Chapter 27     [Made her cry]


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Translator- SkyFuji                              Editor- Daoist Dao Tao


Feeling the softness of Ling Yuexian’s breast, two little people seemed to fly out from Li Fan’s brain. Both have the appearance of Li Fan but one has white wings while the other has a black tail.

The black tailed Li Fan shouted, {Li Fan! What are you still waiting for! The chance is here! Take this lass!}

The white-winged Li Fan says solemnly, {What it said is right!}

[TL: lols]

[Editor: Wait what?]

What the, can’t you persevere a bit okay? How can you give in so quickly! Where is your moral integrity ah!

Li Fan scolds himself for being too lacking of integrity, how can he be like this! If this goes on, how can he assume himself as a good youngster of the new society! How can he build his glorious motherland! How can he accept the future great cause!

Li Fan takes two deep fragrant breaths to steady himself.

But at this moment, the teaching director finally made some movement.

“Crouched until my legs turn numb already…weak already, let’s take a taxi home.”

Hearing this voice, the two of them finally lets out a sigh of relief, you have finally finished taking a shit.

But recalling how old the teaching director was, he is actually so steady going to the toilet! Carefully waiting until the teaching director had left the toilet, Li Fan finally loosened his muscle and descends. His arms and legs are aching badly and if it wasn’t for the fact that below him is the latrine, he would have really wish to sit down on his butt.

While Ling Yuexian is placed on the ground. She pants as she looks at Li Fan. She stretches her hand, raising and lowering a few times like she does not know if she should give Li Fan a slap.

Hitting is wrong, not hitting also wrong, too confusing!

Ling Yuexian finally cried in anger as she squats there hugging her head as she cried.

“My big miss ah, if you want to cry, let’s go out and cry. This place is too stinky!”

Li Fan is already weak and without strength. Breathing in here is a slow feeling of guilt.

But Ling Yuexian does not care about him as she squats there and cries.

“My big miss, stop crying already okay?”

Li Fan feared girls crying the most. The most crucial point is that there is no reaction after Ling Yuexian cries which is very weird! Especially she is crying in the male toilet…how scary ah…

“Stop crying already, it is my fault okay?”

Li Fan uses his finger to gently tap Ling Yuexian. Still very soft, what is a woman’s body made of, they really are a strange creature.

If he does not say so, how can he not admire Murong Ying. Although she is also a girl, but she had never cried before. A man can bleed but cannot cry. This sentence is indeed very suitable to describe Murong Ying!

“Stop crying, I’ll treat you to a meal okay?”

Ling Yuexian is still crying.

“I’ll call you great aunt okay?”

Ling Yuexian still did not raise her head.

“What the, then what do you wish me to do, do you believe that I’ll  take a shit in front of you for you to see!”

Li Fan becomes angered as he prepares to undo his waistband. Ling Yuexian finally raises her head and hurriedly stretches out her hand to grab hold of Li Fan’s arms. Her eyes are filled with panic like a startled doe which really makes Li Fan’s heart feel pained.

“Enough already. There is no need for you to be so afraid. I am not as shameless as the teaching director.”

Li Fan also stands up himself as he pulls Ling Yuexian up. “Just now is because I have no other choice. I also did not do it on purpose don’t be angry anymore okay? As long as you do not get angry, I can promise to do any one thing for you.”


When Ling Yuxian hears Li Fan’s promise, she wipes away her tears. One must say that her red eyes which are slightly swollen have some feeling similar to Lin Daiyu which makes people’s heart hurt.

[TL: Lin Daiyu, a female character in the Dream of Red Mansions.]

What I had done is indeed slightly too much. But really is a helpless act in a moment of desperation ah.

“Yes, I swear to heaven that if I tell any lies, I would not be able to find a girlfriend forever!”

“This oath is indeed very ruthless…”

[TL: well rip he does not need one…he already has a fiance…]

Ling Yuexian considers seriously, “But if I do not help, you originally would also not be able to find a girlfriend.”

“That is too much already okay!!” Li Fan does not know how to react, “Am I really that unbearable?”

“Of course! Just how you also act like a hooligan towards me!”

“Yes, yes, yes. I am guilty of terrible crimes, can the organization please come up with your punishment.”

Li Fan waves his hand, “Want to kill or beat, I will definitely not retaliate!”

Unexpectedly Ling Yuexian turns from tears into laughter, “Get lost, who wants you to kill or fight. It is not the evil old society.”

She rolls her eyes at Li Fan, “It is good that you know that you are wrong. In the future, you are not allowed to be like this anymore! Since that considered as protecting me earlier, I will let you off this time round.”

“Thank you organization, thank you association!”

Li Fan says loudly, “Thanks to the glorious red sun!”

“Give me a break! Flippant!”

“You are too lacking!”

Ling Yuexian softly pushes open the single cubicle door and looks outside, “There shouldn’t be anyone. Let us go.”

The two of them quietly walk on tiptoes and exit the school like this. It is already night and there is basically no one around. This is the first time the two of them left school so late. When they walk out of the school building, Li Fan finally cannot help but ask, “Speaking about this, am I really unable to find any girlfriend?”

Li Fan feels that although he is not that handsome, his appearance is still okay, very ordinary.

Ling Yuxian pushes up her spectacles, “Firstly from your appearance, your appearance is too ‘low’ already…”

[TL: low is written in english]

“What is wrong with my appearance? Aren’t I the same as an ordinary person?”

“This is not similar, the most important is the three energies!”

Ling Yuexian emphasizes, “Which girl would like you this kind of sloppy guy? Talk a look at your clothing manner, it is practically an appalling sight okay?! Completely not to the trend!”

“Aren’t we all wearing school uniform?”

Li Fan says, “You see, I had also drawn a Mickey Mouse on my clothing ah! How am I not in the trend!”

[TL: damn when had Mickey Mouse been trendy when we were 16…]


Ling Yuexian is about to collapse, “Forget about school uniform as well as Mickey Mouse…let us not discuss about uniform. Let’s talk about your hairdo. How many days have you not wash your hair?”

“Is there a need for a guy to keep washing hair with shampoo? It is not like I am a girl!”

[TL: no wonder no girls dare to stand close to you…]

“The same okay? A guy has no need to take care of your hygiene is it? What is this kind of reason!”

Ling Yuexian points at Li Fan’s messy hair. “Firstly go and cut your hair short! After cutting it short, your vigor will be one! Another thing, your shoes is too tasteless already. Can you change to another pair? As for school uniform, you can pair with a pair of canvas shoes with your crew cut hair, you will have ample campus style which is really not bad!”

Li Fan is very vexed, “Hair can be cut but shoes cannot be changed…”

“Could it be that you only have a single pair of shoes?”

“No….this is my exercising shoes.”

Li Fan points at his pair of steel shoes and says, “Cast from steel, each is 10kg.”

“Really know how to speak nonsense…”

Ling Yuexian feels that what Li Fan says is not reliable, “Why don’t you say that you know the 18 Subduing Dragon Palm?”

“That I….”

Just as Li Fan is about responded he suddenly senses a chilling wind blow over and subconsciously turned around and looks at the grove by the school.

“What are you looking at?”

“Seems to be people.”

[TL: …why does this sound like a flag?]

Li Fan frowns lightly while Ling Yuexian looks at the dark grove and shivers.

“Annoying…scaring people ah you.”

“No…there really seem to be people.”

“I do not believe you…let’s go, accompany me to take the bus.”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 27  [Made her cry]

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