Chapter 26     [Small single room]


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Although he is a bit angry in his heart, Li Fan still met up with Ling Yuexian after class. The two of them waited in the library for a while until most of the students had left before they went to open the old school library door.

“Why does it feel like we are being thieves…”

Li Fan muttered, is it really good to be so secretive?

“Afterall we cannot let others know.”

Ling Yuexian pushes up her spectacles, “Even if it is me, the teacher will not indulge in things like puppy love. You hooligans are different. Your face is very thick and even if the teacher scolds you guys, you guys don’t care.”

“Who doesn’t care!” Li Fan’s mouth twitches, “Can you not always talk to yourself!”

As the two of them walk out while sticking their head out to look around, Lin Yuexian did not forget to mock Li Fan, “Did I say anything wrong, aren’t you guys always like this?”

At this moment from the side comes a voice, “Teacher Chen you can go first. I am going to the toilet.”

The two of them glance at each other, this is the voice of the teaching director!

If the teaching director discovered the two of them together, this matter will be impossible to explain! The two of them look at each other and there is only the boy toilet nearby where they can hide in! The library is too far away from them!

Ling Yuexian also panics as she does not wish to be discovered.

The teaching director is a damn perverted old man who had always been strict. If he realizes that two students had stayed so long in the school before leaving together, he will definitely not listen to their explanation and immediately invite their parents down!

[TL: damn and that will be very interesting!!]

Li Fan allowed no explanation and princess-carried Ling Yuexian up before swiftly using qinggong and rushed into the male toilet.

Ling Yuexian exclaims softly, “What, what are you doing…”

Li Fan put up his index finger and makes a shush action before carrying her into a cubicle. To prevent people from seeing their legs in the cubicle, Li Fan can only continue to hug Ling Yuexian. The warm and soft body in his embrace which is also a beauty made it impossible for Li Fan not to be moved.

But if the teaching director realized that there were still students….who stayed there so late, he will definitely question them!

Hearing the teaching director’s footstep get closer and closer. Li Fan jumps up lightly. At the same time, he raised his legs and braced against the sides of the cubicle walls. With this, they are hanging above the cubicle. Luckily Ling Yuexian is rather light, otherwise, Li Fan would really be vomiting blood.

[Editor note: Even if she wasn’t you’ll still need to carry her regardless!]

Ling Yuexian is a bit worried. Li Fan’s actions are so practiced. Did he learn gymnastics in the past?

Although she got hugged into Li Fan’s embrace, she does not dare to make any sounds as she is afraid of being noticed. This small cubicle has the smell of disinfectants as well as their light breathing sounds.

Ling Yuexian’s fragrance made Li Fan very comfortable. Really strange ah. Is there really such a huge difference between men and women? Why do women smell so nice?

Li Fan solemnly smelt twice making Ling Yuexian roll her eyes.

Ling Yuexian’s face turns red, this fellow would not take advantage and do anything to me right!?

Li Fan originally did not think about anything. But Ling Yuexian’s body is soft. Although they are separated by a school uniform, he is still able to feel that softness.

Indeed worthy of being a top grade beauty ah! Every part of her body is perfect, cannot find any faults.

Ling Yuexian seems to also sense the awkwardness. Her face turns red as she uses her strength to struggle. Not only did she not manage to struggle free, the place her legs are bent and rubs against Li Fan a few times, allowing Li Fan to feel the softness.

Both of them were startled at the same time while Ling Yuexian’s face turns even redder as this is the first time she is in such close contact with a guy!

This, this had already exceeded her bottom line! Definitely cannot!

Ling Yuexian struggles while Li Fan hugs her tightly. because he is still wearing those steel shoes, this increases the pressure by quite a bit.

From the sound of the footsteps, the teaching director had already walked in.

Li Fan leans towards Ling Yuexian’s ear and whispered, “Don’t anyhow move…he has come in…”

Ling Yuexian’s eyes are slightly red as she looks at Li Fan, looking very wrong.

“After he has finished peeing we can go…it be very quick…just bear with it…”

Li Fan knows that Ling Yuexian is definitely very uncomfortable. But for their reputation, they can only bear with it.

Hearting the word pee, Ling Yuexian becomes very ashamed. She can only lower her head and close her eyes, like an ostrich pretending that she did not see anything.

The two of them heard the sound of him taking off his trousers following which is a very loud fart followed!

[Editor Note: press F for respect]

What the heck, is there really a need to take a number 2 during this crucial moment! This digestive system really does not know how to pick the correct time!

Ling Yuexian becomes nervous, how long would he take for this dump ah?

Wearing a pair of steel shoes, and bracing for so long, Li Fan’s legs are also a bit numb. He immediately revolves his zhenqi to strengthen his legs to prevent himself from falling down from the cubicle.

Who on earth is the teaching director, even doing a big one is also unruffled. Li Fan heard him make a phone call as he shits and chats with someone.

“Xiao Zhang ah, let me tell you ah…back then you ask me to sell that stock and I did not listen to you, in the end, the money got stuck there ah! Right now if I wish to make up for it, my wife isn’t giving me money ah! Now I can only count on this year’s bonus…aiyah, recently the students are not that easy to manage ah….I had heard that in the school there is another new hooligan call Li Fan. Very thorny ah, right must find a chance to take care of him and make him honest…”

“Li Fan and Ling Yuexian glance at each other while Ling Yuexian’s looks clearly and says, ‘see, I didn’t say wrongly right.’ While Li Fan’s gaze is said ‘I am wronged ah! When had I become a hooligan? I am very obedient okay!’

“Right now this group of students is not that easy to manage ah, all of them are very thorny. Let me tell you…”

The teaching director keeps droning on and on on the phone while beads of sweat start to appear on Li Fan’s forehead.

Li Fan keeps roasting in his heart, so be it if you are taking a shit, why is your fart so stinky! The amount of air that a martial artist breathes in is not a joke. They need a large amount of oxygen. Right now when Li Fan takes a breath he will be breathing in a concentrated amount of feces smell making him want to crumble!

I cannot play like this anymore. Isn’t this like a biochemical bomb?! If this goes on, I will really fall down!

Li Fan had no other choice. He had sudden inspiration and buried his head into Ling Yuexian’s chest.

For a moment the fragrance enters his nose. Li Fan greedily breathe it in, really is not bad ah!

This is the smell of youth!

Ling Yuexian is about to fall apart. Li-li Fan is really too much! How can he treat me like this….this big scumbag! I want to kill him! But right now she can only bear with it! The moment she makes any sounds, their earlier efforts would be wasted! Furthermore, if they got discovered in the male toilet, even if they jump into the yellow river they will not be able to clear their reputations! No matter what must endure it…Ling Yuexian, you, you can do it…

[Editor note: the yellow river is a famous river in China]

But it is really smelly ah….save me ah….

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 26  [Small single room]

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