Chapter 13    [Have a bad matter]


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5 animal mimicry consist of 5 stances, which is tiger, crane, ape, bear, and deer. When you are able to mimic a stance to the peak, only then would you be able to display the real might of 5 animal mimicry.

Currently, Li Fan is like a tiger descending from the mountain as he prowls on the ground. His eyes are glittering as he fixes his gaze of Liao Bing. Liao Bing is actually starting to feel nervous. He has a feeling like he is being eyed by a wild beast.

“What is there to be afraid of! Even if it is a real tiger, it is not like I had not fought one before!” Liao Bing corrected his state of mind, “What a bluff, today I shall let you be destroyed by my Rushing Thunder Palm!”

Speaking finish Liao Bing suddenly sweep in from an angle and uses Twin Peak Piercing Ear, slapping out two ferocious palms towards Li Fan’s ear.

But Li Fan’s expression is steady. His body actually once again press down and is like he is sprawling on the ground. The palm crushing by his hair and he dodges Liao Bing’s Twin Peak Piercing Ear just like this. At the same time, Li Fan’s hand scoop out grabbing Liao Bing’s arm. His fingers are like fangs forcibly pierce through Liao Bing’s arm and into his flesh!

Li Fan’s hands are like the enormous mouth of a tiger biting down on Liao Bing’s arm. The bone-piercing pain causes Liao Bing to cry out in pain. Li Fan’s body twists and fling his arms like a tiger flinging back its head, fling Liao Bing away and heavily crush a table into pieces.

“Hungry Tiger Leaving Cage!”

Li Fan spits out a breath of impure qi. His hands are still dripping blood and he looks like a ghastly sight.

“This is not Form-Intention Fist! What kungfu are you using?!”

Liao Bing climbs to his feet. He jabs his arm a few time and temporary stop the bleeding as he stares at Li Fan in shock.

“5 animal mimicry, tiger form.”

Li Fan’s blood is flowing swiftly but his body had entered a kind of cold state, his brain is incomparably cool-headed.

“5 animal mimicry? That body strengthening exercise? How is that possible!”

Liao Bing lets out a roar while Li Fan starts moving once again. In Liao Bing’s eyes, Li Fan is like a fierce tiger descending from the mountain. Li Fan is basically sticking to the ground as he runs. His speed is very quick and in 2-3 steps, he had already leap in front of Liao Bing. At the same time his hands are like tiger claws with a speedy attack they tore at Liao Bing’s chest.

Shirt, blood, and flesh fly all over the place. Liao Bing’s chest becomes badly mangled.

-Fierce Tiger Swing Tail-

Li Fan’s speedy attacks left Liao Bing with no power to retaliate. Finally, his right leg stands firmly as his waist send out strength. His entire body twist as his hands gather together like a tiger swinging out its tail fiercely whipping Liao Bing.

Liao Bing is like a kite with broken strings as he flies away, smashing through the window behind him and tumbles out of the window!

Li Fan changes to the side of the window and realizes that there is only a pool of blood downstairs while Liao Bing had already escaped to god knows where.

“Considered yourself to escape fast!”

Li Fan swings the blood off his hands while the surging blood in his body also calms down. I had really used the broadcasting gymnastic to defeat Liao Bing. Looks like this set of 5 animal mimicry is indeed powerful. Niang-zi did not lie to me ah!

Only then did Li Fan notice Liu Xiaoli and his brothers at the last row and ask, “Liu Xiaoli? What you are guys doing here?”

“Hahaha…we are hiding here to smoke..”

Liu Xiaoli is sweating while Li Fan asks again, “Then why are you guys holding a hoe for?”

“This…isn’t this to exercise the body, exercise the body…”

Speaking finish, Liu Xiaoli also pretend to wave it about a few times.

The surrounding hooligans also came to realize as they also imitate him and starts waving their hoes while saying all at once, “Right, right. We are all exercising our body together!”

“Brother Li! You cannot be like this ah, didn’t we agree to break his leg?”

