Chapter 35     [Huang Lei]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

What is this situation?

Li Fan subconsciously pulled out his fists, preparing to fight at any moment!

A breath of zhenqi is lifted up and spreads throughout Li Fan’s meridians. The surrounding world seems to have slowed down while the sound of wind becomes even clearer!

That yellow head is slightly putting his hand in his pocket, is he pulling out a dagger?

Li Fan lets out dazzling radiance from his eyes like stars in the dark night. But the yellow head pulls out a pack of cigarette and takes out a stick. With a smile on his face, he offers it to Li Fan. “Brother, have a smoke?”

Not here to fight?

Li Fan is stunned but he quickly withdraws his fist and pushes away the yellow head’s hand, “I do not smoke.”

The yellow head thought that Li Fan is warning him and immediately says, “Bro you relax. This is a real cigarette. There is nothing mixed in it!”

“I really do not smoke…talking about this who are you?”

“My big brother ah! How can you have forgotten about me!”

The yellow head points at himself, “Didn’t the two of us met yesterday night? You had forgotten?”

Li Fan creases his brows and think for a bit when he suddenly recalls the yellow head’s face.

“Eh, which god truncheon are you?”

“What god truncheon, brother you really can joke ah!”

The yellow head immediately properly introduces himself, “I’m call Huang Lei. The Lei with three stones! I know how to predict and have a bit of skill, thus the people in the streets call me Huang Half Immortal. But brother you can call me Lei Lei! As long as you are happy, you can call me son as well!”

What the, too lowly.

Li Fan subconsciously takes a few steps back to prevent himself from being stained by Huang Lei’s lowly aura.

Li Fan asks, “But I do not have a son like you ah. Why are you looking for me?”

But unexpectedly Huang Lei dusted his clothes before prostrating in front of Li Fan in admiration.

“Big brother, yesterday when I saw you, I was convinced by your vigor! So from today onwards, I, Huang Lei pay respect to you as my master! May teacher please accept me as a disciple!”

Huang Lei dares to do what he says and really kneels down and give Li Fan three loud kowtows!

The surrounding students are watching the show. Why is this hooligan kowtowing to a student?

Li Fan is slightly panicky as this is the first time he had to deal with such kind of matter.

“You quickly get up and stop messing around!”

Li Fan sees the teaching director in the distance away. If he sees this, who knows how he would deal with me!

“No! As long as master does not accept me then I will not get up!”

Although Huang Lei this hooligan looks to be glib tongue and cunning, but he is very stubborn as he keeps kowtowing to Li Fan.

The number of people gathering around become bigger and bigger, while the teaching director’s figure is getting closer and closer!

“Fine, fine. I agree!”

Li Fan feels like he got forced into marriage! Really is fucked up ah!

“Hehe, master I am just waiting for this sentence of yours.”

Huang Lei smiles merrily as he stands up, “Let me help you chase away these people.”

Speaking finish he shouts fiercely towards the surrounding people, “What the fuck are you guys looking at! Scram for me!”

With his roar, the students immediately scatter in all directions. Li Fan also manages to disengage himself and immediately run towards his class.

“Master, master where are you ah?”

Huang Lei becomes anxious, just formally took a master and why did master run away already?

“Who wants to be your teacher, see you later!”

Li Fan was only using delaying tactics earlier. He then did not want to be the master of a hooligan! Wouldn’t it be a joke, I will definitely not have any relationship with these people!

Li Fan takes advantage that he is quick as he leaves behind Huang Lei and vanished.

Huang Lei stomps his feet at the school gate. He angrily lights up a cigarette and says, “Master you will not be able to escape this one! I will definitely make you obediently accept me this disciple!”

After Li Fan had returned to the class, he still has slight lingering fears. Looks like this Huang Lei wants to stopper up to me. I am not afraid of fighting against him, after all, he is not my opponent. What I am afraid of is that he may keep disturbing me. Looks like I am no longer able to take the main gate of the school anymore. Tonight I shall bring Ling Yuexian to the side gate!

Yesterday night he is really too tired already. Li Fan is a bit tired. During the lesson, he would sprawl on the desk and snore. Towards this kind of bad student, the teacher no longer cares about him anymore and allow him to sleep at the last row.

After sleeping for a few classes, his deskmate suddenly shakes him awake.

“Li Fan….Li Fan….no good ah…”

“What ah? Earthquake?”

Li Fan bewilderedly rubs his eyes. In his dream, he was whipping Murong Ying ah. In the end, he got shaken awake making him very unhappy.

“Outside…outside is in a mess ah…”

“What’s the matter?” Li Fan curls his lips, “If you lie to me, I will pinch you to death!”

He is only annoyed at being woken up. While his deskmate is a small four-eyed student who got frightened into trembling. There are people who said that right now Li Fan had become a hooligan, oppressing the people and tyrannically abuse people in the school…looks like it is all real.

“I…I am not lying to you…you take a look yourself….”

By the window are several students. They are no longer listening to the lesson and giving the teacher a cold shoulder on the rostrum.

The teacher also does not care about his students as he hurriedly runs out of his classroom.

While Li Fan rubs his eyes and gathers over as well.

“Brothers ah, please let me pass, let me have a look.”

Li Fan got blocked by the group of people in front but no one bothers about him.

“Can you guys yield your place?”

Li Fan’s voice increase by 8 octaves. Those students in front turn around while rolling their eyes. But the moment they see Li Fan, all of them were frightened.

In front of a large window, all of the students stand to the side leaving an empty space for Li Fan.

Li Fan scratches the back of his head. Why are the students so polite today?

He walks over to the window and immediately became stunned.

What the fuck, what is this situation?

He sees Huang Lei standing at the sports field as he pushes a trolley with his hand. In the trolley is a few buckets of shit!

Huang Lei is holding a loudspeaker with one hand while holding a wooden ladle with the other. He is shouting, “Li Fan! Come out! Hurry and come out!”

As Huang Lei shouts through the loudspeaker. He uses the wooden ladle and scopes out a ladle of shit from the shit bucket. After which he aims towards the windows of the school and splashes them.


A few windows downstairs were splashed with shit making the female students inside scream.

A few security guards of the school in the surrounding wishes to step forward but Huang Lei swings his wooden ladle and spatter shit all over the place scaring them into escaping!

Bullshit, there is no need to play with biological weapons right!

“Li Fan! Hurry and come out! Otherwise today I shall dye Second High with shit!”

Huang Lei shouts with all his might. He had really gone for broke! I had been mingling on the streets for so many years. This is the first time I had met a student who is able to fight so well! As long as I follow him and learn a few moves, I will definitely achieve meteoric success!

Me causing trouble in the school, even if I get caught, at most it is 15 days. What is there to be afraid of, it is not like I haven’t gone there before!

Huang Lei scoop out another ladle of shit and splash it at the school.

I swear that I will not give up as long as I do not see Li Fan today!

“Li Fan! Li Fan! Don’t be an ostrich! Come out!”

Li Fan is hesitating currently, this Huang Lei is indeed a lazy and sloppy person. Perhaps meeting him will be very difficult. But at this moment the classroom door was pushed open as the school principal is wiping away his cold sweat as he walks in.

The moment he sees Li Fan, he immediately steps forward and berates, “Li Fan! Take a look at the good thing that you had done!”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 35  [Huang Lei]

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