Chapter 34     [Mutual assistance]


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That night, Li Fan did not have a steady sleep.

Murong Ying that hussy is really too annoying. This night of mine makes my waist ache.

Li Fan trained for half of the night and is unable to sleep. In the morning he had a pair of red eyes as he changes into his school uniform. Bullshit, it is entering autumn already it is really damn cold outside ah! This night ah, if it is not for the fact that I have inner qi to protect my body, perhaps I would have already frozen into an ice statue! Even if that is the case, Li Fan is still able to sense cold air coiling around his body. Even when he touches other people it is cool.

After changing finish into this school uniform, just as he is about to leave the house, Tie Zhu is carrying a bowl of ginger soup and brought it in front of Li Fan.

“Gu-ye, drink a bit of ginger soul.”


Li Fan nods his head. He finishes the warm ginger soup in one gulp and only feels a surge of warm qi spreading out from his stomach. This warm qi spreads out very swiftly and charges through Li Fan’s 5 viscera, 6 bowels, 7 apertures, and 8 veins. It instantly penetrates the entire body making it incomparably comfortable like he had been reborn once again.

“This ginger soup’s effect is really powerful.”

Li Fan wipes his mouth and asks, “Why is it that I do not have this kind of feel in the past?”

“This is Five Yuan Ginger Soup that miss personally simmered.”

Tie Zhu explains, “Other than being good at martial arts, Big miss is also proficient in pharmacology. After drinking down this Five Yuan Ginger Soup, it can allow one’s body to warm up and drive away the cold. It can also replenish the vitality in a human’s body. To normal people, it’s effects might not be clear. But to martial artist, it’s efficacy is not bad.”

“Murong Ying simmered this?”

Li Fan raises his eyebrow and pushes the bowl back into Tie Zhu’s hand, “No wonder it is so bitter! Give it back to her! I am going to school!”

Speaking finish Li Fan opens the lock on his bicycle. He thinks for a bit before lifting up the bicycle and rests it on his shoulder. Following it he jogs as he leaves the house.

Alas, this pair of quarrelsome but loving couple.

Tie Zhu held the bowl as she stands in the rustling autumn wind, not knowing what to feel.

Ling Yuexian also left home early today. Different from in the past is that today she had borrowed lipstick from her neighbor big sister and secretly put on some lip gloss.

Before she left home, Ling Yuexian secretly takes out a small mirror and looked into it before rearranging her fringe again.

She kept looking at the small mirror as she looks around before pouting.

“Annoying, he is actually late when picking up a girl! Not going to care about him anymore!”

Ling Yuexian had finished muttering when a figure runs over from far away. He is also holding a bicycle in his hands.

“Dr. Xiao Ling, didn’t we agree to meet up at 6? Why did you come down at 5:50 ah?”


Ling Yuexian pouts and says in dissatisfaction, “When dating with girls, you must come at least 30 minutes earlier, to prevent the girl from waiting for you! Do you understand?”

Li Fan is slightly unconvinced, “But didn’t the books say that girls like to be late?”

“That is a woman’s matter! You just do your man stuff properly!”

Ling Yuexian’s voice increases by 8 octaves making Li Fan immediately bowled over.

“Okay ah, whatever you say. Dr. Xiao Ling, this bike of mine is a bit old. The pillion might be a bit hard on your butt. You bear with it a bit.”

“No worries. I had brought a cushion.”

Ling Yuexian is rather smart. She pulls out a pink heart shape cushion from her bag and carefully spreads it on the pillion.

After Ling Yuexian had laid out the cushion properly, she suddenly raises her head and asks Li Fan, “Right…did you discover if there are any changes about me today?”

Li Fan blanks out for a bit, where is there any change ah isn’t it still tying a ponytail and wearing school uniform? What is going one, is this playing spot the difference?

Li Fan looks carefully at Ling Yuexian. Her pretty face is the same as before, really is unable to see any difference ah…

Ling Yuexian chase for an answer, “Did you see it?”

“You, you shaved?”

“Go and die! You need to shave your entire family all need to shave!”

Ling Yuexian nearly exploded from anger, this blockhead is really making people mad ah!

“Then where did you changed ah?”

“My gender changed already! Scumbag!”

Ling Yuexian does not wish to care about Li Fan. Wanting to turn this fellow into a guy that is full of charms and everyone will like, it is basically a journey filled with darkness!

She angrily sits on the pillion as her long legs nearly touch the ground.

Li Fan shrugs his shoulders, girls ah, are forever unable to understand them. He gets onto the bicycle and starts pedaling, carrying Ling Yuexian as she sped away. Although it is hard to cycle the bicycle when carrying someone else but Li Fan is a martial artist who has 11 years of cultivation. Thus he cycled very relax without any pressure like it is a spring breeze.

[Editor: Well he’s right though]

Li Fan pedaled a bit quickly thus Ling Yuexian subconsciously grasp the back of his clothing firmly.

The two of them did not speak until Ling Yuexian is finally unable to take it and says softly, “That….Li Fan…”

“What is your order, Dr. Xiao Ling?”

“That…the matter about tutoring your school work…I had also considered a bit.”

Ling Yuexian voice is still as soft as a mosquito, “Since you are my patient and help me do a medical experiment…then I should also return a favor and help you tutor your school work.”


Li Fan is slightly happy. Although he is not interested in studies he also does not wish to be the lowest rank in the class! A human must have motivation! Especially when a campus belle is giving me tutoring for my classwork, the results will definitely be even better!

“Then when do we start the tutoring?”

“Just…just this week then.” Ling Yuexian says, “After all we only have this one-week of…boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.”

“Mm okay, as you wish.”

Li Fan nods his head. Tutoring this kind of things, perhaps I can only persevere for a week only. After a week, perhaps I will be tired of it. Thinking about it, I really am not a material for studying ah! If only I had the brain like Ling Yuexian, her brains….some more why are her legs so long ah!

“Then every day after school…you come to my house for tutoring.”

“Ah? Will it be okay if your family members know of it?”

Li Fan is slightly surprised, Ling Yuexian’s family member is such so open? Really is unexpected as Ling Yuexian herself is obviously very feudalistic one.

“Not at all…my mother finishes work very late.”

Ling Yuexian is afraid that Li Fan might misunderstand, thus she immediately explains, “After school, you come over to my house for an hour of tutoring. It will be fine.”

“Okay then…”

It is fine to be able to get free tutoring. Soon it will be exams soon and Li Fan does not wish to find his parents. After all, right now he does not know where his parents had run off to.

“Stop here…”

There is still one more street to reach the school but Ling Yuexian stops Li Fan.

“Okay, then you cycle my bicycle. I will walk over on my own.”

Li Fan understands. Ling Yuexian is afraid that other students might see and create a misunderstanding. He yielded the bicycle to Ling Yuexian while he walks on his own to the school gates.

The two of them are still considered early. There are not many people around the school gates. But a guy wearing cowboy attire and dyed his hair yellow is squatting by the school gates as he smokes.

The students by the side are avoiding him as they walk away like he is a plague. While Li Fan feels that he is slightly familiar when he sees him, like he had seen him somewhere before.

Unexpectedly when the yellow head sees Li Fan, he immediately tossed away his cigarette and walks towards him.

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 34  [Mutual Assistance]

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