Wang Qiang had been hiding behind a table, had only heard the messy fighting sound and did not see Li Fan displaying his might. He is still waiting for Li Fan to be beaten up. The moment he heard what Liu Xiaoli had said, he immediately cannot stand it and jumps out.

“Oh, isn’t this Wang Qiang ah, you are also here ah.”

Li Fan had already more or less understand what is going on. This Wang Qiang really like to set up things ah. I did not look for him and he comes and bothers me.

“Brother Li what are you still waiting for!”

Wang Qiang is anxious, “Attack ah, beat him up ah! Anything that is broken I pay for it!”

Liu Xiaoli says in his heart, what the fuck, it is me breaking him or him breaking me!

“I am just an ordinary student that’s all…how can I anyhow beat people ah…”

Liu Xiaoli coughs drily while Wang Qiang says anxiously, “Brother Li didn’t you say that Second High is your territory?”

“What the, those are all rumors that other people boasting about me that’s all!”

“Brother Li, what’s the matter with you ah, where did your killing style go?”

“Kill your sister ah, scram to the side!”

Liu Xiaoli kicks Wang Qiang to the side, this idiot, must hurry and stay far away from him.

“In future do not appear in front of me! Otherwise, every time I see you I shall beat you up once!”

Liu Xiaoli berates before turning around and smiles apologetically towards Li Fan, “Brother Fan…Fan-ye. We really are only working out our body ah. Please don’t believe what that idiot is saying ah!”

“Mm, you are a good kid. I believe you.”

Li Fan holds back his laughter, “Hurry and go back to study properly. In future don’t mingle around anymore. It is very dangerous.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Fan-ye lectures me rightly. In future, I will definitely study hard and improve daily!”

Liu Xiaoli brings his people and slips away while Wang Qiang is completely stunned. What is this situation, why is everything different from what I had imagined ah?

“Li Fan…that…I am also tricked m\by him to come here…wuwuwu…Wang Qiang this scumbag, he cheats my money and tricks me into having sex. you must give me justice ah….”

Wang Xiaoyuan by the side starts wiping her tears, nearly causing Wang Qiang to vomit out blood.

“Enough already. In future stay away from this scum.”

Li Fan knows in his heart but is also disincline to bicker with Wang Xiaoyuan. He gives Wang Qiang a ridiculing look before leaving the library. Luckily the library had already been abandon. Otherwise, after being destroyed like this I will definitely be punished.

All the way until the end of school, no one come and provoke Li Fan anymore allowing him to be peaceful.

Li Fan accidentally meets Murong Ying’s Bentley at the school entrance. Murong Ying is sitting in the car while Tie Zhu is standing in front of the car door. She bows towards Li Fan.

“Gu-ye, please get on the car.”


Li Fan is slightly shocked, did the sun rises from the west today? Murong Ying actually let me ride the car to go back home?

But such a good matter why would he not be willing. Li Fan obediently climbs into the Bentley. Really is a big girl on the sedan chair, the number 1!

“Niang-zi did you eat the wrong medicine today? To actually let me ride the car to go back home?”

Li Fan teases Murong Ying making her roll her eyes.

“You are then the one who ate the wrong medicine. Today there is a proper business.”

“What proper business ah?”

To be able to make Murong Ying such an inflexible person break her own rules, it is really inconceivable.

“First let’s talk about another matter…Li Fan….that… I today…”

“What is the matter with you? Stammering is not like you ah?”

Murong Ying had always been straight forward. Very seldom had he seen her stammering like now.

“When I say it out….you must be mentally prepared.”

“Okay, can you say it then. No matter what matter it is I can accept it.”

Could it be that she is going to break the engagement with me? Seeing her that hesitating manner, could it really be this matter? Also no wonder. Which beauty would want to date or marry me this kind of nobody ah? Forget it, let everything follow the wind.

“Li Fan….I….am pregnant….”

“Okay, I know already….wait a minute, what did you say?!?!?!?!”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 13  [Have a bad matter]

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