Chapter 16    [Not as big as hers]


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Li Fan blinks as he looks at the girl’s innocent naked body and swallows his saliva.

“Tie Zhu….did you undergo huge changes ah?”

But…this is basically not possible right!

Li Fan originally thought that the beauty in front of him would fly into a terrible rage, but unexpectedly she only smiles sweetly.

“You only have to choices. Either you marry me or die.”

“Ah! Then I choose to marry you!”

Li Fan without any hesitation chooses what he thought was the most correct choice. But the beauty opposite only smiles sweetly, “Then as you wish, go and die!”

The beauty covers her chest with one hand while the other hand grabs the hot pool water beside and toss towards Li Fan.

The water droplets actually transform into ice needles which shoot towards Li Fan’s acupuncture points! What is this kungfu? Li Fan did not have time to think. He leans backward and plops into the pool water, dodging the ice arrows!

“You think that you are able to escape?”

The beauty says fiercely, “Even if I kill you, this miss shall also dig out your eyes!”

“You are too ruthless already!”

Li Fan pops out from the deeper end of the pool water by the side. I must say…this beauty’s figure is not bad.

“Didn’t we agree to get married?”

“After you had died, this miss shall burn the photo for you.”

The beauty smiles innocently, “You can close your eyes in death and die contently.”

“Why don’t you consider a while seriously?”

“Then let’s consider a while…okay I had decided to kill you!”

Speaking finish the beauty sends several ice needle flying over. This time round the number is a bit large. Li Fan immediately grabs a towel by the side and swings it out, instantly wrapping the ice needles together.

“Return back to you!”

Speaking finish, Li Fan shakes the bath towel. He sends his zhenqi into the bath towel causing the water droplets on it to shoots all over the place. Those ice needles were also sent back to where they came from. The beauty got a shock. She uses a familiar movement technique as her body lightly lean to the side and prepares to dodge those ice needles.

But at this moment, she slips. With a cry of shock, she slips into the pool water.

The beauty cries out in fear like she had slipped quite badly. It can’t be that she chokes on the water right? Don’t die ah! Today I am going to meet my father-in-law, not here to kill people ah, if something bad happens that would be bad!

Li Fan immediately runs forward wanting to help the beauty up. While the beauty lies in the water, almost completely exposed naked in front of Li Fan. This kind of scene is frequently seen in the tv…but in reality who would have experienced such beautiful scenery before! Li Fan immediately is able it unable to take it and starts thinking, should I molest or not!

He struggles to move his eyes away but at this moment, a chilling wind blows across. The beauty sneers as her jade-like hands slap towards Li Fan’s face.

Li Fan’s face starts to have a prickly sensation as he basically subconsciously move sideways. Thus, in the end, the slap firmly hits his shoulder!

A surge of chilling qi enters his body! At that instantly Li fan feels like he had his body had entered a world of ice and snow. His entire body turns cold and at that instantly stiffen! But at the same time, a surge of warm zhenqi surges out from his dantian. It is like a defender which is protecting it’s own country. It fiercely chases away the cold qi and in a blink of an eye chases the cold qi out of his body!

From Li Fan’s body faint white clouds emerge. Seeing the surrounding water, they had already frozen into ice crystals and congregate together!


The beauty had already stood up from the pool water. At the same time, she wraps herself with a bath towel. Currently, there is a trace of shock in her gaze. After taking my Heart Scattering Ice Palm he actually came out unscathed?

“Just who on earth are you?”


The cold qi in Li Fan had already completely being expelled from his body. His body is still emitting steam, “I am called Li Fan.”

“Li Fan?”

The beauty’s eyebrow raises gracefully. She suddenly smiles sweetly before walking in front of Li Fan, causing Li Fan to retreat subconsciously a few steps.

“Aiyah what are you afraid of,” the beauty licks her lips. “Are you afraid that I would eat you up until no bones are left?”

“Stop joking around blindly!”

Li Fan feels like he is slightly hyperemia. This woman is too dangerous already! She is a ** who can smiles sweetly while killing me!

“When did I ah, we are all family member ah, brother-in-law…”

This call of brother-in-law penetrates into the bones making people feel soft. Li Fan retreats two steps and cannot help but become agitated, “What, what did you call me?”

“Brother-in-law ah!”

The beauty says sweetly, “Just now I had misunderstood you ah…little aunt is half the wife of brother-in-law’s what…so what if you had seen.”

What the, what is this theory! Li Fan cannot toast her! But this beauty…if we look at the face carefully, she is indeed 3 parts similar to Murong Ying! But their character is completely different, are they really blood sisters?

“I’m called Murong Ai ah…is the younger sister ah….if you do not believe, brother-in-law you come and kiss.”

Murong Ai’s shyness is complete without limit. Which is completely heaven and earth different from her previous manner!

Li Fan’s heart starts pitapatting. Just what is going ah on, isn’t this the storyline that a brother-in-law cannot have?

Murong Ai gently steps forward and leans against Li Fan’s still warm chest she says softly, “Brother-in-law…your choice earlier…I wish to change it a bit ah…”

“Sister-in-law…please, please conduct yourself with dignity!”

A sister-in-law who is offers herself…this kind of matter is really not a dream? Wrong…it definitely must be a pitfall!

Li Fan looks at the beauty covered with a bath towel, another kind of scene appears in his head.

An upper body beauty while the lower body is a spider monster which appears in the novel. Fixing me onto a web, making me unable to move!

Li Fan basically subconsciously push Murong Ai away, “Please conduct yourself with dignity. Actually, I am a very traditional guy!”

“Brother-in-law….I had already been completely seen by you…”

Murong Ai is slightly shy as she says, “Actually…we are all Murong Family daughter. You marrying elder sister or marrying me, isn’t it all the same?”

Murong Ai says as she winks at Li Fan, “Furthermore, you see…I am younger than elder sister, prettier than her…and even more tender isn’t that so?”

What the heck…Murong Ai’s every sentence is like an arrow stabbing into Li Fan’s heart. Talking about beauty…this pair of sisters is indeed around the same, each one had its own merits…but the sister is clearly younger, her height also seems to be taller…her legs longer…can not ah, Li Fa, you have a leg fetish ah, the most favorite is long legs…if this goes on, wouldn’t you be falling into the trap?

There definitely must a place where she is inferior to Murong Ying! As a martial artist shouldn’t I be an expert in observing people?

Li Fan’s fiery gaze size her up and down. Not only did Murong Ai did not avoid, instead she arrogant prop up her chest.

Li Fan’s eyes suddenly brighten up, “Right! You have a point that is inferior to your big sister!”

“How is that possible, where am I inferior to my big sister…”

“Your breasts! They are not as big as hers!”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 16  [Not as big as hers]

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