Chapter 24     [Sick person and doctor’s investigation]


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This woman! She actually chased to my class!

“What do you still want to do, coming up to me to be molested is ti?”

Li Fan pretends that he is about to explode.

“There are so many people here….what, what can you do!”

While speak Ling Yuexian sticks out her breasts and says to Li Fan, “If you have the ability…then grab!”

The surrounding guys are salivating, while the females knock into the wall in shock! Li Fan this kind of fellow actually have Ling Yuexian this kind of school flower to reverse chase? And even came up to him to let him touch her breasts?

Their perception had completely collapsed. What is going on with this world? What it turned into a mess?

“Er…can we not talk here?”

Looking at the surrounding gazes, Li Fan is feeling slightly uncomfortable.

“Okay…let us go out and talk…”

Ling Yuexian also feels the surrounding gaze and becomes slightly embarrassed.

The two of them walks out of the room and went to the old library on the 5th floor. This placed had been cleaned once and to prevent people from messing around again, the door had been locked. But this did not make things hard for  Li Fan. He grabs the lock and uses bear form. He gathers his zhenqi into his palm and breaks the lock off.

Ling Yuexian who did not see clearly thought that Li Fan had open the lock and is slightly shocked.

“You indeed are a hooligan, you also usually use things such as stealing right?”

“What nonsense are you saying! When did I steal things!”

Li Fan rolls his eyes as the two of them enters the old school library.

The moment they enter, Li Fan immediately presses Ling Yuexian against the wall and says fiercely, “Ling Yuexian, you are only a little sheep. I did not come and look for you but you send yourself up to my door? Say it, you prefer foreplay or force?”

Li Fan searches through his memories and recalls how those hooligans act. He pretends to lick his lips to increase his scariness.

“Student….don’t be so anxious…can I ask you a question first?”

Ling Yuexian only blocks Li Fan’s mouth with a hand.

“What is there to talk about, I am already standing upright!”

Li Fan decided to act completely like a hooligan to the extreme! Ling Yuexian seems to really be slightly afraid, but she gathers her courage and says, “Student…you first don’t be impulsive first…can you listen to what I have to say first?”

“What do you wish to say ah?”

Liu Yi feels that this girl might have not eaten any medication before coming out. I am already like this and she is still not running away?

“Student, to be honest, I actually wish to be a psychologist in the future.”

While speaking, Ling Yuexian pulls out a pair of glasses from her school uniform pocket and puts it on. This lass…what is she playing at?

“At the beginning, I am indeed afraid of you. But after analysis of your sickness, I feel that your nature is rather good. It is just that you have experienced some bad things which cause your heart to turn perverted.”

“What the, you are then the pervert!”

Li Fan does not know what to say, what is this lass acting about ah?

“Don’t be angry first, listen to my analysis first.”

Ling Yuexian appears very serious as she pulls Li Fan’s sleeves and says, “I had thought for a bit. If I do not care about you, how can I face the countless of patients in the future? So, if I do not enter hell who would, I have decided to personally help you cure your sickness.”

“What the, less of this nonsense, I am not sick!”

“The clinical proofs that all sick people always say so.”

Ling Yuexian pushes her spectacles like a pretty little doctor and says, “You relax, you do not have mental disorder. it is only a kind of psychological sickness that’s all. I had already self-studied a lot of materials already. You are my first experimental target. I will be responsible for you!”

What responsibility do you have for a mental disorder ah! Anyways it is not like I have mental disorder!

“Li Fan feels that all beauties are not reasonable, “You go and research yourself. I am going back.”

“Right now if you go out, I shall immediately shout that you molest me!”

Ling Yuexian’s eyes are flicking with radiance nearly making Li Fan cry, are you for real? A lass actually got hold of my weakness?!

“Ling Yuexian…don’t be too much!”

“I am only doing it for your good! What, you do not dare to receive my treatment is it?”

Ling Yuexian’s words contain provocation making Li Fan angry. He slaps his leg, “Who is afraid of who! So long as you are not afraid that I will eat you!”

“I have confidence in curing you.”

Ling Yuexian stretches out two fingers like she had won.

Li Fan says in his heart, I do want to see what kind of tricks you this girl is going to play!

“This student please sit.”

Ling Yuexian lets Li Fan sit on the chair by the side, “Before we start the treatment, I need to first know your name.”

“You don’t even know who I am…how are you going to treat me ah!”

Li Fan does not know what to do, where did this lass get her perseverance from ah?

“I will treat all of my patients impartially.”

Ling Yuexian pushes her spectacles, “As long as I cure you, I will no longer appear in front of you anymore! You relax, I do have this bit of professionalism!”

“Fine, fine, fine. Then you treat me. I am called Li Fan. I had already told you in the morning and you actually did not remember!”

Li Fan crosses his arm and says in his heart, damn it still hungry, what is there to even treat! Spits, I am not sick at all!

“Li Fan…this name is a bit too ordinary, perhaps I did not take note of it….”

Li Fan blows up in anger, “Is that what a doctor should say to a patient?”

“Aiyah, have improvment. You finally admit that you are a patient now?”

[TL: erm honestly at this point I personally would have just killed her already…]

This lass did not expect that her mouth is so sharp.

“Okay. let us start the treatment.”

Ling Yuexian seems to take out something like a book and starts recording on it. Li Fan blinks as on top of it writes, ‘Patient No.001’, what the.

“Li Fan from now one, you must prepare to answer my question.”

“Okay, okay, okay. You ask.”

“You have such a strong desire towards women, is it because your mother died while you were young?”


Li Fan curses, “Your mother is then the one who passed away!”

“Why are you scolding people ah?”

“You are the one who curses my ancestors okay?!”

Li Fan argues for what is right while Ling Yuexian says deadpan, “But the medical books say that it is like this ah! Then where did your abnormal desire come from?!”

“All guys are like this okay?”

Li Fan does not know where to vent his anger, “If I am not interested in girls, could it be that I am interested in guys?!”

“Ah? So it is the other kind of symptom ah.”

Ling Yuexian says, “I need to go back and check my medical books first.”

“Check your sister! I don’t have any sickness at all!”

Li Fan is already impatience, “I have no time to waste time playing with you this fellow. Friend. I am hungry. I am going to eat, goodbye!”

“Don’t be anxious ah!”

Ling Yuexian suddenly says, “To cure this sickness of yours, I had decided to use myself as a subject! I am going to be your girlfriend for a week!”

“What? What did you say?”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 24  [Sick person and doctor’s investigation]

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