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Liang Zhou1 Ma’s legacy, supernatural Ma Xi, tiger arms wielding dragon saber, solders wearing gold armor. To whistle to expose the truth of the blue dome of heaven, scaring hundred ghost, Xuchang2 citizens died in a bitter fight, against the huge villain, dispels the timidness in the hearts!

The Eastern Han Dynasty produces hundreds of heroes, among them is the Three Ducal Ministers3 Lu Bu, declared to have a tremendous strength that no enemies can resist, proceeds to become without rival inspire awe throughout the empire. Next is Guan Yu who beheads Yu Chou, Yan Liang, showing disdain for the warlords vying for supremacy. Battle of Changban Slope, ChangShan Zhao Zi Long regards the million Cao soldiers as merely nothing, rushing in and out seven times as if his entire body is made of courage. Western Liang brocade Ma Chao, leads Western Liang soilders to fight off the huge villain Cao Cao. Forced to cut his own tassel and cut off his gown, achieving all kinds of heroic deeds. Not a single one of the deeds does not cause the people around the world to sign.

No one know that there is a supernatural, who’s roar causes 8000 Tiger Knights to retreat, causes the fall of Cao’s talents Xu Chu, Zhang Liao, Xia Hou Dun, beheading countless of generals, in a violent night battle, slaughtering throught 800 enemies, breaking through layers upon layers of heavy siege, scaring the King of Wei Cao Cao into covering his head and sneak away like a rat.

The wind is blowing into the ears, the earth is trembling, the sounds of killing is like thunder, shaking the heaven and earth. Ma Zong Heng complexion is solemn, with glittering eyes, gazes at the ChenCang City4 ten miles away.

“Today, I, Ma Zong Heng must become famous in the world!”

Ma Zong Heng, no, it should be Ma Xi. This seventeen to eighteen youth is around eight feet, tall and sturdy and huge, tiger arms that are large and big, seems to be able to capture tigers or tame dragon, in the middle of his forehead seems to have a domineering air, is a different type of human because he have two identity.

His original name is Ma Zong Heng, according to his ancestors from a few generations, they are descendants of the famous Fu Bo Ma Yuan general. As for the Eastern Han Dynasty founding father Ma Yuan, Ma Zong Heng does not know much about him. But he is very well read on the Ma’s clan Ma Teng and Ma Chao’s sacrifice for their country from the ending of the Eastern Han Dynasty. The reason is very simple, because Ma Zong Heng is a fanatic of the Three Kingdom.

This is the era of feudal states contending for hegemony and the rise of hundreds of talent and the formations of heroes. Whether is it the God of War Lu Bu or Saint of War Guan Yu, or Dragon Courage Zhao Zi Long, of cause there is also their ancestor Brocade Ma Chao, none of them does not make him yearn for them in his heart. Whenever Ma Zong Heng sees these heroes, with almost invisible disposition, galloping into the battleground and the sence of them sweeping everything before them, Ma Zong Heng blood starts to boil, hating that he is unable to live in that era, testing his mentle in the bloody battlefield and to step on the whole of China under the Ma.

Maybe it is because of the Ma’s blood flowing inside his body or because he is fascinated with the Three Kingdom era, Ma Zong Heng started learning martial arts since his childhood. While other children are playing with each other, he is practicing his martial arts. Other children have already grown up and started to have their first awakening of love, gets into a romantic situation, he is still practicing his martial arts. Because of his diligence, when Ma Zong Heng is around sixteen years old, he became the martial art champion of his country. When he is eighteen years old, with a move, he defeated R Country ‘Crazy’ and U Country ‘Human Jet’. From then on, Ma Zong Heng is called Supernatural, and became the rage for a time. Later on, he became a member of the Dragon Shield of the Nation Security Agency.

But what is Ma Zong Heng seeing now? Footman halberd, armor plating, banners blocking out the sun, horses are galloping all over the place, and dust concealing the sky. Groups and groups of people like a stormy sea, unceasingly rushing towards the large colossus city walls that was entrenched to the ground.

Listening again, the sound of weapons clashing, screams of “kill”, clashing sound of metals, the beat of the gong seems to blend together, that fiery atmosphere is like being inside a volcano, that horrifying murderous air, seems to swallow the heaven and earth!

What the eyes have seen, ears have heard proofs that this is not the civilize era. The ground under his feet is a battlefield, the cold lights reflecting of the weapons and the suits and suits of metal armor and the strong and muscular steeds instantly lets anyone who sees it to know that this is the era of cold weapons.

Ma Zong Heng does not know how he have appear here. Approximately a month ago when he was carrying out a task, he was tracking an artifact thief from J country, when his whereabouts was leaked out, and was ambushed by over tens of experts. Although he had successfully snatch back an antique golden dragon armor, but ultimately, two hands cannot beat four hands. Just when he felt that he is about to die, the golden dragon armor suddenly release a strong light, in that moment, he felt that his soul was suck into that strong light. Immediately, the heaven and earth flips around and he loses conscious.

When he had awaken, he realized that he have return to the past, and this era is the most chaotic era in Chinese history – breakup of the Eastern Han Dynasty!

And his other identity is part of the LiangZhou army, Lieutenant General Ma Teng eldest son – Ma Xi!

This is strange, because he remembers that in the historical records, the eldest son of Ma Teng is Ma Chao whose prestige is able to shake the Western Liang. How did Ma Xi this person pop out from, and furthermore being possessed by him who have traveled back in time.

