Chapter 22     [The limit of 5 animal mimicry]


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Two fingers from Jiang Feng’s hand join together again as he jabs at Li Fan’s armpit. It causes Li Fan to lose the feeling of his left hand as well and strengthless droop down. His two arms were temporary disabled. As he is unfamiliar with his opponent martial arts, it causes Li Fan to suffer a lost!

After all, he is only a year one high school student. How would he know how sinister is the Jianghu?

But he is also a man. How can a man concede so easily, no arms, well I still have a leg!

Li Fan immediately twist his body as his legs carry the strength of his body and forcibly sweep horizontally across the air, like a cannonball kicking towards Jiang Feng!

Agile Monkey Climbing Tree!

Jiang Feng hurriedly uses his arms to block in front of him, allowing him to barely blocks Li Fan’s legs. But this stepping force is not light as Jiang Feng is forced backward three steps. Every step will break a tile below before he finally steps on the edge of the house with half of his body in midair and nearly falls down.


He snorts, perhaps he did not expect that he would lose out against Li Fan this kind of beginner. Jiang Feng leaps 2 meters into the air and gently like a gale his two fingers jab towards Li Fan’s shoulder.

The might behind his two fingers is really shocking. It actually forcibly pierce into Li Fan’s shoulder blade!

While Li Fan’s eyes turn red as he bears with his pain and bites Jiang Feng’s wrist.


Jiang Feng cries out in pain as Li Fan bites off a piece of his flesh!

“Seeking death!”

Jiang Feng rages as his two fingers from his other hand join together. Like a sharp sword make a beeline towards Li Fan’s eyes!


At this moment Murong Ying suddenly appears. Her left hand grabs Li Fan while her right sleeve swings out, sweeping at Jiang Feng. Although it appears to be strengthless but it instantly sends Jiang Feng flying away crashing onto the ground.

“With a year as the deadline!”

Before he faints, Li Fan heard Murong Ying’s heroic voice, “Father after a year, worry about your disciple!”

Wife! Well said!

Before he is able to praise, Li Fan had already fainted.

Fainting in Murong House 2 times in a row…alas…too unlucky already…


By the time Li Fan had woken up again, he is already back in his own home. Murong Ying is merciful as she let Li Fan sleep on the living room sofa. At the very least there is no need to enjoy the rope and electric floor.

His two arms had already regained their feeling. That whatever acupuncture hitting hand is really scary!


Murong Ying is holding a bowl of soup. She is wearing a sexy sleepwear as she walks over to Li Fan.

“This time round, it is cooked by Tie Zhu. Eat it while it is hot.”

“Thank you…”

Li Fan drank a mouthful of the warm soup. He senses strength bubbling from his dantian. Towards them martial artists, this thing is indeed a tonic.

“Li Fan, I had thought about it. Earlier my thinking is perhaps inconsiderate.”

Murong Ying actually admit her mistake to me?

This causes Li Fan to nearly spit out the hot soup. Not possible right, is this what Murong Ying would say?

“So I thought for a night and decided to readjust the plan that I had set…mm, it’s double your training amount.”

What the! Li Fan is basically cursing! After thinking for a night, she just wishes to torture me is it?!

“Don’t look at me like this. I am also doing this for your own good.”

Murong Ying says, “Jiang Feng is my father’s favorite disciple. Not only had he learned my Murong Family top techniques, but he also had a fortuitous meeting with Old Taoist Nine Yang and had learned from him a top technique Nine Layer Sky Record. This Nine Layer Sky Record is similar to the Nine Yang Sutra in the novels.”

Oh my fucking god ah….

Li Fan swallows his tongue, is this guy a bit too perverted! How am I going to play ah, isn’t him considered as opening hacks?!

“Perhaps I am too childish in the past.” Murong Ying continues and says, “The 5 animal mimicry is in the end still the basic among basic. Since you have a base, I decided to reteach you a set of real top technique.”

Murong Ying takes out three rare books and place in front of Li Fan. Li Fan takes a look and the three books are <Murong Sword Technique>, <Fallen Hero Palm> and <Martial God Secret>.

“I am not learning, I feel that 5 animal mimicry is very good!”

“You having this kind of thinking is good…just that, in one year time, if you wish to win against Jiang Feng, it is far from enough to just rely on 5 animal mimicry”

“When there is a will, there is a way!”

Li Fan is not willing to give up on 5 animal mimicry. He feels that this set of martial arts is like him. Ordinary, average, but is able to make mull over great teachings. Sooner or later, it will be able to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat!

“Even if you do not wish to learn Murong Sword Technique or Fallen Hero palm,, at the very least learn Martial God Secret okay?”

Murong Ying advice, “This is a matchless inner strength heart sutra. I won this from the Martial Alliance meet. Right now what you are cultivating is only 5 animal mimicry along with inner strength, cultivating will be very slow.”

“You relax, I will let all of you see me in a different light.”

Li Fan has confidence in the 5 animal mimicry, “I had already decided, no one come and advice me. I am going to school now, let us meet again at night Alliance Head Murong.”

Once Li Fan had decided, nothing can change his decision. He changes into the school uniform that Tie Zhu had washed for him and left the house while carrying his school bag.

Tie Zhu who is covered with an almost bursting apron ask, “Big miss…why don’t I go back and advise Gu-ye.”

“No need, what my man wish to do, I ought to fully support it.”

Murong Ying turns her head and sees that Tie Zhu does not seems to be wearing anything under the apron.

A pair of pretty eyes stare at her, “Why….why are you not wearing clothing?”

“Ah, Big Miss. I had read on the book that this is how a maid should wear.”

“What nonsense book! Hurry and put on your skirt!”

“That…can I not wear my upper clothing?”

“Cannot! Put on everything!”

“Okay then…”

Li Fan does not know of the maid mode that Tie Zhu had prepared with utmost care for him. Currently, he is running to go to school while lifting his arms. After Li Fan and Jiang Feng had fought, Li Fan feels that his Acupuncture Hitting Hand is very powerful. While this Acupuncture Hitting Hand seems to somewhat identical with the Crane Beak of the Crane Form! The two techniques should be able to be used at the same time!

Li Fan had run to the school gates when he actually meets a familiar person.

Isn’t that pretty lady wearing school uniform Ling Yuexian? Why is she pacing back and forth at the school gates instead of going into school?

Just as Li Fan is hesitating whether he should greet her, he suddenly sees a few other familiar people by Ling Yuexian’s side.

Wang Qiang is blocking at the school gate while behind him stands two of his underlings from the sports department.

“Ling Yuxian, it is your fortunes that I had taken a fancy for you.”

Wang Qiang blocks Ling Yuexian and says, “I know that your family needs money. How about this, you have a meal with me and I give you a thousand dollars. Let me kiss you two thousand…as for the rest of the price tag, we can discuss it in detail, what do you say?”

“Wang Qiang please have some respect!”

Ling Yuexian frowns and dodges Wang Qiang’s dishonest hands, “If you are like this again, I am going to report to the teacher about you!”

“Okay ah, you go and report ah. I want to see which teacher dare to meddle with me!”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 22  [The limit of 5 animal mimicry]

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