Chapter 18    [Competing techniques is it?]


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Murong Ying’s father is called Murong Bo. The moment he speaks finish, a graceful gongzi walks in from the side door. He is wearing a dark purple brocade clothing and holding a delicate jade fan in his hand.

By the side, Li Fan watches and mutters in his heart, who is this white face ah?

“Obedient ah, this one is the gongzi that I want to introduce to you.”

Murong Bo clucks as he is about to introduce him, Murong Ying cuts him off with a black face, “Father…can you call daughter’s name in front of outsiders?”

“Alas, daughter had grown up and do not want dad anymore..”

“You….do as you wish…”

Li Fan seems to see that Murong Ying also is unable to do anything about her father!

“Miss Murong, this one had admired you for a long time.”

The white face waves his fan and smiles merrily towards Murong Ying, “This one is the descendant of Dark Star Qiu Family, Qiu Wuhen. When Miss Murong marries in, this one will definitely treat you with mutual respect and take good care of Miss Murong.”

“See, see, what a good kid!”

Murong Bo wipes away a tear, “I will be relief leaving Obedient to you.”

“I do not consent to this marriage.”

Murong Ying resolutely rejects, “Father, daughter is no longer a 3 years old kid who needs father to decide everything for me!”

“You, you have grown up already and do not want dad anymore?”

Li Fan wipes away his sweat, what the heck, this move again! Is this old foggy done or not?

“No matter what father says, this matter, must be daughter who has the final say.”

Murong Ying persist making Li Fan touched in his heart, indeed this girl have feelings for me. Really did not waste the effort of living together for a month ah!

“Li Fan is the husband that daughter had chosen. If you wish to interfere with daughter’s marriage, then first defeat Li Fan!”

What the heck!!!

Li Fan nearly cries out, so she has this thought ah!

“Oh, so you also bring the person back?”

Murong Bo looks at Li Fan, making Li Fan hold back his retort, you then now pretend to see me is it?

“How can this fellow who is a nobody match up to my Obedient!”

Murong Bo’s mouth twitches, “I will not recognize this son-in-law!”

“My husband, I choose myself.”

Murong Ying stares firmly at her father, “Qin Wuhen, if you wish to marry me, you must first defeat the husband that I had chosen!”

“As you wish, Miss Murong!”

Qin Wuhen glance at Li Fan before closing his jade fan and points at him saying, “Little fellow, for the sake of Miss Murong’s face, I shall cut off an arm of yours and let you live!”

Speaking finish he springs forward. As light as a feather uses qinggong, he instantly reaches in front of Li Fan, “Dealing with you, there is no need to use my family’s Dark Star Finger!”

When he speaks finish, his jade fan jab towards Li Fan’s acupuncture point three times.

Li Fan gasps in pain as he half kneels down while Qiu Wuhen’s fan press onto his head.

“Weak, really is too weak.”

Qin Wuhen sneers, “Say it, which leg you no longer want?”

“One after another…really looking down on people!”

Li Fan’s rage starts burning from the bottom of his heart. His entire world seems to slow down while Qiu Wuhen’s laughter also slowed down.

He suddenly shakes as the qi in his dantain seems to had erupt out flooding his meridians!

Powerful qi knocks Qiu Wuhen back by three steps!

“What is this situation?”

He is slightly shocked, I am an expert from Dark Star Qiu Family, how can I be knocked away by a nobody?!

While Li Fan stands up slowly. His entire aura had changed. Currently, he opens his arms and ferociously claps his hand together, giving the feeling of ample strength! That kind of sturdy feeling making Qiu Wuhen feels like what that is standing in front of him is not a human but a bear!

5 animal mimicry, Bear form!

Qiu Wuhen blanks out slightly, “What, what is this?”

“Is your grandpa!”

Li Fan leaps forward as his fists carry the power of his leap and smash onto Qiu Wuhen. Qiu Wuhen raises his jade fan and subconsciously block above his head.


Qiu Wuhen’s jade fan breaks as he also flipped. His head smashes fiercely onto the floor causing the floor to crack. If it is not for his body protecting qi, perhaps his head would have broke.

“This fellow…”

Even Murong Bo is also shocked. This Qiu Family kid’s strength is not back but actually got slapped down by him? Furthermore, this is 5 animal mimicry right…it seems like a low-grade external kungfu ah!

“Scumbag! You infuriated me!”

Qiu Wuhen slaps the ground with his left hand as he shoots to his feet. Two of his fingers instantly points towards Li Fan. It seems like something had shot out from his fingers!

{Be careful! It is Dark Star Finger!}

Murong Ying immediately transmits to Li Fan while a formless qi attack pierces through Li Fan’s shoulder causing blood to fly out. Li Fan had never experienced this kind of pain before like it had deeply penetrated into his bone marrow!

“Just an insignificant person! And you actually dare to injure my perfect face!”

Qiu Wuhen touches the injury on his face and he almost screeches as he says, “I am going to kill you!”

While Li Fan grits his teeth and bears the pain. His brows crease tightly as he uses his qi to seal up his injury. This Dark Star Finger is a bit like Six Vien God Sword ah.

[TL: Six Vein God Sword is a technique from Demigod and Semidevil a decent novel that was turned into a tv show with multiple retakes of it. Year 2003 and Year 2013 had different endings due to backlash from readers who don’t prefer the 2003 ending, thus the author rewrite the novel returning in 2013 ending. But personally, my favorite is 2003 ending.]

“Dark Star Guiding Path!”

The fingers of Qiu Wuhen keeps jabbing towards Li Fan, the slender qi pierces the air and shoot towards the acupuncture points of Li Fan.

While Li Fan’s blood flow speeds up as his vision slows down allowing him to clearly see the incoming qi attacks.

Li Fan brushes by the qi attacks and charges along the gaps between and reaches in front of Qiu Wuhen.

“Not possible!”

Qiu Wuhen does not dare to believe in his own eyes while Li Fan had already raised a palm and slapped onto Qiu Wuhen’s chest.

“Black Bear Slapping Door!”

This palm carries the 11 years of zhenqi that he had obtained from Murong Ying. It heavily sends Qiu Wuhen flying.

A proud smile appears for the first time on Murong Ying’s mouth. While Murong Bo suddenly stretches out his hand and grabs hold of Qiu Wuhen and trembles. The energy on his body instantly got neutralize as Murong Bo sighs.

“Useless ah, strong appearance but weak in reality.”

“Father this proves that daughter did not choose the wrong person.”

“Obedient ah….but father, in the end, does not fancy this guy! He is just trash who is destined to achieve nothing! How can he fit to be my Murong Bo’s son-in-law!”

“Don’t be too much!”

Li Can is unable to take it, “For what reason it is up to you to decide my life?!”

“Just base on the fact that you are stupid!”

Murong Bo says impolitely, “My daughter is the Martial Alliance Head! You? What do you count as!”

“Isn’t it just Martial Alliance Head, I will just be it for you to see!”

Murong Bo’s eyes suddenly widen as he slaps out a palm towards Li Fan.

“If you have the ability to talk big then first eat this palm of mine!”


Murong Ying is stun while within Li Fan’s dantian, the zhenqi that he had obtained from Murong Ying starts gathering and congested in his palm.

“Black Bear Slapping Door”

Li Fan and Murong Bo’s palm clashes against each other as an enormous force charges towards Li Fan. Li Fan’s sight instantly turns dark and after which he does not know what happened.

Being a son-in-law…is indeed really not easy ah…

This thought flashes across Li Fan’s mind before he completely fainted.

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 18  [Competing techniques is it?]

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