Chapter 15    [Bath alone]


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Runaway from home? Which person who ran away from home would bring along butlers and bodyguards?! Is this big miss making fun of me?!

“Actually you also cannot blame my father.”

Murong Ying signs softly, “It is just that he had arranged a marriage for me. Although both sides are well-match in terms of status but I did not agree. Alas, what era is this already to actually be so feudalism? As a woman of the new society, naturally, I overcome this kind of completely evil feudalism!”

Are you even qualified to even say such kind of things, quickly apologize to the current society!

Li Fan’s entire face is covered in tears, this Niang-zi of mine is definitely double standard!

“Anyways there is no need for you to be too worried. My father is an affable person. Although when he was young he was nicknamed Living Yama, right now his temper had really changed a lot. At the very least he will not anyhow beat a person up savagely. We are married now, you need to believe me.”

I believe you your head! Have you seen before an affable Living Yama before?

Li Fan wants to cry but has no tears, isn’t this sending myself up to meet heaven?

“Especially after know that I am able carrying your flesh and blood, he should regard you even more important.”

Murong Ying continues to comfort Li Fan, “He is a person who likes kids a lot. In the past when I was young, when a guy touches my hand, he will kindly break that person’s arm. My father is really loving and protective of children. When he knows that I have a baby, he will definitely be very happy.”

This is called loving and protecting of children? Breaking a person’s arm is call benevolent? Isn’t this a damn daughter-con?!

Li Fan’s little heart is already unable to take it. Gods ah if you want me to die, can’t you just let me die in peace? Why do you want to bitterly torture me!

“Relax, you will definitely survive one.”

Murong Ying pulls out a small bottle from her pocket. “Inside here is my Murong Family’s Golden Injury Medicine. I guarantee that it is able to join your broken arms and legs together.”

What the heck even broken arms and legs also come out! Are you for real!

Li Fan’s little heart had already stopped a few times.

“Ah, we reached.”

The car finally stopped and Tie Zhu open the car door for the two of them.

In front is an enormous, Chinese style mansion house. In front of the door stand two rows of bodyguards. It is even more imposing than the one in front of Li Fan’s house. A row has 30+ people, from the door of the house to the car.

Li Fan looks at the three large words on the board hanging above the door. Murong Residence. (慕容府).

The three large words are bold and vigorous. Like dragon and Phoenix and is clearly written by an expert.

“What an imposing mansion…”

Li Fan cannot help but be deeply moved. Tie Zhu who is standing by the side says proudly, “Replying Gu-ye, Murong Family is the very well-known family in the martial arts family! There is a popular saying in the jiang-hu which is ‘Northern Murong and Southern Sima, million beggars rule the world. All martial arts enter Shaolin, Wudang Taiji sweeps Bagua’.”

“You wait a bit!”

Li Fan ask, “Isn’t it all martial arts come from Shaolin? Why it enter Shaolin here?”

“That is a misinterpreting.”

Tie Zhu explains a bit, “Because during the Yuan Dynasty, martial arts were forbidden. While Shaolin was highly regarded by the emperor of that current era. To hide from the world, a lot of experts deposit their martial arts into Shaolin. Thus there are the world martial arts entering Shaolin this saying.”

“So that is the case…”

Li Fan nods his head, “I did not learn about this period of history before.”

“What are you dawdling for. Hurry and enter, don’t make my father anxious from waiting.”

Murong Ying says softly, “Although he is amiable, he does not have patience.”

Amiable your ass!

Li Fan wishes to ridicule but seeing the tall and sturdy bodyguards in the surrounding he holds it in.

In other people territory, it is better to be low-profile.

“Respectfully welcome big miss back home!”

With the nearly 80 people shouting, it shocked Li Fan. Good fellow, a large family is indeed different.

“Let us go.”

Murong Ying takes the initiative to stretch out her hand and holds hand with Li Fan before bringing him to walk into the Murong Residence.

Along the way, although Murong Ying request Li Fan to be a bit calmer, but he still cannot help but keep looking around. Everywhere are pavilions and kiosks, furthermore, it is a circle encasing another, going on forever! Li Fan silently counted a bit, he had entered around 10 courtyards already. Murong Residence has hills and water like a place where the emperor’s relatives stay in in the ancient times.

