Chapter 31     [New world]


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Li Fan runs like a rabbit making Ling Yuxian shocked. But after running for 2km, she becomes used to it. This Li Fan, his endurance is rather good, it is such a pity that he is not a sportsman.

“Your abilities are good, why don’t you play sports, instead you go and be a hooligan?”

“Because I want to become a boss!”

Li Fan is lazily to explain to Ling Yuexian, this lass first impression is too strong already, and basically does not listen to what I say! Thus he might as well follow the current and says, “I want to dye the entire second high with blood and makes all of the teachers and students surrender under my feet!”

“You….perverted thoughts…”

“This is called a realm, Dr. Ling!” Li Fan clucks, “A person must have this bit of ambition while alive!”

“Ambition your sister…how is this called ambition…”

Ling Yuexian rolls her eyes and suddenly feel like she has a heavy burden and a long road ahead of her. If I want to cure his psychological problems, I must put in a lot of effort!

Li Fan revolves his zhenqi from this dantian to his legs. Ling Yuexian’s body is originally very light like nothing. He does not feel like he is carrying anything while carrying her on his back. Of course other than the places where her breasts are pressing against his back! This kind of fortune, is not something that he can get any time he wants!

Most importantly is Ling Yuexian’s pair of long legs. Holding with both my hands and is still able to extend out so much really is inciting people to commit a crime ah…

How nice would it be if my future wife will have such long legs as well….talking about this, Murong Ying’s legs are also not that short, but comparing to Ling Yuexian her’s is lacking slightly. The gods are indeed fair, although Ling Yuexian has longer legs but Murong Ying is 7**!

But similar sister, similar bloodline, why is Murong Ai lacking so much! Could it be that the Murong Family’s people develop late?

Ling Yuexian’s and Li Fan’s house is not far apart. They are only separated by two blocks which are both in the long district zone. But the place where Ling Yuexian lives in is in an old shanty town. That red bricks old building towers in front of Li Fan, giving him a feeling that it is going to topple into ruins any moment.

This kind of tube-shape buildings at the very least have around 30 years of history and might be even older. You can basically say that they are decrepit houses and is even more dangerous than Li Fan’s previous house.

Although he is worried of injuring Ling Yuexian’s self-confidence, but Li Fan still ask, “Isn’t it dangerous for you to live here?”

“They always say they want to demolish, but the compensation is too low…”

Ling Yuexian cannot help but be dejected, “So no one wants to move out.”

“How much is the compensation per meter square?”

“A thousand a meter square.”

“Too black!”

The surface area of this kind of tube-shape house is already very small. Having 20-meter square is already not bad. Calculating this way, a family will get 30k for compensation while a housing price in the city is around 100k! It cannot even buy a toilet ah!

“Furthermore I had heard that this plot of land is already been on auction. I am worried that one day my house will be forcibly torn down….”

Ling Yuexian’s gaze is slightly worried while Li Fan says, “What society ah. They actually dare to forcefully tear down ah! You relax Dr. Ling. There are policemen who will protect us, you just relax and stay here.”

“Okay then. Tomorrow 6 am you come and fetch me…” Ling Yuexian is a bit embarrassed, “Remember to bring your bicycle…thank you..”

“What are you being so polite for, aren’t I your boyfriend!”

Seeing Ling Yuexian’s gaze Li Fan immediately changes his tune, “Temporary boyfriend!”

“Hmph, that is more like it!”

Ling Yuexian nods her head in satisfaction, “Then I’ll be going home! You just send me to here, if you send me to my house and let my mother see you, then it’ll be bad!”

Li Fan says in his heart, Ling Yuexian really likes cherishing her plumage.

“The rest of the people are still okay. But if my mother knows that I am dating a hooligan, she will definitely be very disappointed with me…”

Ah, really cannot understand this lass ah!

Li Fan rolls his eyes before turning around and leave.

“That….” Ling Yuexian suddenly calls him back.

“What is the matter now?” asked Li Dan unhappily.

“That….the matter of the tuition…I will consider it one….”

Ling Yuexian’s mutters softly with a mosquito-like voice. Follow which she carries and bag and swings her ponytail and scampers off like a little doe.

Li Fan smacks his lips, this lass does have a bit of merit, at the very least her legs are long!

But now it is already so late…I would not get punished when I return home right! Shouldn’t be, I am Murong Ying’s husband, why would she bear to punish me, clucks…

After ten minutes, Li Fan is doing push-ups while lying on two wooden stakes. Under Li Fan’s face is a small incense burner. Inside there is three large incenses which are burning red! That fumigated Li Fan until his eyes are hot.

If his head drops, three holes would be burnt into his face!

Most importantly, lady Tie Zhu is sitting on Li Fan. She is rather carefree as she is knitting a sweater.

Tie Zhu ask while Li Fan is about to collapse, “Gu-ye, you like round necks or v-neck sweaters?”


Is this time to consider about what kind of sweater to knit? This is basically pitting me ah!

Li Fan starts choking. His voice is like it is going to fall apart at any moment.

“Niang-zi! Is, is it okay already now!”

                [Editor: Niang-zi = wife]

Today Murong Ying is wearing a blue Chinese-style dress as she sits by the side. Her left leg is crossed over her right leg while she is holding a book <The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Canon> and is reading it keenly.

Under the gentle light, the side view of her face is basically perfect. At that instant, Li Fan seems to have forgotten his exhaustion.

Femme fatale! Definitely is femme fatale ah!

Li Fan feels like he is about to die. My willpower is too unsteady already, this is the rumored femme fatale ah! Really scary! Li Fan, you are still young, you must not fall deep into these gentle and soft home! What does a woman count as a real man must aspire to travel far and make his mark!

But the slit of this dress is too low already ah…what era is it now and still wear such a conservative Chinese-style dress…What color panty is Murong Ying wearing tonight….as a new generation youngster I must definitely explore vigorously! I am really too noble already! Really is a good youngster of the new era!

To research about the truth in history, Li Fan decided to release all of his potentials! He slowly lowers his body and uses his arms to support his body and lowers his body bit by bit.

Potential! Unlimited potential! Li Fan, you can do it! Believe in yourself!

This pure and firm belief props up Li Fan allowing his body to press down bit by bit. At the same time his eyes are nearly going to drop onto the ground, only wish to investigate just what kind of world is under the long skirt.

Arms are already slightly aching, legs are also starting to ache.

Li Fan, don’t be afraid, don’t be discouraged! The door to a new world is waving towards you!

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 31  [New world]

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