Chapter 17    [Father Xianglin]


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Murong Ai’s expression changes like she is about to rage. But at that instant, she calms down as a smile reappears on her face, while she charmingly gives Li Fan a coquettish look.

Everything is all signs of danger!

“If you rub it would it become bigger…that will need to rely on you ah, husband…”

This call of husband is too silky already!

“Stop fantasizing already. Airport is unable to massage big one.”

Li Fan hit the nail on the head making Murong Ai’s mouth to twitch obvious. She is enduring it, she definitely is enduring it! Li Fan mutters apprehensive, let’s see how much you can endure it!

“If really cannot…then I can for you, take a Macrolane jab…”

[TL: basically it is for breast enhancement]

When Murong Ai is speaking her voice clearly carries a bit of vibrato.

“Cannot, cannot. The feeling will be completely different!”

Li Fan shakes his head, “Fake shall be fake cannot become real!”


Li Fan senses a dense killing intent, that’s right, quickly explode and reveal your real objective!

“Gu-ye? Gu-ye? Are you done with your bath?”

From outside of the door comes the shout of Tie Zhu.

“Next time…I will definitely make you marry me!”

Speaking finish Murong Ai puts on a shirt and leaps out from a window by the side.

“What is going on…”

Li Fan is completely at a loss, this Murong Family is really not normal ah!

Did their entire family eat the wrong medication? Could it be that the psychology of rich people all have a problem?

At this moment Tie Zhu pushes the door open and walks in to see Li Fan’s naked body standing there. Her face instantly turns red as she turns around covering her face while shaking her waist, “So, so ashamed! I have seen something that I should not see!”

“See your sister!”

Li Fan nearly collapses mentally, what are you being fucking shy for!

“Gu-ye…I, I place your clothing there…it is almost time..”

“Enough, enough. Place it there and hurry and leave!”

“Gu-ye…I’ll be waiting for you at the entrance…hehehe…”

Hehe, your head!

Why the time Li Fan walks into the large residence with Tie Zhu, Murong Ying, who is standing by the door, her eyes brighten up.

Currently, Li Fan is wearing black martial attire which is quite fitting. It really gives Li Fan a kind of martial artist temperament. After all, there is that saying, ‘People rely on clothing while Buddha relies on gold’ the ancient does not lie ah.

Li Fan feels uncomfortable being stared at by Murong Ying, “What are you looking at? Is there something on my face?”

“When did I look at you?”

Murong Ying calmly looks at the sky, “I am only looking at the good weather today.”

Li Fan considers a bit before deciding to tell Murong Ying about the matter, “Believe you your head…right, just now I seem to have seen your younger sister.”

“Oh? Where did you meet?”

“On the way.”

Li Fan says softly, “Anyways…she attacks me. Grabbing some water droplets and what she tosses out is ice needles. What kungfu is that?”

Murong Ying’s complexion instantly changes and turns heavy. Her expression is ugly, “That is a sinister martial art, how will my Murong Family people know such things!”

Speaking finish she glares at Li Fan fiercely, “Don’t anyhow speak again, otherwise I shall cut your tongue!”

What the fuck, this pair of sisters, one likes to dig out people’s eyes, the other like to cut people’s tongue! Really is of the same temperament ah!

“Don’t make my father wait too long, let’s go in.”

As Murong Ying speaks, she pushes open the door and walks in. This large residence is very clear, a set of mahogany furniture as well as interesting antiques which are clearly not ordinary articles.

In the large residence, the feng shui had been checked quite thoroughly. It is very square and on the ceiling beam coils a white snake. Li Fan had heard before from old people saying that in the past, in every house of the courtyard of a famous family, they like to raise a snake nest. This snake represents strong of coins. If one day the snake leave the house, it means that this family’s house is going to collapse.

The inside of the house is not small at all. A middle-aged guy wearing white martial arts clothing is standing in the center of the house. He is slowly performing a sword dance. His sword dance does not have the kind of quick like wind and thunder feeling. Instead, it is more like cultivating the body and spirit, it is very simple and elegant.

When the male is swinging about his sword, Murong Ying did not speak as she pulls Li Fan and stands to the side to wait. All the way until the man passes the sword to the servant by the side and picks up the towel to wipe off his sweat. Only then did she raises her head.

“Alas, old already. Just a few moves and already started sweating.”

“Father is still as vigorous as before, without a peer.”

Murong Ying silently uses her elbow to push Li Fan. Li Fan immediately react. As he is panicking and a bit nervous, he immediately cups his hands and says, “Wish big brother to be eternal and unify the world”

Black lines appear on Murong Ying’s forehead, Li Fan also is almost about to cry, really is what the fuck ah! Why did I become anxious and bring up the dialogue of Undefeatable Eastern ah!

But the middle-aged man ‘s expression is still considered as unperturbed. When he sees his daughter, he mumbles, “Be obedient ah…why did you leave the house for so many days. You see you had become skinny, quickly let papa hug…”

This time round, sweats appear on Li Fan’s forehead. What the, is this a top expert? It this obviously a daughter-con?!

“Father…I am quite well…I am no longer a kid…”

Murong Ying is clearly slightly awkward as she coughs drily. While the middle-aged man immediately wipes his tears, “Obedient ah, your mother had died young. Back then I on my own had to be a father and mother and bring you up. Right now you are so old already, you dislike dad already is it, find me troublesome already right. Now you don’t want dad already…”

“Lord father…I really do not have this intention…”

The black lines on Murong Ying’s forehead increases. After all Li Fan is still here, perhaps she is a bit unable to take it.

“Father…Li Fan is still here.”


The middle-aged man’s gaze lands on Li Fan. At that instant, Li Fan feels like he had fallen entered an icehouse. A type of horror pervades out from the bottom of his heart.

This man…so scary…he only looks at me at the instantly and his body instantly erupts out with the feeling on an expert!

But he only glances at Li Fan before warmly looks at his daughter and says, “Obedient ah, dad had helped you arranged a marriage. It is very suitable for you.”

The middle-aged man keeps calling his daughter pet name making Li Fan feel very uncomfortable. This obedient nickname how does it suit Murong Ying ah!

“Father, I had already chosen my husband.”

Murong Ying immediately says, “Hope that father will respect my daughter’s wish.”

“Obedient ah, your mother had died early. Back then I alone had to be both father and mother and bring you up. Right now you are so old already, you find dad long-winded already, annoy, no longer willing to listen to what dad says already…”

Li Fan wipes away his cold sweat, this middle-aged man, is his nickname Sister-in-law Xianglin ah…

“Father…daughter do not dare to…”

Murong Yin is also very awkward while the middle-aged man waves his hand, “Little Zheng ah, quickly come out and meet my daughter.”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 17  [Father Xianglin]

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