Murong Family indeed is very wealthy ah, am I considered as climbing up a tall branch? No, a guy must be able to support both heaven and earth, what kind of ability does living off a woman count as!

Li Fan silently decided, so what if this Murong Family is super wealthy, I will definitely not spend a single bit of their money!

[TL: lols you had already spent their money already. Whose money do you think that you are consuming for your daily meals? By the way, a real martial artist has to eat quite a bit for every meal.]

“Gu-ye this way please.”

Walking halfway, Li Fan got stopped by Tie Zhu.

“You go and take a bath and change your clothing. You cannot go and meet my father like this.”

Murong Ying points at the dirty school uniform that Li Fan is wearing, “I will be waiting for you in Gathering Fragrant Garden.”


It is indeed not quite suitable to meet father-in-law in my current clothing.

Li Fan can only first follow Tie Zhu and walks into another courtyard by the side. In front is only an enormous room, above hangs ‘Jade Dragon Pond’ this three words.

Tie Zhu stands by the door and points at the room and says to Li Fan respectfully, “Gu-ye, please take a bath and change your clothing inside.”


Isn’t it just taking a bath, is there a need to make it so formal?

Li Fan pushes open the door and walks in and instantly stare blankly. Is this a public bath?

In the room, there is a 100 m large pool. On the sides of the wall, dragon heads faucet were carved which spits water towards the pool. While by the two sides of the pool stands over ten beautiful female servants. Seeing Li Fan walking in, they swarm forward.

“Gu-ye, let me help you take off your clothing.”

“Gu-ye, let me help you massage your back.”

“Gu-ye, I can help to wash you clean.”

I the heck….what is going on! Is this a public bath or heaven ah!

Li Fan’s cheek is streaming with tears, I actually have this kind of treatment? Something is wrong…where did my moral integrity a while ago go! Li Fan, you must block the enemy artillery shell of the fairer sex!

“All, all of you get out! I wash myself!”

Li Fan bears with his pain as he chases all of the pretty female servants out, but it is still a person bathing alone much more relaxing ah…

Li Fan swiftly removes his clothing. As he reminisces of those pretty female servant, he walks into the warm pool of water. A person soaking in such a large place is indeed very wasteful. Alas, I also wish that there will be a day I would be able to wake up from a hundred thousands meter square large bed ah….and then on the bed are all pretty harem….tsk, tsk, a guy indeed must be a bit ambitious.

At this moment Jade Dragon Pond’s door is pushed open. Li Fan’s heart is slightly moved, could it be that those female servants are coming back. Forget it, it is hard for them to work hard as well, this time round let’s just give them a chance to perform…

Li Fan carries the heart of sacrificing as he turns around. In the end, he sees Tie Zhu who is wrapped with a towel walking in. What the fuck ah, the towel is about to explode from bracing the muscles ah!

“Gu-ye, I know that those rough hands and legs girl will not be able to attend to you, thus I personally came…”

“Come your sister! I do not like bathing together with other people!”

Li Fan almost want to cry, “All of you get out, stay far away from me! I don’t want anyone within a hundred meters from here!”

“Yes, Gu-ye!”

Tie Zhu is slightly regretful as she leaves, she is also muttering, “My tui na is also very good one…”

No matter how good it is also useless! Damn it this is a female demoness ah!

After Tie Zhu had walked far away, Li Fan finally lets out a sigh of relief and bath in the pool in ease. Not to mention soaking this way, the fatigue of the entire day is gone. The life of a rich person is indeed good ah…such a large pool, is also enough for swimming.

Li Fan’s playing heart emerges as he pinches his nose and sinks to the bottom of the water, diving into the water.

At this moment Li Fan sees a pair of large legs striding into the pool and he instantly becomes angered. This Tie Zhu, is she done or not?


He cuts open the water surface and wipe away the water droplets on his face and shouts angrily, “Tie Zhu, didn’t I ask you….”

In front of him is a naked beauty staring at him with clear black and white pupils. She looks at Li Fan with slight horror.

Li Fan is stunned, it seems….like something is wrong ah…

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 15  [Bath alone]

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