Chapter 19    [Thousand Spider Ten Thousand Poison Hand]


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“Husband, this one is missing you.”

Li Fan looks at the bashful Murong Ying in front of him and swallows his saliva.

What is going on….this is a dream right…I definitely must be dreaming….

“Husband…this one is is going to kiss now…”

Murong Ying’s red lips kiss over causing Li Fan’s heartbeat to increase.

Li Fan does not know why but a bad feeling suddenly emerges in his mind. He suddenly opens his eye to see that scary face of Tie Zhu sticking out her lips, kissing towards him.

“What the heck!” Li Fan pushes away her face with a slap, “What do you want to do!”

Tie Zhu’s throat moved slightly and says feeling wronged, “This one sees that Gu-ye is sleeping sweetly…and wish to feed Gu-ye medicine what..”

Feed your sister!

Li Fan nearly falls apart, “Maintain 1 meter….no, 5 meters…wrong, ten meters away from me!”

“But Gu-ye…this medicine…”

“Not drinking anymore, I am very well!”

Right now Li Fan is very gloomy. For no good reason he had taken a beating, that old foggy Murong Bo is too shameless already, to actually take action on me!

“Where is Murong Ying?”

Tie Zhu honestly stands by the door and reply, “Old master had been behind closed doors for the past two days while Big miss is handling Murong Family matters.”

“The past two days…how many days had I fainted?”

Li Fan had a bad feeling.

“Three days already.”

Tie Zhu raises three fingers nearly making Li Fan go mad, “What about school ah!”

Tie Zhu comforts, “Gu-ye relax, we had already help you applied for leave from school.”

“What kind of leave?”

Li Fan says in his heart, second high had always been known as abnormally strict, it is not possible for them to accept ordinary kind of leave.

“Sick leave.”

Tie Zhu smiles teasingly, “Big miss says that you had gone to did a hemorrhoid operation, that is why you need to rest for a few days.”

“What the fuck ah!”

Li Fan falls apart, how am I going to meet people in school in the future ah!

“Gu-ye, you definitely must be hungry, let me go to the kitchen to prepare food for you to eat!”

Seeing that Li Fan is awaked, Tie Zhu is slightly happy as she excitedly went to the kitchen to prepare lunch for Li Fan. While Li Fan after fainted for three days, he is really a bit starving. Forget it, hemorrhoid then hemorrhoid, after all being able to goof around for a few days is great.

But really not willing ah, it is so shameful to be knocked out by Murong Do!

“Damn it, how good would it had been if I am a bit stronger!”

Li Fan punches the wall by the side causing a few tiles to drop.

“Wish to become strong?”

Just as Li Fan is gloomy, from the window by the side suddenly comes a familiar voice.

He raises his head to see a pretty beauty sitting on top of the window edge. This beauty is wearing a Han style school uniform. She is wearing a blue checked blouse and a brown pleated skirt. Making her look young and energetic. Under the skirt is a pair of slender and long legs making Li Fan a bit enticed.

Li Fan blinks his eyes. “Who, who are you?”

“Me ah! It is me ah! Murong Ai ah!”

The beauty glares with her pretty eyes, “You actually had forgotten about me! Damn it!”

“Do not dare, do not dare…”

Recalling this demoness, Li Fan starts to have a headache, “It is just that after you had put on your clothing, I am a bit unable to recognize you.”

“What are you saying!”

Murong Ai is at a lost while Li Fan slaps his leg, “Aiyah, you see this mouth of mine, don’t really know how to speak, please don’t take offense!”

Murong Ai’s expression swiftly restores back to normal, “How can this one bear to blame you…brother-in-law…no, brother-in-law does not sound close enough, let’s call you brother-in-law husband instead…”

What bullshit is this term of address ah!

“brother-in-law husband relax…in front of big sister this one only call you brother-in-law, this way there will no longer be any problem right?”

Li Fan’s forehead is covered with cold sweat. He feels like he had always been lead by this girl by the nose the whole time!

Murong Ai licks her lips and asks with a lot of enticement, “Right, brother-in-law husband, just now didn’t you say that you wish to become stronger?”

“What is your intention?”

In Li Fan’s eyes, this beauty is a beautiful female snake!

“Brother-in-law husband saying it like this really makes this one very sad ah…”

Murong Ai wipes her eyes and it seems like there are real tears, “This one really admire brother-in-law husband ah, and really wish to help brother-in-law husband to become even stronger…”

Murong Ai mutters in her heart, you this pervert is powerful enough already okay! You also possess a Pure Yang Body. Last time when you crossed palm, you fainted for 3 days while my dad had got inner injuries and is still behind closed-door until now! Just what kind of beast are you this fellow….

“Could it be that you have some mystical arts to pass to me?”

Li Fan cannot help but be touched, “For example 18 Subduing Dragon palm, Buddha Palm and the likes?”

“Of course not…it is even stronger than those kinds of things…”

Murong Ai thinks rapidly, “This is the secret of my Murong Family ah…but brother-in-law is also not an outsider, could it be that big sister did not tell you?”

“What secret?”

“Aiyah…looks like big sister does not really like brother-in-law husband ah…why don’t brother-in-law husband marry me instead. This one really love you from the bottom of my heart ah!”

Li Fan’s heartbeat speeds up, this girl…definitely is a source of calamity! If it was in the Shang Dynasty, she will definitely be a damn alike Daji. She will definitely dupe King Zhou into hovering between life and death! But the main requirement is that King Zhou needs to like flat chest first!

[TL: Daji is the concubine of the last Shang Dynasty Emperor]

“Brother-in-law husband…this one had heard that you possess the Pure Yang body right?”

Murong Ai lightly hooks her finger at Li Fan, “While this one…possess a Pure Yin body. If the two of us dual cultivate together, our strength will increase rapidly!”

What she said indeed makes Li Fan moved! Dual, dual cultivation is it? It sounds rather nice….spits, what am I thinking about, Li Fan ah Li Fan, you just block the sugarcoated bomb from the enemy, beauty trap!

“Sister-in-law, what kind of person do you take me as?”

Li Fan immediately righteously rejects her. But Murong Ai steps forward and hugs him, pressing against his body. That warm and soft body entering his embrace causes Li Fan’s heart to speed up while his mind is in a mess. While Murong Ai stretches out her hand in a place where Li Fan is unable to see, opening her fingers like an eagle claw.

But Li Fan actually pushes her away again making Murong Ai very angry. This fellow is really not straight forward at all!

“We cannot like this…this is **!”

Li Fan turns his head away and looks at the pot flowers on the window edge and mutters, “You are my sister-in-law…”


Murong Ai’s expression turns gloomy completely opposite of her earlier lovable manner.

She raises her palm as she walks towards Li Fan step by step. Her footsteps are like a cat not letting out any sound!

Her palm carries a black qi like she is using some sinister claw martial arts! This is the Thousand Spider Ten Thousand Poison Hand that she had secretly learned, if her big sister learns about it, she will definitely beat her to death!

Hmph, hmph, Pure Yang Body, this miss shall impolitely receive it!

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 19  [Thousand Spider Ten Thousand Poison Hand]

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