Chapter 28     [Let us go quickly]


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After being frightened by Li Fan, Ling Yuxian, who is, after all, a woman and the fact that they are inside the school grounds at dusk, a few bad thoughts appeared in her mind scaring her.

“Fine then, should be me who see wrongly.”

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Li Fan shrugs his shoulder and follows Ling Yuexian to pick up her bicycle.

“I remember that you take public transport to and from school daily?”

“Which day is talking about ah?”

Ling Yuexian recalls the first time when they meet, “That time my bicycle broke down…thinking about it now, is it you who spoil it to put on a show with that gangster?”

“Why are you still suspecting me?” Li Fan is about to cry, “You have that kind of image of me in your heart?”

“No worries. Right now you are my patient. No matter how sick you are, I will be able to accept it.”

Ling Yuexian gives off a calm appearance while Li Fan feels even more like falling apart, “What are you talking about? I am your boyfriend, can’t you just believe me a bit?”

“There two of us is only boy and girlfriend in name. In private we are doctor and patient.”

Ling Yuexian emphasis strongly, “You are not allowed to think too much!”

“Yes, yes, yes, I am wrong, I guarantee that I will not think too much!”

Li Fan waves his hand, “You are the new society’s female Communist Party, I am the old society’s gangster! Your awareness is high while my understand is depraved and ought to be discarded and eliminated along with the evil old society!”

“Talking back again!”

Ling Yuexian rolls her eyes, “Would you die if you do not talk back! If you want to be a charming guy, you need to first have depth in other words, inner qualities. Girls do not like it if you talk back the entire day! You need to have some standards when talking!”

“I am only a student, what kind of standard could I have when talking.”

Li Fan becomes happy, “Comrade Xiao Ling, you are really going to bring about a revolution ah. Leading me towards the path of victory tomorrow?”

“Get lost! What I am telling you are all useful, you listen and learn a bit!”

Ling Yuexian pokes Li Fan’s loins, “It is me who understand woman or you who understands a woman?”

Li Fan says with hidden bitterness, “Hey! Actually, I should have told you earlier that I am also a girl. Sister why should a woman makes things difficult for woman ah…”

“Scram…” Ling Yuexian is also about to fall apart from anger due to Li Fan. This fellow is really not decent. One day, will I be able to treat him properly? Cannot imagine it. Ling Yuexian you cannot admit defeat. You are determined to become a psychologist one day! Journey to the West had 9, 9, 81 tribulations, this is only the first one!

“This bicycle of yours is rather high grade ah…”

Walking to the bicycle canopy, inside there is only a bicycle left. Li Fan takes a look, holy cow, it is a military green one 16 large frame that had drop a lot of paint! But a few girlish stickers is pasted onto it which is somewhat adorable.

Li Fan cannot help but tease, “This is an antique bicycle right, I did not think that Comrade Xiao Ling would have such a graceful hobby.”

“It is not related to you! Quickly send me back home!”

Ling Yuexian is slightly red face. From her expression, embarrassment can be seen slightly. Li Fan is able to guess her thoughts. Although she comes from a poor family, she wants face. Thus he stops talking about this matter.

Although this bicycle is worn out, Ling Yuexian still chains it up to the railing properly…this kind of antique bicycle…there should not be anyone who will be interested in it right! Seeing it for money is not enough to pay for the effort to unlock it!

Just as Li Fan is about to explain, he heard the sound of footsteps.

He immediately turns around and shouts, “Who is it?”

Ling Yuexian had also heard it as her face immediately turns pale as she hides behind Li Fan.

“Stinky fellow, we had waited for you for a long time, why are you still dilly-dallying in school for?”

A guy with a horse-like face walks over. He is around 20+ years old and had dyed his hair yellow and had a hoodlum look.

“Still not hurrying over? Our Brother Nan has something to tell you!”

By the side, there is a guy with his arms crossed. He is wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and black jeans. His appearance is cold like he had just been carried out from the freezer. This person should be the Brother Nan that the yellow-head is talking about and completely appears like a person who comes with a bad intention.

“I have no idea who is Brother Nan, neither do I know. I am not going over.”

Seeing they do not have a good intention, Li Fan directly rejects that yellow-head’s invitation.

“Fucker, Brother Nan’s inviting you and you do not dare you to come? You this fellow is really fierce ah!”

The yellow-head is slightly shocked, “I Brother Lei had been called Wang Tyrant for so long! And I have never seen someone as arrogant as you!”

He grins as a few hooligans who should be in senior high encircles them. Every single one of them is holding a baseball bat and clearly, are the little brothers of this yellow-head. One of them who is called Da Zhuang little brother raises his baseball bat and says, “Brother Lei, you relax. Today I help you deal with this fellow!”

“Deal what deal, get lost, do you not know the rule of me Brother Lei?”

That yellow head who is called Brother Lei pulls his little brother to the side before starting to calculate with his fingers. He puts on an act as his eyes keep rolling until Li Fan is worried that his eyes might really fly out.

“Sky spirit, earth spirit, Taoist Laozi quickly show your spirit…”

He is muttering something but also does not know what he is saying. By the side, Brother Nan had his arms crossed as his mouth twitches appearing like he feels that it is beneath his dignity. Li Fan, on the contrary, pays no attention to this yellow-head clown. He cares more about that Brother Nan who does not speak. From his body, Li Fan subconsciously sensed a dangerous aura.

It is like prey being eyed by a predator feeling! This Brother Nan definitely does not have any good intentions!

“Aiyah….this great immortal had calculated that today is unfavorable and will see blood ah…”

Brother Lei mutters for half a day before his eyes roll back. He immediately shed tears and says while wiping them away, “How about….us brothers rest for today?”

Brother Nan is finally impatient and roars, “Scram to the side!”

Brother Lei seems to have lost a lot of face while that Brother Nan is after all the fighter that he had invited. He is relying on him to see if he is able to earn Young master Wang’s money.

“Oi, how can you talk to our Brother Lei like this!”

Da Zhuang is unhappy as he raises his baseball bat and points at Brother Nan, “Our Brother Lei knows how to predict the future and is nicknamed Huang Half-immortal! What do you count as, just calling you Brother and you really take it as real? Do you believe that I remove your leg!”

“Da Zhuang! How can you speak to Brother Nan like this!”

Brother Lei got a fright and immediately gives Da Zhuang a slap before turning around and gives Brother Nan a smile in apology, “Brother Nan ah, I am really sorry. This little brother of mine is very young and really does not know how to speak.”

“Break one of his legs and I treat it as this matter had never happened.”

Brother Nan says calmly while Li Fan is stun. What is going on? Internal strife first then attack me?

“Comrade Xiao Ling, do you want some popcorn?”

Ling Yuexian is really afraid as she pulls Li Fan’s shirt edge and begs as she implores, “Want….want what popcorn…let us go…”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 28  [Let us go quickly]

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