Chapter 29     [Brother Nan]


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“Brother Nan as a superior be magnanimous. Don’t lower yourself to the level of a child.”

Brother Lei smiles, “Why don’t you just forgive him just this once.”

“You have the qualifications to haggle with me?”

Brother Nan spits on the ground. “Eat up this saliva then I’ll let him off.”

“Fuck this!”

Da Zhuang raises his baseball bat and sweeps it fiercely towards Brother Nan’s head! It can be seen that he seems to have a lot of strength as the baseball bat seems to be like a parting wind.

If it is an ordinary person, just with the vigor from Da Zhuang, perhaps they might be stunned and get hit! But in Li Fan’s eyes, there are a hundred flaws in Da Zhuang’s action and he has over 100 methods to both defend and attack at the same time, dealing with Da Zhuang using a single move.

At that instant in Li Fan’s mind, the scene is locked in. By Da Zhuang’s side appears 100 Li Fan’s using different methods to deal with Da Zhuang!

Looks like the one-month bitter training that I had is indeed useful!

While the method that Brother Nan chooses is out of Li Fan’s expectations. He uses his speed to directly ignore the incoming baseball bat as he raises a leg and tramples on Da Zhuang’s shank

[Editor: the shank is a person’s leg located from the knee to the ankle]

-sound of bones cracking-

the sound of the shank bones being broken could be heard. Da Zhuang screams in pain as he holds his shin.

“Da Zhuang!”

Brother Lei immediately rushing forward and checks Da Zhuang’s injury. The surrounding little brothers retreat a few steps as they look at Brother Nan with a slight hint of horror in their eyes. After all, these little brothers are still students and most of them have poor grades.

“Brother Nan what is meaning of this, are you really not giving me Huang Lei face?”

“What do you count as. Why should I give you face?”

Brother Nan says haughtily towards Huang Lei, “If it is not for you saying that you are going to introduce to me this big business, would I follow you to here? Why don’t you take a look at yourself? Being called big brother by a few idiots, do you really think that you are someone big?”

Ling Yuexian is trembling while tugging Li Fan’s clothes again, “Let us quickly leave…”

“Okay, let’s not watch anymore. Let’s leave.”

Li Fan also senses Ling Yuexian trembling. She does not have courage, let’s not let her see this.

Just as Li Fan is about to bring Ling Yuexian away, Brother Nan raises a leg and kicks the bicycle railings blocking their path.

“Who let you guys go?”

Ling Yuexian becomes more afraid while Li Fan protects her behind. He frowns as he asks, “What, you want to rob us?”

“You two poor students, I really look down on your trifles.”

Brother Nan points at Li Fan, “Someone spent 30k to buy one of your legs, say it which one you prefer?”

Ling Yuexian shivers, as she says in her heart. Li Fan is indeed a person from the gangs, perhaps he had offended someone and they had come and look for him…will it be really okay for me to treat his sickness? Cannot…no matter when I cannot give up on my patient! If I give up because of just a small trouble, how can I become a qualified psychological doctor!

Ling Yuexian, do your best, don’t give up, you can do it!

Ling Yuexian gathers her courage but her voice is still as soft as a mosquito as she says, “What you are doing is against the law….we will report to the police….”

“Hahaha, this girl of yours is not bad.”

Brother Nan’s gaze lands on Ling Yuexian. His eyes are like a hungry wolf as he sizes her up and licks his lips, “Girl, in future accompanying a lame person is meaningless. Why don’t you accompany this brother I to drink a few cups?”


Ling Yuexian hides behind Li Fan again. She is slightly panicky from the gaze from that guy.

Li Fan immediately smiles merrily and reply, “This big brother, this female classmate of mine is a bit shy, furthermore, her capacity for alcohol is bad. Why don’t I accompany you to drink a few cups? I am good, guaranteed to accompany big brother well!”

“Get fucking lost! Who needs your company!” Brother Nan glares, “Give me your leg first!”

To him, Li Fan this kind of ordinary high school student is nothing but a money tree. Brother Nan had trained in the Shaolin Monastery for two years when he was young and is considered as a martial artist. When he came back, he idles his time away and also liked to fight. In the end, he caught the eye of a big brother who let him enter into illegal boxing.

Thus Brother Nan’s actions were ruthless and showed no quarters! He immediately sends out a tornado kick, his right leg kicks directly towards Li Fan’s face!

This kick brings along the sound of wind. If it kicks Li Fan’s face, he would become disfigured.

Ling Yuexian is already screaming in fear and kneels onto the ground.

But countless of images flash across Li Fan’s mind. As a martial artist, he is able to see his opponent’s strength. At the same time, he had already determined countless of methods to deal with him.

Dealing with this kind of fellow, even the 5 animal mimicry is useless!

Li Fan stretches out his hands and grabs Brother Nan’s ankle, pulls it in front of him!

This kick of Brother Nan instantly strides out as he does a split on the ground. Luckily he is a martial artist, otherwise, his hip would have suffered a fracture.


Brother Nana exclaims as his legs snap together before forcibly pull himself up.

“You are also a martial artist?”

Li Fan hooked his finger towards Brother Nan. “More orthodox than yours!”

“Looks like I need to demand a new asking price then.”

Brother Nan did not attach importance to Li Fan. Just a high school student, at most it is just some basic kungfu. But this price needs to increase. After all, he is a rich second generation, he is basically my money bag.

“Not that easy ah Big brother. Looks like you will not be able to earn this money.”

Speaking finish Li Fan suddenly has an urge to try a skill. He had not used for that acupuncture hitting technique that he had learned from Jiang Feng. Today during lessons, he had secretly look at the acupuncture position image and right now he has the opportunity to use it.

“Just base on you? Just basic kungfu, lie down for me!”

When Brother Nan was a youngster, he had become a martial arts champion before, thus he does not place Li Fan in his eyes.

“Gold Medal Axe Kick!”

Brother Nan raises his right leg high up, above his own head! This move axe kick is his strongest move! It’s might is enough to hack 5 brick into pieces!

While axe kick lets his legs attack from a top-down position vertically. Brother Nan had trained this move until it had reached ‘Cauldron Fire Turning Green’.

Li Fan does not mind. Although Brother Nan’s attack is swift and decisive, but it is still an external martial art and does not have the support of the qi. Towards an ordinary person, perhaps it is very powerful but to Li Fan this kind of expert who possesses 11 years of inner qi, it is useless. But Li Fan does not wish to expose that he possess inner qi. Murong Ying had reminded him and he must do his best to not reveal the abilities of inner qi to an ordinary person.

Thus Li Fan pulls Ling Yuexian and takes a step to the side.


Thus Ling Yuexian’s bicycle is unfortunate. Most of it was bent by this kick.

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 29  [Brother Nan]

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