Chapter 2    [My house ah!!]


An iron tree flowering!

Lin Fan feels that it is almost like that! I had cultivated my qilin arm for over ten years, today it finally erupts already! This is the first time I am in such close range to a girl, too emotional ah! Murong Ying smells really nice ah…I heard that there are some girls who have fragrance on their body, today I have finally seen it!

Although it is just dancing with a beauty, but Li Fan only have a feeling of sitting on pins and needles. The surrounding killing intent is too dense and can basically kill people!

Going back to the main topic, seeing Wang Qiang’s eyes that are emitting out green light, Li Fan is delighted.

I better perform more gentlemanly. I must show girls the minimum respect what!

“If you dare to move an inch lower, I will chop off your claws.”

Murong Ying’s sentence causes Li Fan to withdraw his hand in anger.

“But you can kiss me.”

Li Fan is stunned, what the, did I hear wrongly? This old-fashion girl actually let me kiss her?

“There is no need for you to think too much.”

Murong Ying is expressionless as she says, “I only heard that you possess a Pure Yang body, thus I wish to personally inspect it that’s all.”

Pure Yang body? What the heck is that? She is a pretty lady could it be that she is crazy?

“School, school director…please conduct yourself with dignity…”

“Dilly dally!”

Murong Ying seems to be slightly anxious. Taking advantage that no one is paying attention, she immediately forces herself on him and kisses Li Fan on his mouth. At that instantly Li Fan’s mind is completely blank. This new school director is too daring! This is my virgin kiss ah! Looks like I lost out big this time around!

Although it is a light kiss, Li Fan feels like something is churning in his body like he had sucked something out from Murong Ying’s mouth. This thing enters his body making him feel very comfortable causing him to have an unbearable swelling feeling. My god, this kind of feeling is too shameful already!

But Murong Ying is feeling unwell. Her face turns pale as she pushes him away, turns around and leaves.

“What is going on….”

“Li Fan, you follow me.”

Before Li Fan is able to reminisce of this unique feeling, Wang Qiang had already pulled him away into a small room by the side. In this room, other than Wang Qiang, there is two other fit sports student which are both Wang Qiang’s underlings.

“What do you want?”

Seeing this array, Li Fan is slightly nervous, “I am not interested in guys…”

“Get lost, I am also not interested in you!”

Wang Qiang scolds, before pushing Li Fan against the wall and says fiercely, “Good eh, just now is very enjoyable right?”

“What do you wish ah…”

A king kong size sports student glares at Li Fan causing him to have a lack of confidence, “What does it have to do with me if she does not like you.”

“Does not like me? What a joke!”

Wang Qiang says angrily, “Firstly I am more handsome than you, secondly I am richer than you! You take a look at yourself! A stinky loser and still wish to eat the swan’s meat?”

“Wang Qiang you don’t be too much!”

Li Fan becomes mad while Wang Qiang only sneers, “So what if I am too much? You dare to hit me?”

Li Fan did not say anything but there seems to be something incubating within his body causing the veins on his forehead to burst out. While Zhang Qiang becomes even more arrogant as he shouts at Li Fan, “Idiot, scary cat. You hit me ah, hit me ah, hit me ah!”

Li Fan does not know what is spurring him as he suddenly raises his hand and gives Wang Qiang a tight slap. Wang Qiang immediately flies away and tumbles to the side. Two of his big tooth flies out along with his blood.

“Idiot, this is the first time I heard someone having such a request! Really is a pervert.”

Li Fan mutters apprehensively before looking at Wang Qiang who had fainted before becoming stumped. What is this situation? I actually exploded out with so much strength at that instant? Is this the legendary small cosmos erupting?

Li Fan shouts towards one of the sportsmen, “Come on, how many times can a person fight in a lifetime! Burn my small cosmos, Celestial Meteor Fist!”

However, nothing mystical happen while the sportsman roars and charges over, and pushes down Li Fan.

That nearly 100kg figure is actually propped up by Li Fan using his shoulders. He also does not know where did he get this strength from as he revolves on the spot and toss that sports student out like he is throwing a discus into the wall by the side.

Li Fan blood and qi is surging as he emits smoke from his body. All of the pores on his body seems to have opened up causing him to be exceptionally excited! Although I do not know what is happening, but it is like I had become stronger!

His gaze lands on the other sports student causing that sports student to hold his stomach and bends over.

“My, my stomach is in pain…I will not fight with you…”


Li Fan spits before pulling up Wang Qiang and shakes him awake. Right now, Wang Qiang is like looking at a ghost as he looks at Li Fan. He is trembling and his teeth is really painful.

“Next time you dare to provoke me again, I will beat you up again!”

Li Fan tosses Wang Qiang back onto the ground, at the same time he is super happy. Just what is going on right now, did I turn into a superhero out of a sudden?

After so many years of schooling, this is the first time that Li Fan is such so happy. Even if after this there is no one who is willing to be his dance partner, he also does not mind.

Until the dance party had ended, Wang Qiang did not show his face. Li Fan becomes quite from joy. He cycles on his bicycle as he hums his song on the way to home.

Li Fan’s family is not considered rich. His parents’ jobs are also normal. His results were very bad. Just so as to allow him to attend the private university, they sold their previous house and right now they are living in the old house that his grandpa had left behind. The house is made from tiles and bricks and its wall leaks wind and rain. It is located within the city A old district. The old district is filled with this kind of houses. A lot of times, they say that they want to demolish this place and relocate the inhabitants, but it seems like the resettlement funds had not been discussed yet thus the relocating matter had run aground like this.

Li Fan is standing in front of his house stun.

This, this is still my house? Where is the small brick building with walls with holes? Why did it become a three-story tall villa! Furthermore, there are two rows of bodyguards wearing black suit standing in front of the villa!

When they see Li Fan, all of them immediately bend their waist and says loudly, “Welcome back home Gu-Ye!”

[TL: Gu-Ye: son-in-law term that is used by the wife’s family in chinese. Be expecting to see this term a lot given that I don’t think that son-in-law is the right term to use.]

Li Fan nearly falls off his bicycle, is the end of the world coming?

“You guys….must have mistaken….I am not your Gu-Yu ah, and where did my house go?”

Li Fan wishes to cry, I had only gone for a Christmas night party and my house is gone!

“Gu-Ye! You did not make a mistake. This is your house!”

A blad-head single-eye burly guy walks forward. The black suit that he is wearing nearly burst apart from his muscles. He carries the aura of fiends as he says, “Quickly go in. In future, I am your butler and I guarantee to properly take care of you.”

Saying finish that bald-head actually gives Li Fan a coquettish glance scaring Li Fan very badly into having the urge to escape.

“Gu-Ye don’t leave ah! You can place your bicycle here first!”

That bald-head grabs hold of Li Fan’s bicycle with a single hand, making it impossible to cycle it into moving at all! Oh my gosh, what a strong strength!

“I had already help you heat up the bathwater already!”

“Heat your sister! Monster ah!”

“What are you shouting for! Letting the neighbors see a joke!”

Just as Li Fan is about to collapse, the main door is pushed open as Murong Ying who is wearing home clothing stand there. She looks at Li Fan and wrinkles her eyebrows slightly.

“Reached your home but do not want to enter. Could it be that you want to sleep outside?”


Chapter 2  [My house ah!!]

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