Chapter 32     [Tempest]


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Just a bit more!

Li Fan holds a breath of zhenqi. Just a little bit more and I will be able to see the light to a new world! Do your best! I must say Murong Ying’s legs are really white ah… don’t know if Ling Yuexian’s leg is also white…tsk, what is that black thing. It seems like the light is obstructing my vision…no worries, the dark night gave me a pair of dark eyes, but I will use him to seek light!

[Editor: Dark night?]

Li Fan takes out his most resolute belief, as long as his martial arts is deep he be able to see what is under the skirt accurately!

Just a bit more!

Li Fan’s entire body is basically pressing against the wooden stakes. This strength is definitely over his limit! Although Li Fan trained quite a bit daily, this movement had basically over exceeded the limits of a normal human body!

Just that bit more! Just lower a bit more Li Fan, you can do it!

When Li Fan is about to see through the darkness and understand the splendor of the light, Murong Ying suddenly changes the direction of her legs. Changing to her right leg crossed over her left leg, once again blocking that beautiful radiance.

What the hell ah!

Li Fan almost fell apart and nearly falls head first onto the large incense in the incense burner.

Fucking hell, nearly got disfigured ah!

“Husband, this stake press ability of yours has some improvements ah.”

Murong Ying finally puts down her book and says slowly, “But your courage had also become bigger and bigger. To actually dare to come home so late. Had you forgotten about the house rules that I told you about?”

“I say wife ah…”

“Call me Niang-zi.”

“I say Niang-zi ah…how can you set a house rule for your man!” Li Fan is feeling slightly wronged, “Let me come home before 8pm, where does the position of a husband go ah?”

“When the day you become stronger than I comes, naturally there will be your husband position.”

Murong Ying says it so bluntly that Li Fan feels like he doesn’t even have any means of retorting.

This life is too bitter already! Gods, what is the meaning of giving me a wife that can be seen but cannot be touched ah? Most importantly this wife is also so beautiful, isn’t this just a torture?!

“Li Fan ah, although your strength had a bit of improvement, but you are still lacking by a lot from my expectations.”

Murong Ying pressed down her leg and blocked off that boundless beautiful light, making Li Fan sigh regretfully. Really is such a pity…my efforts instantly becomes wasted.

“We had been together for a bit more than a month.”

Murong Ying counted a bit, while Tie Zhu gets off Li Fan, before saying, “Young Miss memory is very good! It is a month and 8 days!”

What the your memory is good! But why did you remember that so clearly for?

Li Fan looks to the side and sees Tie Zhu’s slightly red face and immediately wishes to cry.

“Mm, after such a long time, I believe that you have also thought it thoroughly.” Murong Ying does not care about what Li Fan is thinking as she continues to say, “Right now you should have thought it through. When would you formerly enter my Murong Family and follow my Murong surname.”

Li Fan resolutely rejects, “I don’t want to!”

“I understand, Murong Fan indeed does not sound nice.”

Murong Ying seems to be very understanding of Li Fan, “I can help you change your name. Why don’t you be called Murong Bufan? Doesn’t it sound a lot more domineering?”

[TL: in this case, the Fan in Li Fan’s name means ordinary. Bufan means not ordinary]

“Not ordinary your sister ah! You are talking about the wrong point okay?”

Li Fan yells in grief and indignation, “Murong Ying! Let me tell you! My head can fall, blood can flow, but the resolve of a youngster cannot be lost! Even if you had obtained my body, you will not be able to obtain my heart!”

“Oh is it?” Murong Ying is slightly surprised, “I had originally planned to arrange for you to sleep in the same bed with me tonight….since you hate me so much, then let’s forget it.”

“Niang-zi, I suddenly feel that you have become very likable.”

Li Fan’s expression suddenly turns serious as he very solemnly says, “I sense the deep love that I have for you. Indeed with a month of being in contact, it let the love between us rise to a higher level.”

“Where did your head can fall, blood can flow but a youngster’s resolve cannot be lost go?”

“Niang-zi, what are you saying ah, you are too regarding me as an outsider!”

Li Fan criticize Murong Ying, “We are one family, how can you speak like we are two families ah! What is there to have resolved with my Niang-zi ah, Niang-zi needs to be loved dearly one! In future what Niang-zi say is right, if you say go west I will not go north! You tell me to steal a dog, I will not steal a chicken!”

“But just now I seemed to hear that even if I had obtained your body I would not be able to obtain your heart ah!”

“There is still a second half to it!” Li Fan immediately jumps up and pat his chest saying, “Resolve is truly to be treasured, the value of love is even higher!”

“Is the original sentence like this?”

Murong Ying raises her eyebrow slightly, “Why is it that I don’t remember it to be so.”

“Then it is you who remember wrongly.”

Li Fan says very seriously, “Niang-zi ah, you don’t only care about training daily. You ought to strengthen your culture of education ah. The culture education cannot drop ah, husband is doing it for your good!”

[Editor: Err that doesn’t sound so good F]

“Enough, less of your nonsense here.”

Murong Ying rolls her eyes, “My cultural education is higher than yours! Go and take a bath before coming to bed to sleep! As a martial artist, you must have a strict working and resting habit! From today onwards, you must follow me and properly cultivate this habit do you understand!”

“Yes, I’m guaranteed to complete the task!”

Li Fan immediately saluted making Murong Ying want to laugh but she holds it in.

“Go and take a bath, I will be waiting for you on the bed.”

Murong Ying had already bath finish. Her body is still carrying the fragrance of shower gel. She turns around and walks to the bedroom. Li Fan licks his lips as he looks at her seductive back view.

The good days are finally coming! God ah god, you have finally open your eyes!

Li Fan rushes into the bathroom like a mad dog. He rejects Tie Zhu’s enthusiastic service at the doorway. This is the first time he had taken a bath such so delightfully. Indeed a stone after rubbing for a long time will also warm up! Murong Ying finally agreed to sleep in the same bed as me! This is a huge breakthrough!

My small step is a large step for humanity!

Reaching the bed, wouldn’t it be me who has the last say! Girls ah, the moment they get coax to bed by man they will become a lamb waiting to be slaughtered! Life is indeed very beautiful ah, in future, perhaps my life will be very fortunate! Aiyah, also do not know how well my waist is trained, I wouldn’t be unable to get up from the bed tomorrow morning right?

That is a small matter, I had heard that a man’s first time are all very quick. Will I be teased by Murong Ying?

Alas, I had only been focusing on internal and external martial arts, but I had forgotten to learn some important bed techniques ah! Don’t know if the Murong Family have this kind of martial arts to let me learn some properly!

Humans what, thus need to learn more knowledge! After all knowledge is the well-spring of human’s progress!

[Editor: Humans what? Humans don’t know maybe?]

After Li Fan washed himself cleanly all over, his lower body is about to turn into a shooting star from under the bath towel!

The first time using my precious darling, I must wash it clean. It is like a divine ceremony that is waiting for me. Even if what welcomes me is a tempest then let the tempest be even more violent!

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 32  [Tempest]

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