Chapter 3    [Change your surname]


“This is my house?”

Li Fan feels that his brain is not enough to use.

“Such a grown person why do you not even recognize your own home. What is your brain filled with.”

Murong Ying crosses her arms as she knits her brow slightly. She looks at Li Fan, although she looks around 16-years old, but she speaks like an old person, “Rotten wood cannot be carved.”

“What cannot be educated ah, my house does not look like this ah!”

Li Fan’s world nearly collapsed, “Some more why are you here is today is not April Fool’s day?”

“Calm down!”

Murong Ying chides, “As a guy how can you be so flustered!”

“What is the point of me keeping calm!”

Li Fan feels that his mental state is going to become abnormal. “After attending a Christmas Dance party everything changes! Where are my father and mother? What did you do to the two elderlies?”

“Oh, you are saying about the in-laws ah.”

Murong Ying addresses them very frankly, “The two elderlies had obtained the financial support of Murong Financial Group, they had already gone traveling the world.”


“Here is the letter that they left for you.”

Murong Ying passes a letter to Li Fan. He immediately opens it, indeed it is his mother’s writing.

—Dear son,

Our first stop is the Maldives. Take good care of our daughter-in-law.

Give birth to a healthy grandson quickly.—

“Seen a ghost ah!”

Li Fan ferociously tears the letter into shreds, “Are they for real? Is this considered as selling me off! They are really sabotaging their son ah!”

“What do you mean, I cannot match you?”

Killing intent seems to erupt from Murong Ying’s body!

“That, that is not the case….it is just that everything is just too sudden. Without any rhyme or reason, how did you become my fiance after the first day I get to know you?”

Li Fan coughs drily. He is not really a feudal person but this information amount is too large making it hard for him to accept.

“This is not the first day we meet each other.”

Murong Yin says, “Do you recall ‘Murong Tristana’?”

Murong Tristana? This name is very familiar ah! It is a girl that I know while playing LOL who specializes in play Tristana. At the beginning, she is very lousy, but later one she got **by me until she is very skilled! Because I always play with her, for a period of time I jokingly call her wife and it seems like she did not reject.

“What the! You are Murong Tristana! Are you for real! Online dating ah older sister!”

“Online dating is indeed not reliable.”

Murong Yin nods her head, “At the beginning, I did not have any plans of developing a relationship with you. I only send someone to investigate a bit and then kill you this gilded-mouth fellow that’s all.”

Oh my fucking god…..

Li Fan’s back is covered in sweat, I had actually walked a circle through the gates of hell? But this lady is too inflexible already. Would she die if I call her wife!

“But after investigating, I realize that you are born on the Yang year, Yang month, Yang day and Yang time. And it is very likely that you possess the legendary Pure Yang Body. Today I gave it a try and indeed it is the case.”

“Pure Yang Body? What the heck is that?”

Murong Ying looks around, “Come into the house before talking husband.”

This address of husband causes Li Fan’s bone to turn soft even though there is no feeling in the voice! What is this considered as ah, picking up a wife back for free?!

He walks back into the house in a daze while the single-eye bald-guy also follows in as well. When he closes the door, it causes Li Fan to be shocked.

“You, you, you, why did you also come in as well!”

“In the future, she will be our housekeeper.”

Murong Die reminds casually, “You are forbidden from being fierce to a girl.”


What the hell! How does she look like a girl!

Li Fan rubs his eyes with all his might. He is suspecting that he had seen an illusion! Could it be that the method that I use to open my eyes is wrong?

While the bald-head single-eye guy….ah wrong, the muscular girl lowers her head with slight shyness as she holds her clothing edge and says, “Gu-Yu….this one is called Tie Zhu.”

[TL: omg…literal translation is Iron Pillar…. so which do you guys prefer, Tie Zhu or Iron Pillar for this muscular girl?]

Li Fan vomits out blood, “Pffff!!!”

“She had followed me for 19 years. She is the number 1 expert of my Murong Family.”

Murong Ying waves her hand and Tie Zhu understood tacitly. She walks over to the kitchen to boil a cup of coffee for Murong Ying. It seems like this house is a fashionable villa and is completely no longer have its previous appearance.

“Let me introduce myself once again. I am called Murong Ying, the 16th successor of Murong Mountain Villa.”

Murong Ying stands in front of Li Fan as the moonlight shines on her, making her looks even more like a beauty from a picture.

“I am also the current Martial Alliance Head.”

“Martial Alliance Head?”

Li Fan coughs drily, “The ones in the TV?”

“You are still suspecting?”

Murong Ying receives the cup of coffee that sister Tei Zhu passes to her and takes a sip with her delicate lips. She says unhurriedly, “Didn’t you absorb away from me ten years worth of cultivation with your Pure Yang Body today?”


Recalling that kiss with Murong Yin today, as well as the scene of him thoroughly beating up Wang Qian. Li Fan cannot help but lift up his hands and stare at his palms. But I cannot see any difference ah, where is Pure Yang Body written?

“Pure Yang Body is indeed that tyrannic, being able to suck away cultivation from a girl’s mouth.”

Murong Die seems to be slightly as she stares at Li Fan in envy, “Furthermore the cultivation speed will be two times faster than an ordinary person. My Murong Mountain Villa currently generation is only women, thus we need a guy to carry on the ancestral line.”

“You are eyeing my Pure Yang Body?”

Li Fan seems to understand. it seems like this girl is not the girl that I am imagining. Furthermore, it seems like she has some plans for me?

“That’s right.”

Murong Die who is sitting on the sofa raises her left leg and crosses over her right leg and says languidly, “Otherwise do you think that I would like you this kind of ordinary senior high student?”

What the, this is too injuring people! What is not good about high school students? Everyone single high school student has an immeasurable prospect that had yet to come!

“Since you are going to marry into Murong Family. From now on your surname shall be changed to Murong…”


Seeing Murong Ying continues speaking on, Li Fan is finally unable to sit still and jumps out and shouts, “Base on what should I marry to you! If we are going to marry it should be you who is marrying me! My surname is Li! Ghost would then want to marry and live with the bride’s family!”

[TL: basically inverting traditional Chinese expectations.]

“As for this matter, father and mother both had agreed to it.”

“What? How is that possible!”

“At the beginning, they did not agree as well. But after taking a million in cheque, they suddenly become highly principled.”

“Highly principled your head! Isn’t this selling me away!”

Li Fan nearly explodes from anger. As a man, one should be proud of one’s name and stand by one’s actions!

“Are you changing or not?”

Without him knowing, Murong Ying had already stand up. At the same time she stretches out her right hand and a sword that is hanging on the wall seems to have received a powerful pulling force. It trembles intensely before the sword flies out from its sheath and lands in Murong Ying’s hand.

“Let me ask you again. Are you changing or not?”

Murong Ying instantly turns murderous-looking. Li Fan starts to feel nervous in his heart. But there are also some matters that are principle! If I change my surname, then how would I have any dignity while alive, why don’t I just die!

“Not changing!” Li Fan lifts his head, “If you got guts then kill me!”


The cold sword edge press against Li Fan’s neck. Murong Ying’s voice enters Li Fan’s ears carrying bone piercing killing intent, “One last time, change or do not change?”


Chapter 3  [Change your surname]

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