Chapter 21     [Real martial arts]


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After chasing over half of the Murong Resident, Murong Ying finally stops on the roof of a building.

After chasing for so long, Li Fan feels like he had almost run out of zhenqi. As for Murong Ying, after losing 11 years on inner strength, her inner strength is still so robust!

Murong Ying stands there as she holds her sword with both hands. The bright moon above her shines upon her delicate body. Li Fan is slightly stunned. Under the moon, Murong Yin is really beautiful ah.

Li Fan ask, “Finally not running away anymore?”

“Who is running away?”

Murong Ying says indifferently, “I am only having a night run.”

Night run your head! Who uses qinggong for a night run! Only ghost would believe you!

Li Fan nearly vomits blood. But after all this matter is his wrong, thus he softens his tone and says, “That…today….it is my wrong….I…I am….”

“As a man, you should not easily say these three words.”

Murong Ying suddenly stretches out her hand and presses her finger on Li Fan’s mouth, “I also do not like to listen to those three words.”

“What the….”

Murong Ying once again cuts of Li Fan’s sentence before pointing at the enormous house in front of her. “Do you see this large house of Murong Mansion?”

“Of course. Your house is really big. I had thought that it is the house of an ancient prince!”

Li Fan more or less is a bit envious. Different from my ordinary family, Murong Ying was born with a golden spoon.

“When I was born, the older generation of Murong Family were all very disappointed.”

Murong Ying says, “They wish to have a guy to be born to take over the Murong Family. While I, a girl was born.”

“Too evil already, what era is it currently, still so valuing males and giving less importance to females!”

Li Fan feels indignant at injustice while Murong Ying says, “This is a Great Clan. It needs to be passed down to bloodline. But so what about being female. When I was 18, I had won all of the men in the world and seize the position of Martial Alliance Head.”

Heroin ah…18 years old and become the Martial Alliance Head! Furthermore, it is as a woman! But thinking about this, it is also possible. I had absorbed 11 years of inner strength from her which allows me to cause that Rushing Thunder Palm inheritor to vomit blood from just a palm.

“My own husband, I choose myself. Li Fan, I had chosen you, will you, let me down?”

“But, didn’t you wish to use me to carry on your ancestral line?” Li Fan finally raises the suspicion in his heart, “Rely on me to give birth to a child that has Pure Yang Body to inherit your Murong Family is it?”

“The original plan is indeed like this.” Murong Ying nods her head, “But I had seen even more impossibility on you. I, Murong Ying have never chosen wrongly before in my life. Li Fan, I had chosen you and it definitely will not be wrong.”

Li Fan cannot help but roast in his heart.

Just how old are you ah, you are obviously just 20 years old, can you not speak like and oldie okay?!

“Li Fan.” Murong Ying suddenly points her sword at Li Fan, “Compete against me.”

“Ah?” Li Fan blanks about, “What for ah, are you still angry with me?”

“Not angry. I want to personally test your strength.”

Murong Ying says indifferently, “If you wish to prove that you are very powerful, then beat me?”

“Your entire family are all very weird ah!”

Li Fan cannot help but rolls his eyes, “I am not fighting against you. My fist is not to beat you.”

When Murong Ying hears this, she is slightly unhappy. “Are you looking down on me as I am a woman?”

“Your self-respect is a bit too strong already right.”

Li Fan says, “I am not fighting against you because there is no reason to fight! Furthermore, you can relax. I said before that I will become the Martial Alliance Head, that is not just empty talk!”

“You probably do not understand…the difference between you and a real expert!”

Murong Ying cannot help but reminds him. “You only have the strength of ‘Cauldron Fire Turn Green’. You only have a slightly stronger inner strength that’s all. Real experts all have the strength of ‘Rising to the Peak’ strength, which is two stages higher than you. The next Marital Alliance Meet is in 3 years time! Within these three years if you want your cultivation to break through to ‘Rising to the Peak’, it is basically difficulties upon difficulties!”

“What is difficult about it!” Li Fan laughs loudly, “Don’t look down on a man’s conviction!”

“You really know how to talk big!”

A dignified voice comes from their side. They turn around to see Murong Bo standing on the other side of the roof. He is wearing the cloak of Murong family which flutters among the night wind.

“Li Fan. You are the husband that my daughter had chosen. It also means that you are her disciple!”

Speaking finish Murong Bo claps his hand. A figure leaps up from the courtyard and flips in the air before landing beside him stability.

“No need to wait three years. After a year if you are able to defeat my disciple, I, Murong Bo will recognize you this son-in-law!”


Murong Ying seems to be slightly shocked while Li Fan’s temper appears and immediately says, “Compete then compete. Who is afraid of who!”

“Hahaha! Good! Good! Good! Have ambition!”

Murong Bo instantly laughs loudly, “Feng-er greet your opponent. Don’t lose your etiquette!”

“Yes, mater.”

The figure in Li Fan’s view suddenly disappear. Li Fan does not know what movement techniques he uses and that figure instantly appears in front of him!

At that moment, borrowing the moonlight, Li Fan is finally able to see that figure’s appearance clearly.

He looks very handsome but his figure is thin. Furthermore, his forehead has a sinister feeling. He is like a single-eye dragon. One of his eyes is covered with a black eye-patch while the other eye seems to have the radiance of two eyes.

Furthermore, he is a man but he is had tied in hair into a ponytail!

{Li Fan, be careful. He is called Jiang Feng, my father’s favorite disciple!}

Murong Ying transmits her voice into Li Fan’s ear while at this moment Jiang Feng speaks up with a feminine voice, “I had heard that you are the husband that Big miss had chosen. One year is too long already. Let me first test out your strength now!”

Although he had already restrained his own voice, but Li Fan is still able to hear a trace of sourness! My gosh, it is another admirer of Murong Ying!!!

Murong Bo this old fellow, perhaps he wishes to see me get humiliated in front of Murong Ying! I am definitely not going to let you have your way!

Li Fan is angered in his heart while Jiang Feng who said that he is going to take action, immediately take action. Two of his fingers join together and poke towards Li Fan’s acupuncture points!

When an expert takes action, it is very obvious! Jiang Feng attack like lighting and strikes very accurately. He pokes the meridians of Li Fan causing his entire right arm to becomes numb.

Murong Ying reminds, “Be careful of his 12 ways of striking acupuncture!”

While Li Fan is not that happy, don’t you think that this warning is a bit too late?!

Right now he is in monkey form. His right arm is still numb, thus he swings out his left fist. His zhenqi shakes his sleeve while he sweeps at Jiang Feng.

Monkey long fist! This is the most basic punching technique in the monkey form!

“Just a minor 5 animal mimicry, you also dare to bring it out to disgrace yourself.”

Jiang Feng only ridicule as he lightly leans his head to the side, dodging Li Fan’s long fist, “Let me let you know what is call a real martial arts circles!”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 21  [Real martial arts]

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