Chapter 11    [A thin paper slip from the class flower]


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Because of a sentence from the bottom of his heart, Li Fan got punished to train until the sky had brightened!

Although his body is slightly exhausted, but Li Fan’s heart is happy inside! At the very least this contest against Murong Ying was won by him! A victory that had not obtained for a long time!

Even though she is not proficient in other boxing techniques, but Murong Ying still demonstrates to him all of them once. Liu Yi watches it in delight and spends the night comfortably. Having a wife is not bad. At the very least she is able to satisfy the needs of my sight. If she is able to satisfy the other aspect, then that would be even better…

Although this 5 animal mimicry looks very simple, it is indeed very profound. For almost an entire month Li Fan is basically spending this kind of life. Every morning he goes to school. After lessons were over he returns back home to train. As his 5 animal mimicry progresses, Li Fan also starts to become more and more spirited. His entire person is filled with vigor and a flash of brilliance flashes across his eyes from time to time.

Waking up and immediately doing a set of the 5 animal mimicry is already a habit of Li Fan’s. Murong Ying is wearing a yellow home clothing as she stands by the room door as she watching Li Fan doing shadowboxing in the room, in her eyes, there is a bit of cannot be concealed envy.

This Pure Yang Body is really powerful. Just learning a month of external kungfu and Li Fan had basically comprehended the essence within. If only I am a male how nice would it be? There would be no need to worry about the problem of succeeding the family property.

“Niang-zi how is it. Climbing into your bed just around the corner right?”

Li Fan gradually gets used to living together with Murong Ying and slowly becomes flippant.

“Seeking a beating!”

Murong Ying glares at Liu Yi, “Just this parly skills of yours, what a joke.”

“What you say is too injuring your husband’s heart ah!”

Li Fan is unhappy. Even if you are the Martial Alliance-Union Head, you also cannot look down on people like this ah! I had diligently trained for a month and had felt my strength improved by quite a bit!

“You don’t believe right. Then I accompany you to spar a few moves to open your eyes.”

To prove her position in the house, Murong Ying walks to the center and beckons Li Fan to bring it on, “Within 30 moves if you are able to touch the edge of my clothing it is considered your win!”

“What benefits can I get if I win?”

“You should wake up already!”

Li Fan thinks and says, “Don’t say it like it is impossible. If I win let me kiss you.”

“Cannot!” Murong Ying shakes her head like a rattle, “My inner strength had just recovered slightly. You cannot kiss me!”

Li Fan relaxes his request. “Relax, it is not a French kiss just a light kiss. Just treat it as a benefit for my one month of training okay?”

“Are you a pervert?”

“What the, we are old husband and wife already. Are you agreeing or not ah?”

“Who is old husband and wife with you…you need to touch me first before we discuss.”

A light flashes across Murong Ying’s eyes as she stands here. Her aura is like she had merged with the surrounding. While Li Fan did not notice this. He is only concentrating on being delighted in his heart, today my day of reestablishing my dominance had finally come!

Among the 5 animal mimicry, deer have the best endurance, while apes are the most agile. Li Fan had trained in these two movement techniques quite a bit during this month. Currently, he takes a step forward and with a surge of inner strength he instantly jumps out by 3 meters, exceeding the limits of an ordinary person.

At the same time, his hand swings out, grabbing towards Murong Ying’s arm.

Although Murong Ying’s cultivation had dropped, nevertheless, she is the current Martial Alliance Head. She leans to the side lightly and dodges Li Fan’s hand.

“Too much putty maneuvers.”

While dodging, Murong Ying did not forget to criticize Li Fan, “Just this and you wish to climb into my bed? Go back and train another ten years!”

Li Fan tries to grab a few times and did not even manage to touch the edge of Murong Ying’s clothing. This Murong Ying seems to be floating about, don’t know what movement technique she is using. It seems to be a lot brilliant as compared to my lightness technique!

Murong Ying is able to see Li Fan’s doubt and says arrogantly, “This is Murong Family’s Vast Falling Flower. It is a profound lightness technique which is not suitable for you to train.”

“Too unfair already!”

Li Fan shouts unfair but Murong Ying smiles and says, “It is your ability that is inferior. Unable to get benefits, you’re blaming me?”

This sentence provoked Li Fan’s self-respect, I am actually unable to win my own woman, then what is the point of training!

His blood seems to be boiling as it speeds up, causing his heart to beat faster. His brain also seems to speed up exceptionally fast.

At that instantly with his blood flow increase, the entire world seems to have slowed down. Although he does not know why, but to Li Fan, this is an incomparable good thing! He borrows this chance and immediately jumps forward. Li Fan jumps 2 meters high piercing through the air while one of his hand reaches towards Murong Ying below him.

Agile ape fishing the moon!

Seeing Li Fan’s action suddenly speeding up, it is out of her expectation. But Murong Ying had experienced over hundreds of battles does a bridge and bend backward, dodging Li Fan’s exquisite attack by an inch.

But Li Fan did not get discouraged. He basically subconsciously allows his qi to sink downward doing a Thousand Jin Fall. At the same time, his right hand swings out a Black Tiger Heart Scoping.

This Black Tiger Heart Scoping was mentioned in wuxia novels. It was said as the most common technique. Actually, it is not. This move is actually the most ferocious. Those with profound inner strength is able to directly explode a person’s heart but Li Fan did not use too much zhenqi. After all, it is not like he is here to murder his wife. He is only trying to touch her.

Murong Ying who was halfway down her bridge and she did not expect that Li Fan would actually use Thousand Jin Descend as well as Black Tiger Heart Scoping to chase down her. As she is shocked, she forgot to dodge for a moment and got actually got scooped by him.

“I, I succeeded!”

Li Fan is delighted, as long as I work hard I indeed am able to do it ah! but…why is it so soft in my hand…oh my gosh…Black Tiger Heart Scoping, the position of a woman’s heart is…


Murong Ying sends Li Fan flying with a slap. Although her strength had dropped, she is still very fierce!

“You are indeed a pervert!”

Murong Ying’s complexion is flushed as she glares at Li Fan in anger.

“In all honesty, I am really wrongly accused ah!”

Li Fan is really feeling wronged, although the feeling is not bad. Furthermore, such so early in the morning Murong Ying had also put on an unknown cover…

“Excuses! Anyways! The benefit is canceled!”

Murong Ying angrily huffs as she turns around and leaves, leaving behind Li Fan griefing on his own.

“Gu-ye don’t be upset. How about I give you some benefits?”

Tie Zhu who was watching by the side suddenly says shyly, “Aiyah, so embarrassing…my face is so hot…”

Hot your sister ah!

Li Fan also bolt from the training room! What is the matter with today, such so messy!

During this entire day, Murong Ying did not come to their classroom to listen making a lot of guys appear to lose their soul. Li Fan is also uncomfortable in his heart.

But the feeling in the morning….still lingers ah.

A month ago, I am a male student who is unable to find a dance partner. Now a month later, I actually touched the breast of the Martial Alliance Head…this is basically a dream ah!

Just as Li Fan is about to sign in sorrow over his life’s variable when at this moment, Wang Xiaoyuan on the left side taking advantage that the teacher is not paying attention, she suddenly secretly slip a small piece of paper slip to him.

-After class meet at the 5th floor of the library okay?-

What the what is this meaning? The school flower is inviting me?

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 11  [A thin paper slip from the class flower]

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