Chapter 11    [Fierce Tiger Descending the Mountain]


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Since young Li Fan had never received a woman’s letter before. This is really a one in a thousand-year chance. After training qilin arm for ten years, had it really reached the day when it burst out? Li Fan mutters in his heart, or could it be that my time had come and the fortunes have turned, is my luck with ladies going to start?

After the lessons, he went up to the 5th floor. The 5th floor is completely deserted. There were rumors of a female who hanged herself in that old library. Thus this is why this entire layer is basically discarded. Especially the library, normally no one would dare to go there. Why would Wang Xiaoyuan ask me out here to meet for? Could it be that she wants to ask me out? Not possible isn’t she Wang Qiang’s girl?

While Li Fan is guessing, he does not know that in the 5th-floor library, other than Wang Xiaoyuan, hidden behind a row of tables, there is also Wang Qiang and his people.

He is sitting together with a few famous hooligans in the school offering them cigarette one by one.

“Brothers today I shall be relying on you guys!”

What Wang Qiang giving out is the top grade Zhonghua. How it is possible for these hooligans to smoke such stuff before. All of them are smiling broadly as they pat their chest and says that they will help him complete the task.

“Wang Qiang ah, you relax. In Second High this place isn’t what I Xiaoli who have the final say!”

Liu Xiaoli had dyed his hair yellow as well as had a lip piercing done. He believes that with his piercing ideology philosophy the teachers will also be unwilling to care about him.

“Yes, yes, yes, Brother Li. Today you do it all the way! As for Li Fan, his arms or legs broken and the like, I pay for it! I shall be relying on brothers!”

Wang Qiang displays his rich second generation attitude while Liu Xiaoli slaps his leg, “Wang Qiang what you say is wrong. Are us brothers helping you just for the money? Coming out to mingle about is for the code of brotherhood! Don’t mention money, mentioning money harms feelings! Big Zhuang don’t you agree?”

He pats the burly guy by his side. That burly guy was still smoking happily, upon hearing his big brother calling him, he immediately nods his head, “Yes, yes, what Big Brother Li says is right!”


Liu Xiaoli immediately gives him a slap, “You fucking idiot ah! Talk properly!”

Only then did the burly guy react as he covers his face and says feeling wronged, “Ah, cannot ah Big Brother Li. If you talk about the code of brotherhood and we put in work, but us brothers cannot help for nothing ah!”

“You this fellow only recognize money!”

Liu Xiaoli is feeling resentful that his underlings do not meet up to expectations, “Wang Qiang you see, my brothers’ awareness is not as high as mine,”

“I feel that what he says is right. At that time, every one a thousand. Just take it and spend!”

Towards this group of students, a thousand is a big sum. Instantly all of their eyes turn green.

“Relax Wang Qiang. Today I guarantee to get rid of one of his legs! He thought that it is luck with picking up girls, today I shall let his chrysanthemum burst!”

“Big brother li…it should be peach blossom burst…”

“What the, do I need you to remind! Anyways both are flowers right, isn’t it both the same?”

Saying finish Liu Xiaoli pulls out a hoe. Seeing his sinister smile, the rest of the hooligans cannot help but hold their own ass, as they feel a chill going up their chrysanthemum.

They wait for Li Fan to enter and Li Fan did not disappoint them as he pulls open the door of the self-study classroom and walks in.

“Xiaoyuan you are looking for me for what matters?”

When Liu Xiaoli and his brothers hear the movement they immediately stand up from their hiding spot. Each of them looks very ferocious as they hold a hoe. Just as Liu Xiaoli is about to shout, at this moment the window by the side suddenly got crashed open. A guy wearing blue gown crashes in. He rolls on the ground once before standing up and shakes off the fragmented glass. He rushes towards Li Fan and scolds, “I had finally found you, you this turtle grandson!”

“What the, Liao Bing! why is it you again!”

Seeing this fellow, Li Fan’s head turns big. In just a month he had recovered from his injuries? This enthusiasm is a bit too high already right!

“You had snatched my wife, as long as I have a breath left, I am going to beat you to death!”

Liao Bing rolls up his sleep, revealing his palm-leaf size palm, “My injuries had already healed up. This time round I will not fall for your trap!”

Speaking finish Liao Bing sends out a palm towards Li Fan again. Li Fan knows how powerful is his Rushing Thunder Palm and he immediately uses Ape Steps and instantly reappears 3 meters away.


This palm of Liao Bing’s land on the wall leaving behind a shallow palm print. Scaring Liu Xiaoli and his brothers into taking a shocked gasp.

What the, what is going on. Are they making a movie?

“Did not see you for a month and your escaping ability had become a lot stronger.”

Liao Bing mocks. He suddenly slaps the shelf by his side, causing the heavy bookshelf to slide out and seal the boor of the library.

“Today I am going to catch a turtle in a jar!”

“Get lost you are then the turtle! Your entire family is all turtles!”

Li Fan is unbearably angry, Liao Bing this retard is too unreasonable already!

It is like what Murong Ying had said. After sealing up the library, Liao Bing will use speed to attack slow. Rushing Thunder Palm will be like a gale as he makes fast break towards me!

Li Fan can only keep retreating. At the same time, he stretches out his hand to find a gap to throw the table by the side out towards Liao Bing. No matter what this table is 10+kg, but in Li Fan’s hands it is like a toy, easily picked up. While Liao Bing is even more exaggerated. The tables flying over, he slaps them all away.

“Gods….are they still human?”

Seeing this, Liu Xiaoli starts to feel a cramp in his stomach.

This…is not scientific ah!

“Parlour tricks and you still dare to take out to display disgracefully!”

Liao Bing laughs in delight, “Turtle grandson just you are worthy of my goddess? Why don’t you obediently kneel down and begs me to break your leg, when I am happy, I will let you this turtle grandson live!”

Li Fan purses his brows as fury rages inside him.

“Liao Bing! Don’t be too much!”

“Idiot, in the world of martial artist, we had forever used our fist to talk!”

Liao Bing waves his palms about, “My Rushing Thunder Palm shall teach you how to be a person!”

Speaking finish he fiercely sends out a palm towards Li Fan’s chest.

“Nine Layer Rushing Thunder!”

Li Fan grabs a table and blocks in front of him.


Liao Bing’s palm pierces through the table and slaps onto Li Fan’s chest. Sending Li Fan sliding backward and crash into the bookshelves behind.

“Hahahaha, weak. Really is too weak already!”

Liao Bing is very delighted, “After doing you in, goddess shall be mine again!”

The pile of bookshelves got pushed away as Li Fan stands up in a sorry figure. He wipes away the blood on his mouth edge.

“You fucker….had a lot of fun hitting right?”

In Li Fan’s eyes, there seems to be a raging flame, “It should be my turn to enjoy right?”

“Just base on you? A fucking loser!”

Liao Bing spits at Li Fan while Li Fan did not say anything. he takes off his shoes and starts walking with an unusual pace. Both his hands are like paws and he is basically almost prowling on the ground.

At that instant, Liu Xiaoli and the rest had a misperception that what standing in front of the is not Li Fan but a fierce tiger descends from the mountain!

“What is this? Form-Intention Fist is it?”

Liao Bing laughs loudly, “How can this kind of kungfu be able to defeat my Rushing Thunder Palm!”

[TL: Just in case, Fierce Tiger Descending Mountain is a technique from the tiger mimicry]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 12  [Fierce Tiger Descending the Mountain]

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