Chapter 37     [Accepting a Little Brother]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

The principal starts sweating like he had just taken a bath. He is unable to hold it back and even feels like his crotch is wet.

He had lived for so many years, this is the first time he was in such a predicament in front of a young person! But after all, this young person is able to decide his fate, thus he can only be terrified!

“That….Director Murong ah….perhaps the way I handle it is not satisfactory.” As the principal wipes his sweat, he says, “Student Li Fan sacrifices himself for all of us. Having the courage to have a battle of wits with a hoodlum, he is a model for all of us! I have decided to ensure student Li Fan’s safety, at the same time, prepare to give Student Li Fan a commendation assembly! Let all of the teachers and students learn from his spirit!”

The surrounding students were taken back, is he a principal or a shameless person!?

“There is no need for the commendation assembly, just don’t expel students.”

Throwing behind this sentence, Murong Ying turns around and left.

The principal finally lets out a sigh of relief. As the same time he mutters in his heart, does this Li Fan have some background? Wanting to expel him actually made Murong Ying move? Or could it be that Murong Ying is only seeking an excuse to allow me to step down?

No matter which answers it is, I must be even more careful!

The principal orders his secretary, “Quickly go and take a look at how Li Fan is! Find a few young and strong security guards to accompany him!”

This secretary’s figure is not bad, like a flower vase. She pushes up her spectacles and wrinkles her brows before saying, “Principal….our security guards are all old or weak ah…”

“Old or weak?”

“That’s right….those relatives of yours ah….from your hometown those 3rd uncle 2nd uncle and the likes…”

“Damn it…”

The principal massages his temple as his headaches very badly. Really did not expect that back then what I arrange the post of those people, right now it would give me so much trouble.

The principal orders, “No matter what send people to follow along! Don’t let him get into danger!”

The secretary nods her head before going to arrange people to follow Li Fan.

While at this moment, Li Fan naturally does not know that Murong Ying had helped him. He had already walked out of the school building with his head high and chest out and walks over to the sports field.


Seeing Li Fan coming out, Huang Lei is very excited as the wooden ladle in his hand trembles slightly splashing out the shit water.

“Huang Lei you calm down!”

Li Fan immediately says to Huang Lei, “Calm down, don’t move emotionally!”

“Master, I have calculated properly. You would definitely come out!”

Huang Lei is indeed slightly excited, “I did not calculate wrongly!”

“This has nothing to do with your calculation okay?” Li Fan wants to cry but had no tears, “This splashing of shit of yours is even more accurate than your fortune telling!”

“Hehe, master, if I do not do this, you will not come out ah.”

Huang Lei places the wooden ladle into the pushcart before saying bashfully to Li Fan, “Master don’t you feel like I am like a big star today?”

“Big star your sister!”

Li Fan cannot hold back and ruthlessly roast, “The shit in your hands is then the real star! You do it like this, how can I still study in school ah? Some more are you not afraid of being arrested by the police?”

“At most I will be locked up for 15 days that’s all!” Huang Lei says indifferently, “Just squat in the detention center a few days only what is there to be afraid of! But if I missed out the fate with master, then my intestines will turn green with regret!”

“Fuck ah…”

Li Fan senses a deep sense of things going wrong. This Huang Lei…is not ordinary!

If you say some hooligan is a pain the neck then Huang Lei is the most resolute pain in the neck! This fellow basically is unmatched ah! If not cut, cannot be fried ah!

“Master you just accept me ah!”

Huang Lei starts marketing himself, “If you accept me, I have unlimited use ah!”

“What do I need you for? Spread manure for the farmhouse?” Li Fan is angered, “Some gang of brothers of yours?”

“Gave them a few repatriate expenses and let them go home.”

Huang Lei explains, “Even I this big brother is going to become a little brother, how can I still have face to lead the little brothers below? I had already thought it carefully. After learning from master properly, as long as I can learn a move or two from master, it is enough for me to make my mark in the streets!”

“I am only a student that’s all. I have nothing to teach you.”

Seeing that the security guards are walking over and there are even more students watching in the surrounding, Li Fan does not wish to cause a sensation in the school and tries to chase Huang Lei away

“You quickly leave. If you mess around anymore I will be angry!”

“Master, you just accept me ah!”

Huang Lei spies at the security guard who are secretly creeping in close. He raises the wooden ladle and scared that security guard into falling down on his butt.

He continues and says to Li Fan, “As long as master accept me, I am willing to do anything!”

“I really am not accepting disciple! I have not even trained my martial arts to a proper standard yet!”

Thinking about his lost against Murong Ying yesterday, Li Fan becomes unhappy.

“No worries then don’t be master and disciple. I will be your little brother!”

Huang Lei immediately smiles and says, “From today onwards I will be your little brother. You are my big brother!”

Li Fan nearly collapses, “Come on. You are going 30 and I am not even reaching 20 okay?”

“Big brother perhaps you do not understand but in our line, what we see is qualifications, not age!”

Huang Lei explains, “As long as Big brother agrees, in future, I shall be following Big brother! What Big brother says, I shall follow!”

Li Fan thinks quickly and had an idea, “You said you will follow whatever I say?”

“Yes! Big brother as long as you give the order! I, Huang Half-Immortal shall do anything for you!”

Li Fan points at the shit bucket and says, “Fine then. Drink up this shit!”

Huang Lei is instantly stunned, he coughs, “Big brother…you, you are not joking with me right…”

“Since you wish to be under me then you must listen to my rules.”

Li Fan holds his hands behind his back and pretends to be an old man. He does not really want to make Huang Lei eat shit but to make him retreat to avoid defeat.

“Okay! I Huang Lei shall go for broke today! I Huang Half-immortal had eaten everything before just had never eaten shit! Today I shall have a try at what shit tastes like!”

Expectedly Huang Lei takes off his jacket and rolls up his sleeve. He takes the ladle and scoops out a ladle of shit. Like he is not afraid of dying, he raises it towards his mouth!

The surrounding security guards are the first to vomit in respect! While Li Fan picks up a small stone and flicks it out.

With a pa, Huang Lei’s wrist is in pain making him drop the wooden ladle and the shit drops in front of his legs.

“Enough already, I am convinced.”

Li Fan can be considered as completely convinced by Huang Lei. Although this Huang Lei does not seem to have much ability, but his annoyance really makes people speechless.

“You go and find a place to stay for a while. 12pm, I will go to the billiard hall at the back of the school to look for you.”

Right now it is still lesson time thus Li Fan decided to have a talk with Huang Lei in the afternoon.

“No problem! Big brother you relax. I guarantee to reach on time!”

Huang Lei is very happy, “Hahaha, I just know. Today I had divine a bit and it is guaranteed to win instant success! Thank you Taoist Laozi!”

“You better thank your bucket of shit instead….hurry and leave!”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 37  [Accepting a Little Brother]

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