Chapter 14    [Meet Father-in-law]


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Li Fan is stun, what is going on, am I please to be a dad?

“Murong Ying, don’t mess around!”

“Who is messing around?”

Murong Ying knits her eyebrows gently and looks at Li Fan uncomfortably, “Li Fan. As a man, shouldn’t you be responsible for what you did?”

“Of course need to be responsible ah…wait a minute, but I did not do anything ah! Whose child are you pregnant with?”

Li Fan is about to fall apart, just whose child is Murong Ying pregnant with? Could it be that she wants me to pick-up hero?

[TL: basically it means a guy who does not care about his wife’s messy past including her past abortion, marriage, child]

“Of course it is yours!”

Murong Ying basically shouts out as her voice increase by an octave. Tie Zhu also got frightened as she turns around and takes a glance. Murong Ying’s face is completely red, after that outburst, she finally calms down before saying to Li Fan, “Other than you, who else could it be? Could it be that in your heart, I am a fickle woman?”

“But….how are you so sure that you are pregnant?”

“Today I keep having the urge to vomit…the medical book written that this is the sign for pregnancy.”

Seeing Murong Ying’s serious looking expression, Li Fan’s head is completely covered with black lines, “Big sister ah, that is because you had eaten wrong stuff! We did not do that yet, how is it possible for you to get pregnant!”

“Still not admitting. Did you forget you touched my chest!”

“What the heck, if touching chest will get you married, would China still need to be open-minded about second pregnancy? The entire streets would have been covered with children already okay!”

This woman, did she learn before physiology general knowledge or not ah!

“Big miss. Touching chest indeed will not get pregnant!”

At this moment Tie Zhu suddenly interrupts, “My grandmother told me before about this matters!”

“You see, at least Tie Zhu knows about this!”

Li Fan finally lets out a sigh of relief, nearly got delighted at becoming a father ah.

“So it is like this?”

Murong Ying asks thoughtfully, “Then how can I get pregnant?”

“I know, I know!”

Tie Zhu immediately showcases her knowledge while Li Fan becomes nervous, asking such kind of question here…is not too good right?

“My grandmother says that kissing will then get pregnant.”

“So that is the case…husband, then I am really pregnant.”


Li Fan is really about to collapse, did the two of them come from Mars? Quickly go back to Mars, earth is very dangerous!

“Okay, okay. If you are really pregnant, I will definitely take responsibility and be a good father!”

“Mm, considered as you are responsible.”

Only then is Murong Ying satisfied, before gently touching her flat stomach with the radiance of a mother all over her face, “Then what name should we call the baby..if it is a guy, let’s call him Murong Hero, if it is a girl let’s call her Murong Jinguo.”

What the heck, you actually even thought of the child’s name already! Furthermore why is their surname Murong ah! Forget it, what is the point of me debating over these with her…

Thought Li Fan gloomily.

Murong Ying suddenly pretends to say carelessly, “Right…since you had already become a father, don’t anyhow fool around with other girls.”

Li Fan cries out feeling wronged, “What? When did I fool around with other girls ah, you really are accusing me wrongly ah!”

“As a guy, you must have the courage to accept the consequences of his actions.”

Murong Ying touches her stomach and sighs faintly, “Alas, baby, your father is a person who does not dare to take responsibility ah. He actually thought that mother does not know about the matter of him giving another girl a slip of paper to ask her out…”

What the heck, this girl is about to become psycho already!

“Niang-zi you are accusing me wrongly ah. I did not pass her that paper ah, it is Wang Xiaoyuan who gave it to me ah! Furthermore, I also did not do anything. When I reached there I fought against Liao Bing!”

“Ah?” Murong Ying raises her eyebrow, “Who won?”

“What the are you not concern about your husband’s body at all?”

“Baby ah. As a man, your father is actually afraid of pain.”

“Oi, oi, oi, that’s enough from you!”

Li Fan is about to become crazy, “I won!”

“That is more like it.” Murong Ying nods her head, “Considered as you meet the standard requirement then.”

“What the, then what if I had lost?!”

“Can’t even defeat an admirer, then you are not worthy of being my Murong Ying’s husband!”

Li Fan does not know whether to cry or laugh, this Murong Ying, isn’t she a bit too assertive. This woman, perhaps she does not know what is call gentle ah!

“Seeing that you had won, then I will not take in account of you having an affair this matter. If there is a next time, then I shall make you unable to be a man.”

Mother ah who is having an affair! Too slandering already.

Li Fan really has unspeakable bitter suffering.

Can lose person cannot lose formation. Definitely cannot let Murong Ying press down on my head!

“Niang-zi what you say is wrong.”

Li Fan suddenly says serious, “Like the sages say, if you wish for a man not to have an affair, at the very least you need to feed him full at him! At home, you did not feed me fully, and you still blame me for having an affair outside, isn’t this unreasonable?!”

“What never feed you full…”

Murong Ying is also not a muddled woman. After thinking for a bit she understands the meaning behind those words and her face instantly sinks. After which she says, “Didn’t you touched my chest already?”

“As a man, how can I be satisfied with just a mere touching of the chest!”

Li Fan says righteously, “Could it be that you have not heard of this saying, The bigger the heart, the larger the dance floor!”


Murong Ying feels like Li Fan is pestering endlessly but also does not know how to retort. She might as well turn her head and ignore him. Afterwards, she touches her stomach again.

“Baby…your father is a big **! You must never ever learn from him!”

What the, here she goes again!

“Eh? This isn’t the way back home ah!”

Li Fan realize that the direction where the car is driving in is wrong and the surrounding view is becoming more and more foreign and immediately says, “Tie Zhu, did you drive onto the wrong street?”

Tie Zhu says positively, “No ah, Gu-yu, it is this road not wrong ah!”

Li Fan looks at his fiance, “You want to capture me to where? Could it be that your beast natural had come out, and you want to sell me to a remote mountain to be other people’s child husband?”

“Dream on, only a blind girl would want you!”

Murong Ying feels likes she had scolded herself as well as and snorts.

“Niang-zi ah, then where on earth are we going? Can you tell your husband?”

“Going back home.”

Murong Ying adds on, “Return back to my maiden’s home, Murong Villa.”


Li Fan got stunned, is this going to meet my in-laws?

“Is there is any first of me to speak in the family? Such a big matter why did no one mention it to me?”

“What are you being so emotional for. I also just got to know of it at the last minute.”

Murong Ying rolls her eyes at Li Fan , “Even an ugly wife also need to meet her in-laws.”

“Right as well…wait a minute who is the ugly wife ah! Want is also you who meet my parents right?!”

“I had already met them.”

“This is not the important point okay? I am not prepared!”

Going to meet the in-laws, I am just a high school student how can I not be nervous!

“No worries, you don’t be nervous.”

Murong Ying comforts Li Fan, “My father only wishes to meet you that’s all. There will not anything much.”

“That is good then…”

“After all, he also wishes to know what kind of divine being is the male who is able to make his daughter run away from home.”

“So that is the case. Then I can relax….wait, what did you say?”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 13  [Meet Father-in-law]

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