Chapter 38     [Second Stage]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

The school did not hold Huang Lei responsible. After all, the school is also not willing to provoke him this kind of hooligan. After provoking him and locking him up for a few days, the moment he gets released he will come and find trouble. Furthermore, being splashed by shit this kind of matter is also not good to make public. They can only order the cleaners to start cleaning the school grounds. As for Li Fan, he does not care about these matters. He had fallen asleep in the classroom until the afternoon where he prepares to go and meet Huang Lei.

He is only a student, thus he does not understand why Huang Lei wanted to follow him for.

But since he had already made an arrangement with the other person, he will do as he says! If a man does not do as he says, is that still considered as a mouth? Wouldn’t it become buttocks!

[Editor: Well I was gonna replace mouth with a man but it’s literally talking about the mouth so…]

Li Fan drapes on his school uniform. Just as he was preparing to leave, he meets Ling Yuexian at the school building entrance. Currently, Ling Yuexian seems to be slightly angry as she immediately blocks Li Fan’s path. When the rest of the students sees them, they do not dare to say anything and walk around them.

Wang Qiang who had just nice passed by the side. When he sees Li Fan, he immediately turns around and escapes in fear.

“Dr. Xiao Ling, why did you come? Right now it not our appointment time right?”

Li Fan takes a look at his watch 11.50, didn’t we decided to meet at night and pretend not to know each other in the morning. This kind of unique dating method, perhaps only Ling Yuexian can think up of.

But Ling Yuexian blocks Li Fan and says, “Where are you going?”

Li Fan casually says, “Have a meal ah! What is the matter, you even want to control your boyfriend having a meal?”

“Nonsense! You are obviously going to meet that hooligan!”

Ling Yuexian frowns and says, “Li Fan, didn’t you promise me that you are going to change? Where is your effort?”

“That’s right. Aren’t I changing now.”

“That you are not allowed to go and meet him!”

Ling Yuexian hates that iron cannot become copper, “I am your girlfriend. I am not letting you go that means you are not allowed to go!”

“The matters of a man, women shouldn’t talk about it.” Li Fan dodges Ling Yuexian’s arm, “Don’t come and try to manage the things that I have decided.”

“You! You cannot be saved!” Ling Yuexian looks at Li Fan’s back view and stomps her feet, “I am no longer going to care about you!”

Li Fan ignores Ling Yuexian, this lass really think that she is my girlfriend? Looks like she is too into being a doctor already. Also, do not know why she is so earnest. A bit too serious in her cosplay isn’t she?

Furthermore, even if Ling Yuexian is my girlfriend, she is too controlling already. Just one tyrannic Murong Ying is already enough!

Li Fan did not wish to give himself even more trouble. Girls ah, always want a foot and won an inch, after being shone with a bit of light, they start glittering.

He followed his arrangement and went to the billiard hall behind the school. Li Fan’s billiards skill is not that good, but when he just entered senior high, he followed the rest of the guys in the class and played it a few times.

This billiards hall is not that big. Altogether there is only 4 billiards table placed inside. Inside are all idle staff of society as well as some students who skip classes. Basically, there is none who does not smoke inside. Thus when Li Fan enters, inside is filled with cigarette smoke, the smokes are coiling around like he had entered a fairyland.

Two students with a bad aura see Li Fan walking in and exchange a glance. These two students are called Zang Ding Xiang and Sun Zheng. The two of them are ignorant and incompetent and did not attend their classes daily. Basically, they came to school early and then hang out in the billiards hall. When they see students entering, they will pick those thin and weak ones to extort money from them.

Li Fan is not built and appears to be an ordinary student only. In their eyes, he is a typical mobile bank.

They walk up and blocks Li Fan’s path.

Sun Zheng’s hair is dyed with all kind of colors. Which makes Li Fan feels like he is looking at a colorful chicken. He steps forward and grasp hold of Li Fan’s arm and says, “Student, lend me some money to spend.”

Li Fan raises his eyebrow slightly. After which the reason why he no longer comes to the billiards hall is because there are always some shady students here.

Just as he is about to flare up, a berate comes from the side, “What are all of you doing?!”

Sun Zheng and Zang Dingxiang turn around, upon seeing that it is Huang Lei walking over, they immediately withdraw their neck.

“Brother Lei…”

“Fuck, what are you doing to my Big brother! Immediately fucking let go! Don’t want your hand anymore is that it!”

With Huang Lei’s roar, the two students immediately let go of Li Fan as their expression turns flustered

Although the two of them drift along in the school quite well, but outside, how can they be compared to a person in the society. Seeing Huang Lei this kind of annoying person they still need to call him brother honestly.

Li Fan mutters, “You doing quite well on the streets eh.”

“That is of course. I, Huang Half-immortal can be considered as a dragon in City A!”

Huang Lei slaps his tight and shouts, “Back then I had wielded a chopper and chased Chen Si down eight streets!”

Chen Si is a very famous gang head in City A in the past. He had a fantasy like history. Later on, because of the crackdown, he got punished by the government.

Li Fan immediately sneers, “You chopped Chen Si? Why don’t you say that you chase after Chiang Kai-Shek and chopped half of China? When Chen Si was around, you are still in Primary school!”

“Hehe…anyway it is that same meaning I guess.”

Huang Lei rubs the back on his head before clapping his hand, “Big brother you still had not eaten right! I will go and buy for you!”

While speaking Huang Lei picks up a piping hot steam bun from the billiards table by the side. “Big brother, this was bought from Sun Family Steam Bun Store! Have a try!”

“Sun Family Steam Bun store? Isn’t it over at the west street side?”

Li Fan is slightly curious. This bun is very famous in City A. But there is only one chain opened in the west district which is quite far away from here.

“That’s right buy lunch for Big brother is what little brother should do!”

Huang Lei’s very respectful attitude towards Li Fan completely confused the two hooligan students by the side. What is the background of this ordinary looking student?

“Big brother eat it while it is hot!”

Huang Lei passes the bun over. But Li Fan subconscious takes a few steps back as he glances at Huang Lei’s hand.

Huang Lei immediately understands and hurriedly says, “Big brother you relax. I had already washed my hands already! I had used an entire piece of perfumed soap ah! My skin is about to be rubbed off ah.”

“Fine then, thank you.”

Li Fan takes the bun and glances with his eyes. Seeing Huang Lei’s swallowing actions, he becomes aware of the situation.

“You had not eaten right, here split two for you.”

Sun Family Steam Bun Store’s bun is rather big. Li Fan passes two to Huang Lei who immediately shakes his head.

“How can I eat Big brother’s thing! I cannot, cannot!”

“Less nonsense, If I tell you to eat then eat!”

“Then I shall not be polite with Big brother then!”

Huang Lei takes two buns and starts swallowing them down like he had not eaten for a few days already.

“This bun of yours…is not extorted one right?”

“Big brother, how can you say that ah! There is also a thief dao ah, furthermore, west town is also not my territory. How can I extort from them? Isn’t this blindly stretching out the hands.”

Only after speaks finish did Li Fan relax. He is indeed hungry and finishes the remaining two buns in a single bite each before swallow them down his stomach.

“Big brother is this considered as you accepting me?”

Huang Lei wipes his hands on his pants as he looks at Li Fan with expectations.

“You had only passed the first stage. You still have one more stage that you need to pass.”

Li Fan takes a look at the billiards table by the side, “Fight a round with me. If you win, I will take you as my little brother. How is it?”

The two students were instantly taken back. Just who is this student ah, to actually make Brother Lei request to accept him as a little brother! Too awesome ah!

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 38  [Second Stage]

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