleeps rather peacefully. Living together with a beauty….seems to also be quite good right.

But the reality is cruel. Just as the day brightens up, Li Fan got kicked off the rope Murong Ying.

“Heroine, what are you doing now again?”

Li Fan feels like his mental state is about to crumble.

Murong Ying is standing in front of him. Her hair is slightly damp and is still emitting out the nice smell of shampoo.

She must have just taken a bath…

Li Fan subconsciously looks up, this fiance of mine is really rather impressive.

“If you anyhow look again and I shall dig out your eyes.”

Murong Ying’s sentence instantly jolt Li Fan completely awake.

“Right now, it is 2 hours before the class starts. You will need 30 minutes to run to school so set off now.”

“There is a car for me to sit why should I run to school ah? Do you think that I look like I am sick?”

“As my fiance, you are too weak.”

Murong Ying says impolitely, “From today onwards I must start tempering you! As your Niang-zi, this is naturally my obligation!”

“Then as my Niang-zi, you also have the duty to sleep in the same bed as me!”

Li Fan immediately grabs hold of the main point, “Why did you not fulfill your obligation!”

“I can fulfill it ah.”

Unexpectedly Murong Yin actually agreed!

“You want to try?”


Chapter 4  [Fulfilling husband and wife duty]

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