Chapter 39     [Billiard Prince]


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“Play billiards? Can you? Ah!”

Huang Lei immediately becomes spirited, “Big brother you really know how to pick ah, I am not capable at anything else but am the best at billiards! It is just that I am not willing to show my face in public! If I go and play billiards, Ding Junhui would have starved to death!”

“You can drop it already….”

Li Fan’s lip twitches, Huang Lei this fellow can really boast! A hole can be blown out in the sky by him!

“Big brother why don’t you believe me! Today, I shall how big brother why they call me the Billiard Prince!”

Most of the tables in City A are the long green ones. Originally all four tables in the room are filled but the moment Huang Lei walks over, two students immediately obediently move aside.

Huang Lei does have some deterrence power in this area. But most of those who are afraid of him are the hooligan students. Those who are really in the society does not seem to place Huang Lei in their eyes.

Huang Lei pulls out a cigarette and Sun Zheng who is by the side immediately pulls out a lighter and helps Huang Lei lights it up.

“Stinky brat, zippo lighter ah! Where did you get it from?”

“I had taken it from my old man.”

Sun Zheng smiles faintly. Huang Lei place the lighter into his pocket.

“Can, let me play for two days.”

Sun Zheng immediately butters up and says, “Brother Lei…let me follow you.”

“Let me think a bit.”

Huang Lei breath out a smoke ring before saying to Li Fan respectfully, “Big brother you start the round first.”

“Bro let me help you set up the balls!”

Zang Ding Xiang immediately runs over and help Li Fan set up the balls. He arranged them very seriously making Li Fan speechless. Why are these people unable to think properly and instead of learning properly they went and mingle on the streets? What kind of development could they have after becoming like Huang Lei?

Don’t even have money to eat lunch, is this really meaningful?

As Li Fan picks up the cue stick by the side he asks, “Huang Lei. What is the point of you guys mingling on the streets? Is this kind of life great?”

“Greatly in demand ah! Big brother!” Huang Lei was solemnly measuring his cue when he hearing Li Fan’s question. He immediately says, “If one day you succeed and become the big brother, your days will become better. Furthermore, wherever you go, there will be people who respect you. How beautiful is this kind of life ah.”

“I’m unable to understand.”

Li Fan shakes his head before lying on the table. By the side, a few students gather around watching the show. Among these hooligans, some of them brought their girlfriend along as well. The current girls now when they are young, perhaps they have a kind of adoration towards such kind of guys but after a few years, they will start to regret.

The girls are wearing the second high uniform. But they are wearing short skirts and pants and the likes. Completely not following the school rules. Li Fan is muttering in his heart, it’s early autumn already, don’t they feel cold?

Right now is not the same. After Li Fan started training in martial arts, his hand and legs become a lot more stable. Doesn’t take action easily, but once he takes action it’s like thunder.


His cue shoots out like bullet drawing an afterimage as it strikes the cue ball. The cue ball flies out and heavy crash into the other colorful balls.

Li Fan uses quite a bit of strength, thus all of the balls instantly scatter in all directions. With this first cue, Li Fan immediately potted 6 balls!

This kind of situation is very rare. Huang Lei seems to feel that something is wrong and swallows his saliva.

Li Fan had potted in more color balls. He aims at a colored ball which is in a straight line towards a pocket far away.

“So straight, is it possible?”

By the pocket stands a female student. Seeing Li Fan’s action is not to the very standard she sneers, “The straighter the ball, the harder it is to go in. You listen to me, use lesser strength and let the ball move close to the pocket it the most reliable.”

Li Fan disinclined to pay attention to her. He aims at the hole between the female student before suddenly cueing the ball!


The color ball is like a cannon crashing into the pocket. The whirling ball springs up over a meter scaring that girl into falling on her butt as she shrieks.

The color ball spins in the air for a while before falling back into the pocket!

“What the…”

Huang Lei feels his scalp turn numb. This technique of big brother is really too explosive already!

Kung Fu Billiards?

[TL: a stab at the movie Kung Fu Soccer]

“Seems like I used a bit too much strength.”

Li Fan sighs as he finds his feelings again and aims at the next color ball.


This time round, the color ball cleanly rolls into the pocket, not sloppy at all.

Huang Lei wipes away his cold sweat.

Li Fan potted in the last color ball before aiming at the black 8.

Huang Lei starts to become anxious. If this ball is potted, that means that my earlier efforts were all wasted!

But the black 8’s position is rather hard. It was blocked by the red strips.

Although Li Fan cues very steadily, but his cueing skills is not that good, thus he is in a bit of disadvantage. The cue ball draws a circle but in the end, was still unable to touch the black 8.

Huang Lei can be considered as let out a sigh of relief. But very quickly his mind becomes tense.

Big brother only has a single black 8 left. But I am still left with 5 more balls to pot!

He takes a deep breath before starting to stomp his feet on the spot. He starts shuddering as his eyeballs flipped upwards.

“What the heck, what is this, epilepsy?”

Li Fan is shocked, while the students by the side say enviously, “Ah this is Brother Lei’s Inviting god into his body!”

Inviting God into his body? It’s more like he become mad! I should let Ling Yuexian treat his sickness! Alas, also do not know if Ling Yuexian is still angry at me or not. This stubborn lass.

Huang Lei seems to be done with his craziness. He pinches two finger and presses against the center of his eyebrows, “Taoist Laozi quickly come! Posses me!”

Li Fan’s forehead definitely has a large word, ‘sweat’. He cannot help but ask, “Does Taoist Laozi even know how to play billiards?”

“He is an Immortal! There is nothing that he cannot do.”

Huang Lei says resolutely, “Let’s not talk about playing billiards, masturbating is also okay!”

Li Fan has to give it to him, really a dick and can talk nonsense…

Although Huang Lei’s mouth is not proper, but when he is cueing, he is quite presentable. He places the cigarette on the table as his pair of eyes starts concentrating.

In comparison to Li Fan this kind of ferocious general, Huang Lei is like a person who had played billiards for many years. When he cues the ball, he is not sloppy at all and is like two completely different people.

Like what Huang Lei says, his cueing technique is indeed not bad. He potted 5 balls in a row!

Similarly, he is left with black 8. In the past, Huang Lei will definitely bet a few hundred with others but today he is unprecedentedly nervous.

This ball’s weight is heavier than in the past! Like a mountain, pressuring down on Huang Lei’s heart!

It must go in!

Huang Lei shouts, “Taoist Laozi protect me!”

As he speaks he aims at the black 8 and cues it!

By the side a fat girl who dyed her hair green says excitedly, “Brother Lei do your best! When you win, I let you do me one night!”

[Editor: Shit, you can bone girls from playing billiard? Guess I gotta try]

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 39  [Billiard Prince]

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