Chapter 33     [Bedroom Game]


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When Li Fan had finished washing up and returned to the room, Murong Ying is indeed waiting for him in the bed. But what is different from his imagination is that Murong Ying is wearing a slightly relax pajamas which covers up her perfect figure which is really regretful.

“Niang-zi. Seeing you train daily, there are some lessons that I need to teach you.”

Li Fan says very seriously, “This human ah, sleeping naked is the healthiest which is beneficial to the body. Normally I do not tell other people but since we are husband and wife, that’s why I am telling you.”

“Oh is it?” Murong Ying lies on the bed as she hooks her finger at Li Fan, “If a man wishes to takes off a woman’s clothing then we have to see if the man has that ability.”

What the! Isn’t this challenging me!

Li Fan’s temper instantly appears. I am a true man, how can I be toyed with by a lady!

Right now I shall let her know what is called a man who is able to support both the heaven and earth!

Li Fan takes off his shirt and leaps towards Murong Ying on the bed!

But before he can be delighted, he immediately stops his tiger leap. Because Murong Ying had pulled away the blankets and in her hand, she is actually holding her sword which gave him chills as the sword tip is pointing at his chest.

“Niang-zi ah, you see what are you doing.”

Li Fan coughs drily as he stretches out two fingers and gently pinch the cold sword edge.

“Really is a good sword ah, just a look and can be clearly seen that it is not an ordinary sword. Niang-zi, where did you forged this sword?”

“I had found the Sky Sword Manor to forge it for me.” Murong Ying says calmly, “Do you want to try how sharp it is?”

“No need to test, no need to test! Just one look and I already know that it is a top grade good!”

Li Fan laughs, “How can the sword that my Niang-zi uses be anything bad? But…our husband and wife daily life, is there a need to have this kind of lethal weapon?”

“We are not an ordinary husband and wife ah, my husband.” Murong Ying waves the sword in her hand, “If you are able to win against the sword in my hand, take off my clothing, then you can do anything that you want.”

“You are teasing me!”

As Li Fan speaks, his zhenqi vibrates causing all of the dust in the room to fly up.

“You only have 11 years of inner strength.” Murong Ying seems to not place Li Fan in her eyes, “And what you learn is also the 5 animal mimicry that jack of all trades martial arts. If you wish to win the Falling Blossom Sword, I’m afraid it is not possible.”

“You want to disseminate your exceptional martial arts again is it?”

Li Fa’s mouth twitches, as expected the gods will not drop any good thing for me.

Why is it so hard to sleep together with my wife? But talking about this, the two of us is only husband and wife in name. The laws did not admit it, thus I also do not have the rights to make Murong Ying sleep in the same bed as me.

“I already said before that I am going to learn 5 animal mimicry! No one is able to stop me!”

“Then use your 5 animal mimicry to win against my sword!”

Murong Ying’s temper also rises as she says loudly, “You can’t even subdue me on the bed, are you still considered as a man?”

This sentence completely provoked Li Fan, “Then let us try!”

As Li Fan speaks, zhenqi flows throughout his entire body. After a month of training, it made Li Fan who used to be skinny and weak to grow a bit more muscles. He lowers his body as both his hands spread open like a fierce tiger descending the mountain. His eyes are full of expression as he stares at Murong Ying who is on the bed like he is staring at his prey!

Being stared by Li Fan like this, even if it is Murong Ying, she also cannot help but shivers in her heart. In just one month, this high school student actually attained such a high level of understanding of the 5 animal mimicry!

Murong Ying feels that even if it is her, her attainment of 5 animal mimicry is not as deep as Li Fan’s.

Can ordinary moves really be trained to a profound realm? Murong Ying had only said it to Li Fan casually back then. After all right now in the martial world, those famous experts, which one of them did not learn a peerless martial art, those that are almost unparalleled ones.

The fingers on Li Fan’s right hand open up and carries the sound of wind breaking as he grabs towards Murong Ying on the bed like lighting!

Black Tiger Digging Heart! This move must be swift and ferocious. When Li Fan uses it, there is a bit of wind and thunder essence!

Murong Ying changes the direction of the sword. The sword point points towards Li Fan’s palm. If Liu Yi continues to grab, his palm will definitely be pierced through!

Thus Li Fan changes the direction of his palm. But Murong Ying’s sword point is like it is equipped with a homing tool. No matter how Li Fan’s palm moves, it will follow closely. It is obviously just a single sword, but Li Fan feels like Murong Ying’s entire body is like a hedgehog which gives him no leeway to attack!

Perhaps it is because she is a woman who had become the Martial Alliance head, even if her cultivation had dropped, her sword techniques are still very elegant! At first glance, there are holes all over the place. The next there are none.

Against Murong Ying this kind of expert, using tiger form which is stiff is not possible!

Li Fan’s form revolves. His body becomes nimble like an ape. He springs up from the top of the bed. His hands point down as he presses down towards Murong Ying.

Both of his hands grab towards Murong Ying’s breasts! Li Fan is no longer polite as he heads straight for the main subject! To deal with Murong Ying, if you are polite, she will definitely not show mercy!

Indeed Murong Ying horizontal her sword and blocks both of Li Fan’s palms.

But Li Fan’s both hand slaps against the sword. He pulls up his zhenqi and borrows the slapping force, he once again raises a bit and readjusts his stance before attacking Murong Ying from the sky again.

Murong Ying blocks again while Liu Fan rises again. The two of them move up and down, after a while, Li Fan is finally unable to take it anymore. After all his stamina has a limit. Finally, he pants as he lands by the side and holds the wall while taking deep breath.

“You…you are too shameless!” Li Fan feels that this is very unfair, “Base on what…you can use a sword…”

“Because I am the most proficient in sword techniques that’s what.”

Murong Ying seems to be slightly delighted, “Who ask you to not learn other martial arts. Since you are unable to succeed, then I would not see you off!”

She points towards the door.

Fuck you! Let us wait and see!

Li Fan is very unhappy. I am a grown man and right now I am actually being bullied to the top of my head by a woman! I am really throwing away the face of men ah! Cannot! I must deal with Murong Ying, otherwise, how can I be a qualified man!

Li Fan walks out of the room angrily. Tie Zhu is standing by the door. Seeing Li Fan walking out, she is slightly shocked.

“Gu-ye, it is already so late, where are you going ah?”


Li Fan says in a bad mood and turn around, walks down the stairs and left the house.

“Gu-ye, outside is cold, you…”

Just as Tie Zhu is about to chase after him, Murong Ying pulls her back.

“What a man wants to do, just let him do it.”

Tie Zhu pauses, “The….do you not care about Gu-ye? Tonight the outside had become colder already big miss.”

“He will be able to take it.”

Murong Ying turns around back to her room. Just as Tie Zhu is awkward, Murong Ying adds another sentence, “Bring the firefox gown to him. Don’t let him catch a cold and bring back and return it  to us.”

“Yes big miss!”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 33  [Bedroom Game]

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