Chapter 30     [Chest Pressing against the Back]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

“Ah my bike!”

Ling Yuexian is about to cry. I had just repaired my bicycle and now it is impossible to use it ever again! What am I going to now! My house is so far away from the school, how much money do I have to spend on public transport ah!

Lin Yuexian cannot take it and squats down and starts crying making Li Fan have a big headache.

“You take a look at you! You had kicked other people’s bicycle until it spoiled!”

Li Fan points at Brother Nan and criticizes righteously, “How can you not have a bit of sympathy ah! To not even let off a young girl’s bicycle! You are utterly heartless ah you!”

Cold sweat appears on Brother Nan’s back, it is obviously you who dodges it!

“Less fucking nonsense, this kind of rubbish should already been thrown away a long time ago!”

He is disinclined to speak anymore as he turns around and send a heavy kick towards Li Fan. Li Fan is also able to see that this Brother Nan’s martial arts belong to the kicking techniques, like the hands are two sliding doors, using only legs to kick people. This fellow’s kicking techniques is indeed not bad and is worthy for me to learn a bit.

But right now I should try out my hitting acupuncture hand first!

Li Fan’s hitting acupuncture hand is different from Jiang Feng. He had combine it with 5 animal mimicry crane form. Currently, Li Fan aims towards Brother Nan’s incoming leg. The finger of his right hand joins together to form a crane’s beak! He aims towards an acupuncture point on the ankle and like a crane pecking, he strikes!

“White Crane’s Pecking!”

Li Fan shouts out the move name as his give fingers hit that acupuncture point on Brother Nan’s ankle! Even though it is separated by the pants, the zhenqi on top is able to strike the acupuncture point!

Brother Nan felt like his ankle was struck by a small hammer. That kind of bone piercing pain causes him to scream in pain.

He withdraws his right leg and lands on the ground. But his sole is numb and like it had been electrocuted, he is unable to feel anything as he immediately kneels down on the ground.

Li Fan had cut off the blood flow in his right leg making it impossible for his leg to recover for a while.

“This, this is the striking the acupuncture technique?”

Although Brother Nan does not know about inner qi, but he more or less understands and wrongly understands Li Fan’s martial arts.

Li Fan smiles as he says to Brother Nan, “Still want to cross a few more moves?”

“Consider yourself lucky! I am a person from Scarlet Dragon Union! We shall be meeting each other again! Let us wait and see!”

Brother Nan tossed behind a ruthless sentence before hobbling away.

[Editor: Hobbling is to walk in an awkward way due to pain or injuries]

Huang Lei shouts towards the direction that Brother Nan left in, “Fucker, run away fast, otherwise I would beat you to death!”

This causes Li Fan to start sweating. This fellow is really like a belated action ah!

Huang Lei says angrily, “Motherfucker, didn’t I say that today we will have a bloody disaster!”

“Comrade Xiao Ling, stop crying, let us go back.”

Li Fan is disinclined to bother about these small hooligans. He pulls Ling Yuexian and is planning to leave when a few high school students by the side starts to become restless.

This causes Huang Lei to immediately glare at them. “What are you guys doing?! Didn’t I say that tonight is not a good day to fight! Still not bring Da Zhuang to the hospital?!”

As Huang Lei speaks, he fawns over Li Fan, “Sorry for delaying your good matters, I am really sorry! I wish that tonight your golden gun does not fail!”


Ivory does not grow out from a dog’s mouth. Li Fan pretends to want to kick them and Huang Lei immediately brings his little brothers and run away.

“Comrade Ling they had left now. You can stand up.”

Li Fan tugs Ling Yuexian again but is pushed aside by her.

What the… this lass is angry again? How can she have so many angers a day! If it is changed to a chicken laying eggs, she would have laid an entire nest full!

“My big miss Ling ah, why are you angry again? Every day so angry, you will become old very quickly ah!”

“Don’t need you to care!”

Ling Yuexian wipes away her tears and says while weeping, “I had already made a firm resolution already…but why…following by your side…why am I so unlucky…”

“How can you say such things, it is not like I am a messenger of death!”

“How would it be not unlucky!”

Ling Yuexian seems to be like an old society landlord laying out the charges, “Just because I decided to help you, I first got suffocated in the toilet, then also got taken advantage…after which I also meet those gangsters, and bicycle got broken…wuwuwuwu…why am I so unlucky.”

“Girls…” Li Fan’s start to have a big head, “Isn’t it just a bike, I’ll pay for one okay!”

“Who wants you to pay for it! I hate you!”

“Don’t say it like this lah, after all, it is also because of me. Just nice, I have a scooter which I am also not using currently. Although it is an old bike, but it is better than this antique bike of yours!”

“I do not care about your things!”

“Just treat it as me apologizing to you….”

Li Fan thinks swiftly and says, “Furthermore, right now aren’t we temporarily boyfriend and girlfriend? So, aren’t my things yours?”

Speaking with soft words, Li Fan starts using indirection methods, “Comrade Ling, could it be that you are giving up like this? Where are your great ideas? Majestic desires? Could it be that you are just saying that you want to be a psychologist only?”


Ling Yuexian immediately glares at Li Fan and says loudly, “This is the long-cherished wish of my life! No difficulty is able to knock me down!”

Her temper came again! But she wouldn’t cry again right.

Li Fan sighs softly and says, “Noble psychologist, are you willing to go home with me?”

“Who wants to follow you home…I want to go back to my own home…”

As Ling Yuexian speaks, she tries to stand up. In the end, just as she takes a step, her legs soften and nearly falls onto the ground. Luckily Li Fan manages to catch her in time.

“Lady, are your legs soft from fear?”

Ling Yuexian hates that she is such a disappointment and actually got frightened until his legs turn soft. “Hateful!”

“Okay, okay stop being unhappy. Let me send you home.”

“I don’t want!”

Ling Yuexian is still obstinate.

“Why do you say so much nonsense! Do you believe that I will eat you up!”

Li Fan makes a ferocious face, scaring Ling Yuexian.

“Hurry up!”

But Li Fan squats there with his back towards Ling Yuexian, “I do not have the patience to wait for people!”

“Are, are you threatening me?”

“Stop saying nonsense and get on!”

Li Fan’s tone is unkind making Ling Yuexian’s mouth twitches, “Get on then get on…who is afraid of you..”

Only then did she obediently lies on Li Fan’s back. This lass figure is still not bad. Although her breasts are not as developed as Murong Ying’s but there is some feeling!

This lass’s future is really bright ah!

But there is a bad point. She does not take soft only hard, which makes people speechless!

[Editor: Takes hard not soft???]

[TL: basically means that she does not take the soft approach]

Li Fan looks around before asking, “Where is your house?”

Ling Yuexian’s face is red as she says, “It is where…you try to pick me up back then, that bus stop…”

What the, looks like this lass’s first impression is the strongest!

Li Fan does not have any other choice and can only sigh.

“Okay fine I give up! I bring you home! Comrade Xiao Ling, you need to be honest and do not take advantage of me okay!”

“Get lost, who would want to take advantage of you! Still not hurrying and leave!”

“Yes, yes, yes. You hold on tightly.”

As he speaks finish, Li Fan suddenly pedaled forward and instantly moved 3 meters forward, scaring Ling Yuexian into letting out a gasp and subconsciously grab hold of Li Fan tightly. She is basically pressing her chest against his back!

Li Fan’s nose is slightly hot, could this be the rumored… pressing the chest against the back?

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 30  [Chest Pressing against the Back]

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