Chapter 20    [Occasionally willful]


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Thousand Spider Ten Thousand Poison Hand!

Murong Ai’s palm smash towards the back of Li Fan’s head! If this claw strike hits, it will hit out 5 holes on the back of Li Fan’s head! Along with my ** Great technique, perhaps I will be able to suck the Pure Yang body into my body!

“No! Why is my willpower so weak!”

Li Fan suddenly squats down as he hugs his head like he is at a loss.

While Murong Ai’s palm had already

When Li Fan hears a shocked cry, he immediately stands up and asks, “What is the matter with you sister-in-law?”

“No, nothing…”

Murong Ai bears with the pain as she hides her hand behind her and forced out a smile.

“What is the matter SI, where are you uncomfortable?”

Murong Ai keeps shaking her head.

“Are you sick? Let BI take a look!”

Li Fan walks over scaring Murong Ai into retreating. In the end, in her panic, her right hand knocks against the window sill.

Murong Ai finally is unable to bear it and cry out in pain.


“SI what is the matter SI?”

Li Fan got frightened, what is this ah? Why is this entire family all have problems ah, why are all of them so flustered one?!

From far away comes the shout of Tie Zhu, “Gu-ye, big miss is here to visit you!”

Murong Ai’s eyes is red as she rushes out from the room. She knocks into Murong Ying and Tie Zhu on the way out.

Tie Zhu is still holding the plate of food while Murong Ying looks at Li Fan weirdly.

“You bully her?”

“How would I dare to ah!”

Li Fan cries out feeling wronged, I bully her?! It is more like she bullying me okay!

“I, this person is very honest and keep to my bounds, how can you think about me like hits! Let me commit suicide!”

“Take it easy.”

Murong Ying says indifferently, “These are all ancient wooden furniture. If you accidentally knock them spoilt, you will not be able to pay for them.”


Are the two of us husband and wife!

Li Fan is unhappy in his heart, Murong Bo looks down on me, Murong Ying also does not have any feelings for me, she is only using me as a tool to carry on her ancestral line that’s all!

Tie Zhu picks up a bowl of medicine porridge and passes to Li Fan, “Gu-ye, first eat some medicine porridge.”

[TL: okay this thing sucks I must say…after all chinese medicine are all bitter…very bitter]

“Not eating!”

Li Fan’s mood is no good while Murong Ying purses her brows.

“If you do not eat, your injuries will recover slowly. At that time, when you meet other challengers, how are you going to deal with them?”

Li Fan turns his head away and says lividly, “Just beat me to death!”

“As a man how can you say such unlucky words!”

Murong Ying immediately berates Li Fan, “Didn’t you say that you are going to become the Martial Alliance Head? Hurry and eat fine the porridge and then go and train!”

“Not eating! Not going!”

Li Fan swings out his sleeve and slaps away the bowl. The medicine porridge lands onto the ground as the bowl also breaks

Murong Ying’s expression turns heavy as she turns around and leaves.

“Gu-ye…yesterday throughout the entire night, big miss went up to the mountain to find a few herbs before simmering into this porridge for you…”

As Tie Zhu clean up the bowl, she sighs and says, “I am only a servant and shouldn’t say much…today I had spoken too much, Gu-ye just take it as you had heard some nonsense…I know that Gu-ye is unhappy…but big miss also does not have it easy ah…”

Speaking finish Tie Zhu clean up the floor properly before placing the remaining food on the table. She bows before retreating from the room.

Li Fan is slightly stunned, Murong Ying personally pick the herbs to cook this porridge for me?

Just what is going on with this woman?! One moment rod, one moment sweet dates?! Is she trying to tame a beast??? But why is my heart a bit upset…the two of us obviously have no feeling between us, why would I feel sad for Murong Ying, it definitely must be because I am showering affection on an uninterested party again.

But Li Fan still silently opens the food box. Although he is slightly insipid, but he eats finish everything inside. After going back to bed and rest for a bit, when he opens his eyes again, the sky is already dark.

Li Fan is really unable to lie still, thus he runs out and does his fist technique routine. After sweating a bit, his emotions become slightly better.

I must say, Murong Family rather know how to enjoy. Building the house in the outskirts, the air is very fresh. Stars can be seen in the sky which is basically impossible to happen in the city.

Far away the view of the lake is very beautiful. The crystalline clear lake reflects the moon. Li Fan cannot help but to walk over and in the end, he sees a familiar figure standing by the lake.

Murong Ying is standing by the lakeside. She is holding a sword swinging it towards the lake water.

She seems to be training sword techniques, but she is mumbling, “Chop you to death! Bastard!”

Li Fan shrinks back his neck, what the, isn’t this using me as an imaginary enemy?! So this lass is still mad ah!

Forget it, just go and admit my mistake. I am a guy, I should not lower myself to her level.

Li Fan comforts himself like this before walking towards Muong Ying. But who is Murong Ying. The moment Li Fan starts to get close, she already sensed him. She slightly looks back. Seeing that it is Li Fan, she snorts.

Her sword returns back to the sheath. Following which with a light tap of her foot, she lands on the lake. Murong Ying has exceptional martial arts, her qinggong is also very powerful. Able to let her step onto the lake water. With a few light qinggong on top of the lake water, she floats over to the opposite bank of the lake!

This woman! Is she hiding away from me!

Li Fan bad temper appears, Murong Ying, no matter what today I must catch you and explain clearly!

But his qinggong is not that good. He is definitely not able to step on water. But when Li Fan sees the few lotus leaves floating on the lake surface, he suddenly has an idea.

He pulls up a breath of zhenqi and stamps his foot. He whooshes forward and jumps gracefully onto the lake!

He lands on a piece of a lotus leaf. His right foot taps on the lotus leaf as his arms spread apart like an immortal crane flapping its wings. He shoots out his zhenqi, supporting his body!

The lotus leaf sinks down slightly while Li Fan’s body had once again floated up and lands on another piece of lotus leaf as he continues the set pattern.

Crane flapping wings!

Li Fan is like a young graceful crane threading on leaves as it walks. There are rumors that back then the dharma founder uses a reed to cross a river, and now I am using lotus leaves to cross the lake. It can be considered impressive right!

Seeing that Li Fan is chasing over, Murong Ying seems to be slightly shocked. But she turns around and continues to uses qinggong and leave.

“Ah! Don’t leave ah! I have things to say to you!”

Is this lass addicted to playing with qinggong?!

When Li Fan lands on the ground, he withdraws his crane form and changes into deer form.

His body basically sticks to the ground. With every single step he leaps out 3-4 meters away.

Li Fan is very used to using the 5 animal mimicry. Although his qinggong is not as good as Murong Ying, but when chasing after her, he is not inferior in any respect! The two of them one in front, one behind, Murong Ying is actually unable to throw off Li Fan.

She suddenly lifts her body up as she threads a few times in a row. Like stepping on an invisible ladder, she walks up 5 meters and steps onto the roof.

Li Fan withdraws the deer form and changes into the monkey form. He jumps up 3 meters and agilely uses his hands and feet to climb the wall and follow up onto the roof.

[TL: …what the heck…just how to escape now…jump into lava?]

The two of them runs around the roof of Murong Mansion, chasing after one another.

“Who is it?”

Tie Zhu who is on night patrol, thought that a thief had entered Murong Mansion when she heard movements on the roof. But when she raises her head to look, she calms down.

“So it is the married couples quarreling ah…alas, let it be, let them handle it themselves.”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 20  [Occasionally willful]

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