Chapter 1    [Let’s dance]

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Christmas night, the festive atmosphere is fiery. In a private second middle school, there is a student dance party.

“Sorry, I have a dance partner already.”

“I don’t have a dance partner but you are too ugly.”

“Sorry, but you are a good person.”

Li Fan is about to collapse. Isn’t it just finding a partner for the Christmas dance party, why it is even harder than the quest for the Buddhist scripture in India! Ignoring me because I am ugly is fine, what is the meaning of you giving me a good person card!

In just a night, Li Fan had already made several invitations to 5,6 dance partners but all of it failed. Finally, he can only go and find that the fat girl who is twice his size and that lass actually says that I do not look like Li Yifeng! What the hell with that figure of yours wanting to find Li Yifeng as a dance partner you must be crazy!

Just what person are you ah, You are a damn private high school why are you following the fashion of other people and come up with a Christmas dance party! And you also say it so nicely, what integrating with the international, integrate your head! Everyone is high school students alright! Can’t we just study properly! Dance for fuck’s sake!

Especially when all of the surrounding students had found a dance partner, only I and still alone. This is the first time I feel so sorrowful!

“Oh? Li Fan, a rare visitor ah! Why did you come as well?”

The rich second generation Wang Qiang pulling the class flower Wang Xiaoyuan over with a faceful of mocking.

“This dance party is opened by your family? I didn’t hear about it before?”

Lin Fan retorts back. He dislike this Wang Qiang who relies on his family rotten money and shows off. What are you proud of, sooner or later your dad will go in!

“Damn duck with a hard mouth. Lin Dan why don’t you think what is the point of you coming? You can’t even find a dance partner, you come here to throw away face?”

Wang Qiang smiles a smile that is not a smile, “If I am you ah, I definitely will not come. Because I need face ah. If a person does not have face, then he be strengthless, isn’t that right Xiaoyuan.”

“Isn’t that so.” Wang Xiaoyuan is also arrogant. Like an arrogant peacock, “The school ah, how can they annoy how let people join the dance party, causing the dance party standard to lower.”

Fuck the two of you!

Lin Fan really wish to beat people! But seeing Wang Qiang fit body, he bears with it.

“Lin Fan I am only thinking for you. You ah, should quickly wake up already. In this lifetime your sexual life can only rely on your hands already.”

Wang Qiang keeps saying Lin Fan, “If you are able to find a dance partner today, I will eat this cup!”

He picks up a goblet that is filled with orange juice and says solemnly. After all, this is the dance party for high school students. Only the teachers are able to drink a bit of wine while the students can only drink fruit juices.

Lin Fan’s sorrow comes from his heart, this fellow is really looking down on people!

Human life for a breath, tress live a layer of bark! Cannot let his fellow look down on me!

[TL: no idea what he is trying to say so I translated it word for word…]

Lin Fan prepares to search for a new target when at this moment the principle with balding top steps onto the rostrum and announces jubilantly.

“Students, to answer the call of the country, we have developed in all aims of education. Our second institution not only set up this Christmas dance party, but we also welcome a new school director. Her name is Murong Ying, let us give Director Murong a round of applause.”

Lin Fan is slightly curious, school director, perhaps she is an old granny what is there to see? But after Murong Ying gets onto the stage, his eyes nearly pop out. This new school director…is really an outstanding beauty ah!

The moment she steps onto the stage not only Lin Fan, basically all of the guys become distracted, the girls also become jealous. The entire dance floor becomes so quiet that even a needle dropping can be heard. All of the gazes were gathered onto Murong Ying. This director Murong is around 20 years old, her black hair like a waterfall. She is wearing a water blue long skirt standing there. Her pair of eyes seems to be able to lure out souls as the souls of the guys below seems to be lured to her. Lin Fan’s heartbeat also increases in speed like he had found his first love. Damn it thinking about this, it seems like I did not have any first love before.

The two servers by the side who are holding trays with wine cup were also staring at the new director. In the end, their head crashed into each other and the wine cups topple over, drenching them.

But no one notices them as everyone’s gaze are attracted by Director Murong.

“That, Director Murong do you have anything that you want to say to the students?”

The school principal is rather attentive. Murong Ying nods her head as she takes the mike. Her red lips parted slightly. At this moment all of the guys immediately listen closely afraid of missing a single word.

“That female student, your neckline is too low already. You do not have a female’s reserve, pull it slightly.”


Wang Xiaoyuan who was pointed out got a shock, what does she mean? Wang Qiang’s reaction is swift as he immediately pulls up her collar.

“There is that student over there as well. Your skirt is too short already are you not ashamed?”

Murong Ying continues reprimanding causing a girl with short skirts to turn red.

“Some more principal…male and female are different. Please keep a meter away from me thank you.”

“What the…”

The principle is also stunned while Wang Xiaoquan mutter apprehensively, “What era did this woman come from the 70s?!”

“That since everyone has experienced the passion of your new school director, let us continue to dance.”

The principle wipes away his sweat and takes back the mike, regaining control of the situation.

“Big sister Murong, dance with me!”

“Big sister Murong, give us face ah!”

“Big sister Murong, I beg you, if you do not dance with me I will really jump off the building!”

The guys become crazy, all of them are shouting big sister so sweetly as they invite Murong Ying to dance. All of them got rejected by her. Including some male teachers, who are also unable to influence her at all. A male teacher even calls his girlfriend and announce that they are breaking up in preparation to chase after Murong Ying.

“Hahaha, Director Murong is really hard to invite one. Only I, this principle is able to invite her.”

Seeing those deflated students and teachers he smiles in delight, “Director Murong ah, youngsters being hot-blooded can be understood. When I am young I also obtain before the disco king. Do not care about them, let me dance with you.”

Murong Ying smiles sweetly causing the hearts of the surrounding guys to warp.

“Can it?”

“Can not.”

The principle collapsed, this new director is way too arrogant already!

“This is a dance party…you are not looking for a dance partner?”

“I had already chosen someone.”

Saying finish Murong Ying splits the crowd and walks down the stage.

Seeing Murong Ying is walking over to him, Wang Qiang is smiling broadly in his heart. He pushes Wang Xiaoyuan aside and straightens his collar, preparing to invite Murong Ying to dance. But who would know that Murong Ying only walks to the side of Lin Fan and stretches out her jade hand towards him.

“Not inviting me to dance?”

The surrounding jaws drop onto the ground. Lin Fan himself is also stunned, what is the situation, why did such a beauty invite me to dance?! Did the sun rise from the west?

Wang Qiang only regains his awareness after a long while. He clenches his teeth in hatred. What does this fellow have, how is he anywhere better than me, to actually let Murong Ying invite him to dance? Could it be that this new director is blind?!

Li Fan had forgotten about the matter of making Wang Qiang eat the cup. Murong Ying seeing that he did not take action, she raises her eyebrows, “What is the matter, could it be that I need to invite you?”

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Chapter 1  [Let’s dance]

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