Chapter 23     [Irritated into taking debt]


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Wang Qiang is basically a tyrant in school. Relying on the fact that his family is rather wealthy, ordinary teachers are also unwilling to offend this kind of student.

Sometimes when the teaching director caught him smoking and the likes, at most he only advises him a few words and does not dare to deeply manage him. This causes Wang Qiang to become more and more unbridled. Thus today he publicly takes liberties of Ling Yuexian at the school gates! That is really excessive!

“Wang Qiang! Don’t be too excessive!”

“So what if I am being overboard?”

Wang Qiang laughs, “Your family is so poor, don’t you need my money a lot? Ling Yuexian what kind of goddess are you pretending to be. Say it, how much money to take off your pants?”

“You this scumbag!”

Ling Yuexian immediately slaps over but her wrist got grasped by Wang Qiang.

“Hahaha, you also wish to resist me? In this school, who dares to go against me?”

Just as Wang Qian just speak finish, someone kicks him on his backside! The force behind the kick is not light, and Wang Qiang immediately falls flat on his face.

There was that saying, what, a tiger’s butt cannot be kicked! Wang Qiang immediately climbs to his feet and is about to rage when he sees Li Fan with his hands in his pockets standing in front of him. Wang Qiang immediately became terrified.

“A good dog does not block the path.”

Li Fan glares at Wang Qiang causing Wang Qiang to hurry to the side as he makes a please gesture, “Brother Fan, please enter!”

“Less of this kind of nonsense! Hurry and disappear from my sight!”

Li Fan waves his hand and Wang Qiang immediately brings his two underlings and escape.

This fellow thinks that relying on the fact that his family is a bit rich he wants to become god?! Li Fan mutters in his head. In future, I must really properly cure him!

While at this moment Ling Yuexian finally says to Li Fan, “This student, don’t you feel that it is boring?”

“Ah? What bored?”

Li Fan does not understand, what kind of madness does this Ling Yuexian have again?

“I look down on you these hooligan students! Instead of studying properly, every day you know know how to mingle in the society!”

Ling Yuexian angrily points at Li Fan and say, “Right now you are using this kind of underhanded methods to get close to me, is there any point?”

“I say classmate Ling Yuexian, you are to narcissist already right?”

Li Fan become angry, “Who is wants to get close to you?”

“Still pretending.”

Ling Yuexian snorts, “Your method is too lousy already! I will definitely not like you this kind of hooligan, just give it up!”

“What the, did you watch too much opera?”

Li Fan’s mouth twitches, “What kind of person ah, seeing that you are a fellow classmate I help you twice and you actually riding over my head! Is a flag raiser that amazing! Is have good results damn awesome is it, you think that you are in high demand ah! I had even rejected those that are even prettier than you do you know?”

“You! You are still not admitting!”

Ling Yuexian is slightly angry as she thinks in her heart, is Li Fan angry after I had discovered his intentions?

“I admit your sister! You can just go where you like to have fun! Some more, remember, I am called Li Fan, a student from class 2. I am not hooligan do you understand?”

Speaking finish Li Fan turns around and walk towards his class leaving Ling Yuexian turn there.

Ling Yuexian is slightly stunned. The one who should be angry should be me, why is it him who is angry? This kind of person is really unreasonable …cannot, I cannot take this anger!

Li Fan who is walking towards his class when suddenly he smells a fragrance by his side. He turns his head over and realises that Ling Yuexian is jogging over.

“What the, what do you want?”

“I….I must talk things out clearly with you…”

Ling Yuexian’s body is slightly weak. After running a few steps she is panting, “You, you hold it there first…”

“What the, you are too stubborn already!”

This is the first time Li Fan had met such a stubborn woman, isn’t she sick!

“Cannot! We must clear things out!”

Ling Yuexian stretches out her hand and grabs hold of Li Fan’s arm. Li Fan can only stand there as he looks at this stubborn woman.

“What do you wish to say? Is there still anything for the two of us to talk about?”

“Of course there is!”

Ling Yuexian takes two deep breath allowing her breath to calm down.

“I just want to tell you, no matter what method you use, I will definitely not like you! There is no need to waste your effort!”

“You this person do not understand what other people say is it!”

Li Fan is annoyed, did all of this lass’s intelligence all used on studying? Can she put a bit into her EQ can or not?

“Big sister, what do you want me to do to make you believe that I do not like you!”

“Not possible!”

Ling Yuexian shakes her head, “I am so beautiful, furthermore, my studies are so good. There are so many guys who are chasing after me. You say that you do not like me, I do not believe it.”

“You want to believe is your own problem!”

Li Fan feels a bit like he is going to fall apart, “I am not going to ask you to believe me, I am asking you not to bother me okay?”

“This student. What you say is very interesting ah.”

Ling Yuexian immediately says, “Obviously it was you who keeps bothering me! It is already twice who knows what kind of method are you going to use next! You had already affected my normal school lifestyle already. So please do not come and bother me anymore!”

“Fine, fine, fine. It is my fault!”

Li Fan gives up, “I am not going to bother you okay?”

“You see, you finally admit to it!”

Ling Yuexian says in delight, “Still dare to say that you are not interested in me!”

“Have I am very interested in you!”

Li Fan immediately adds, “Your face, your breasts, your butt, all are very alluring! With one glance I start salivating. With two glances, I become hard! I am almost unable to stand it and want to start pawing you!”

As Li Fan speaks, he stretches out his hands and pretends that he is going to grope her.


Ling Yuexian got badly frightened and turns around escaping.

After successfully scaring away Ling Yuexian, Li Fan mutters in his heart, just a young lady, do you think that I am unable to deal with you?

Wang Qiang hides in the darkness as he watches Li Fan teases Ling Yuexian. Don’t let me tease her but he takes liberties of her first! Damn it, when had I experience such kind of bullying before? Li Fan this scumbag, if I do not get rid of him, I will not be happy! Also, there is no longer any more hope of Brother Li already. Li Fan this fellow has powerful martial art so I need to find a stronger person to deal with him!

Wang Qiang takes out his handphone and secretly makes a call.

“Brother Lei ah. I heard that you know an underground fighter? Right, help me find him. Does not matter if he is ruthless…hahaha, I can pay the money..”

After scaring away Ling Yuexian, Li Fan thought that he will be in peace. But unexpectedly this kind of peace only lasts for 2 periods that’s all!

During lunch, after the lessons had ended. Just as Li Fan is going out to have a meal, he heard a few girls muttering to each other by the side.

“Heard that Li Fan is currently in the gangs?”

“That’s right. Just now Liu Xiaoli that kind of person also call him big brother…”

“Oi, oi, could it be that he thinks that this way is very handsome ah… such a damned sucker, perhaps he this kind of person would not be able to find any girlfriend!”

“That’s right, that’s right…which kind of girl would dare to get close to him…heard that he had also gotten hemorrhoid. His butts will bleed one, so sickening…”

Li Fan also does not wish to listen but his hearing is better than an ordinary person. What the heck are you these old ladies yammering about? Have nothing to do keep saying such nonsense! You then are unable to find girlfriend, I already had a fiance! Just that I cannot say it out.

The girls cast sympathizing as well as afraid looks at him. But at this moment Ling Yuexian’s beautiful figure walks in front outside and grasp Li Fan firmly.

“I have something to tell you!”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 23  [Irritated into taking debt]

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