Chapter 10    [Five Animals Mimicry]


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“I believe it is best to learn boxing techniques!”

Li Fan’s eyes suddenly brighten up, “Is there anything like 18 Subduing Dragon Palm ah or Buddha’s Palm and the likes?”

If I learn any of this kind of ultimate mystical technique wouldn’t I be damn awesome? At that time I will not take action easily, the moment I take action, wouldn’t people die, that heroic appearance, wouldn’t ladies be captivated by me?

Unexpectedly Murong Ying rolls her eyes but as she is a beauty it is still rather pretty.

“What are you thinking about, although there are these two skills, in reality, they are lost skills. I also do not know.”

“Wah, such a pity!”

Li Fan cries out in regret while Murong Ying pulls him back into reality, “I only know some simple boxing techniques. If you want to learn I can teach you.”

“Simple boxing technique, then what is the meaning! If I am going to learn then I am going to learn the ultimate techniques!”

Li Fan is unhappy and Murong Ying rolls her eyes at him again.

“When learning martial arts you must remember at all cost to never bit off more than one can chew. So what about simple martial arts. Even if it is only a single technique if you practice it properly and perfect it, you can also become an expert!”

Li Fan is in a bit of disbelief, “Really?”

“Tie Zhu, show it to him.”

Murong Ying claps her hand and Tie Zhu nods her head. She turns around and went to the kitchen and brought back a vegetable knife.

She tosses the frozen chicken into the sky and following which she starts waving about the knife. She actually waves out a beautiful blade pattern making Li Fan dazzled! By the time the frozen chicken lands on the table, the bones are bones, the meat is meat, both completely separated cleanly. The most shocking thing is that the chicken bone is completely intact and not a single bit damaged.

“This…what am elegant blade technique…”

Li Fan cannot help but clap his hands and applauded. Tie Zhu shyly lowers her head and plays with her shirt edge. Li Fan’s heart starts panicking, what the heck, what are you being shy for!

“Tie Zhu’s family in the past were butchers who specialize in slaughtering livestock.”

Murong Ying’s explanations cause Li Fan to be shocked, “They had trained this killing livestock blade technique to perfection and it turns into this Kitchen Fourth Blade Technique. Don’t say about this chicken even if you stand in front of Tie Zhu, she will be able to separate your meat from your bones with a few slashes.”

“Indeed powerful!”

Today Li Fan had really opened his eyes, “Then what external martial arts am I learning?”

“Five animal mimicry.”


Li Fan is stun, “Isn’t that the broadcast gymnastics that Hua Tuo invented?”

“Did you not understand what did I say? Just this, are you going to learn or not?!”

“Learn!” At the very least I will have a bit of self-preservation ability ah!

What else can Li Fan says, as long as there is no need to wave about blades and the likes. If he carries about a blade and walks on the street daily, even if his enemy did not come for revenge, the police uncles would already come and capture him!

“Tie Zhu, you can tidy up. I will teach him the Five animal mimicry. Husband, you follow me upstairs.”

“I be hard on you bis miss.”

Tie Zhu takes her leave from them as the two of them went upstairs. The third floor had been decorated into a wide spacious martial grounds. Li Fan is not in the mood to train thus his thoughts are a bit messy. Finally going to be alone with Murong Ying is it….

Li Fan’s heart suddenly speeds up. The first time being with such a beauty alone, I am a bit nervous ah…Li Fan ah Li Fan, be more courageous isn’t it just a woman! What are you afraid of she is your wife, not a tiger!

Seeing the slightly nervous manner of Li Fan, Murong Ying suddenly giggles.

“Usually online, don’t you have a glib tongue and keeps calling me wife. What is the matter now Mr. Husband?”

“Isn’t…isn’t that just a joke…”

Being said like this Li Fan’s face turn red, “Who could imagine that just playing LOL would a Martial Alliance-Union head emerge…talking about this why are you not being your Martial Alliance-Union Head and playing LOL?!”

“What about that, can’t I have a hobby outside of work time?”

Murong Ying’s manner like it is as expected, “Which regulation states that Martial Alliance-Union Head cannot play LOL?”

“This…there isn’t…”

Li Fan got let speechless. This Murong Ying has good martial arts as well as good eloquence. Isn’t this me being suppressed in all directions! How can this be! Right, just treat her as the clumsy Tristana can already!

“Right, who says that I am terrified! This is called mutual respect between husband and wife!”

Li Fan changes his thought of thinking and his nervous state becomes more relax and his lips curl up.

“Oh is that so?”

Murong Ying’s eyebrow rises as she smiles, “Then yesterday who is the one who says that he wants to climb into my bed?”

“That, that is also what I should do!”

Li Fan usually have a glib tongue online and right now he starts to display his talking ability, “As a husband how can I leave my Niang-zi along in the cold bed! Isn’t this making my Niang-zi a grass widow?! Furthermore, you are a female, what if you become frighten from lighting and the likes and wish to hug a person? I am also sacrificing myself for the happiness of thousands of families!”


Murong Ying rolls her eyes angrily, just say that he is fat and he immediately has asthma! What sacrificing himself for the happiness of thousands of families! Where is there thousands of family! Isn’t it just my this family…annoying what are you thinking blindly about!

Murong Ying berates Li Fan angrily, “Not allowed to anyhow think! Right now is training time go and correct your attitude!”

“I am not saying blindly ah Teacher Murong!”

Li Fan shouts feeling wronged, “My thinking is very upright okay! The random thoughts that you are talking about, is thinking about what?!”

“Does not concern you!”

Murong Ying’s face is slightly red as she turns her head away.

“We are old husband and wife ah, say it and share with me.”

“Get lost, who is old husband and wife with you! Not practicing properly are you asking for a beating?!”

“Okay, okay. Niang-zi is formidable, I will practice properly and do not wish about those matters that you are thinking of okay?”

“That is more like….who is think?! I did not think of anything! Don’t babble nonsense or I will tear your mouth!”

Murong Ying is about to explode when Li Fan becomes serious, “Niang-zi, don’t mess around already, let’s start training.”


Murong Ying slaps the wall leaving behind a palm print causing Li Fan to swallow his saliva.

“You learn properly! I am only teaching you once!”

Murong Ying does her best to calm down before saying, “Although Five animal mimicry looks simple, but it is also very profound and deep. Although which it is subdivided into tiger, crane, ape, deer and bear this 5 fist techniques. I am only proficient in the crane fist. You watch it carefully!”

While she speaks she spreads her hands apart like the wings of a crane dancing. Murong Ying is very beautiful and her figure is very good. Currently, she is like a beautiful red crane that emerges from the earth, making Li Fan’s heart to beat rapidly. In this world, there is really this kind of beauty. Not to mention when she is not tormenting me, she is really like a fairy.

“Crane fist emphasize on the bright wing, crane beak as well as starting the dance.”

Murong Ying by the side demonstrates beautifully while she says, “You take a good look at my actions. This 5 animal mimicry only have 5 stages. As long as you perfect a stage and complement it with inner strength you will be able to defeat that Liao Bing.”

After demonstrating finish the crane fist, Murong Ying breaths out a breath from her dantian and turns around to look at Li Fan, “Have you seen it clearly?”

Li Fan nods her head, “Seen clearly…”

“This crane fist…is really pretty…”

“Husband ah, you can choose your own way of dying.”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 10  [Five Animals Mimicry]

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