Immediately afterwards, Ma Zong Heng realizes and even more scary thing. Even if he and his ancestor Ma Xi looks the same, but this body and its frightening strength as well as the sparse memories of Ma Xi makes Ma Zong Heng thought that his ** have also being transport into the past.

Hence Ma Zong Heng and acknowledge the fact that his soul have time travel into the past and have occupy the body of Ma Teng eldest son Ma Xi.

The good thing is that although Ma Zong Heng is only seventeen/eighteen years old, but during the period of time he spend working in Dragon Shield, makes his mentalily grows up faster. To prevent others from thinking that he is a demon, he did his best to be low-profile. Because before he possess the body, Ma Xi have contracted a major illness, and in the Ma family seems to be experiencing a major event currently. Ma Teng and his soilders under him are currently fighting a battle outside and in the house there is only Ma Xi’s three younger brother and a sister and a few servants. Ma Zong Heng make use of this chance to get use to the situation of the family, afterwards he madly reads the scrolls, to the point of ignoring his brothers and sister when they came and visit him. Luckily Ma Chao is more sensible, seeing that Ma Zong Heng have just recovered from the major illness, he asks his bothers and sister to not disturb Ma Zong Heng as well as advice Ma Zong Heng not to read the scrolls so laboriously.

As for the impression of youth Ma Chao, it is still very profound to Ma Zong Heng. This little brat is fair and tender, sword like eyebrows and eyes that seems to see the stars, his face is as smooth as a jade. With a glance, it can be seen that when he grows up he will become a handsome man.

In the following days, Ma Zong Heng slowly get used to everything in this current era, as well as accepting his current identity. Also he have learn that it is currently fourth year of Zhong Ping5, also known as 187CE6, it is also the third year since the start of the Yellow Turban Rebellion7.

And coincidentally, Western Liang three auxiliary have just occur not long ago. Because he is not satisfied with way the imperial household dote and trust the eunuch, Ma Teng revolts together with the Han Sui and elects Wang Guo to be the commander-in-chief , proclaims himself as General of the Mass, and is currently with Wong Gua and Han Sui together discussion the tactics for sieging ChenCang.

It is said that Han Ling Di is muddleheaded and useless, dotes and trust Zhang Rang, Zhao Zhong and the rest of the Ten Attendent8, resulting in the citizens to be oppress, hence even when the thief head Zhang Jue is about to be executed, the Yellow Turban surviving members are still causing trouble in all the prefectural region. Ma Zong Heng does not know if his ‘father’ have the heart to proclaim himself as warlord, but the timing he have choose to revolt is very accurate.

Since the heavens have given him a chance, allowing him to return to the fall of the Eastern Han period which he have been dreaming since he was a kid, he will attempt to rush headlong into the world and let war becomes his way of life. Ma Zong Heng very quickly raises his spirit and starts to plan his future. Firstly, he is Ma Teng eldest son, which means if all goes well, he will become the Ma Clan next head. With Ma Teng high prestige in Western Liang, he receive the love of the mass. The Qiang ethic groups regard him as a god and will hear and obey his orders.

Thus entering the battle field is his Ma Zong Heng first step, hence after this Ma Zong Heng while practicing his martial arts, familiarize with his large body, sparring day and night with Ma Chao, Ma Tie and Ma Zong his three brothers, he waits for news about Ma Teng.

Finally half a month after Ma Zong Heng have came to this world, Ma Teng returns. Luckily after going through this half a month of crazy training, and restoring Ma Xi memories, Ma Zong Heng can be said to have become Ma Xi.

It is said that Ma Xi is born with enormous strength, when he was 12, he is able to lift up a 60jin steel lance, able to consume 3 dou9 of rice. Later on as his strength becomes larger and larger, a lance becomes less feasible for him to use, hence he secretly practices with a 80 jin blade.

It must be known that Guan Yu’s Green Dragon Crescent Blade is only 82jin. But when Ma Xi in 15 years old, he is able to swings the 80jin blade like flowing water, as light as a goose feather, this shows his godlike strength.

Ma Zong Heng later long secretly practice a bit a realize that his current body strength is boundless, almost as if it can be compared to Xue Ren Gui of the Tang dynasty, strength of nine bulls and 2 tigers. This discovery makes Ma Zong Heng blood boils, yearning for the day he can step into the battlefield.

Of cause when Ma Zong Heng heard the news of Ma Teng return, he is both happy and nervous. Happy because he finally have the chance of putting on his armor. Worried because he is afraid that he might give away the game and incur the misfortune of being killed. Luckily, Ma Xi from young is always habitually silent, dysfluencies child. Ma Zong Heng hence decided to ‘carry on’ this character.

Talking back to Ma Teng returning home, after hearing that his eldest son have completely recovered from his sickness, did not forget to step forward and take a look at him. When their gaze met, Ma Zong Heng remembers clearly when he sees that boorish and grand figure, his heart have a very subtle feeling, that if the sky have fallen and the person standing in front of him risk his life and block it for him, holding up the sky.

That split second of emotion, suddenly makes Ma Zong Heng to recall a sentence, blood is thicker than water. Even if the body is being occupied by his soul, this body in the end stills belong to Ma Teng’s flesh and blood.

It is also at that moment that Ma Zong Heng heart starts to feel guilty, although he does not know the reasons, but after all because of him, he have cause the Yin and Yang of the father and son to be separated.

1 Liangzhou district of Wuwei city

2 Xuchang prefecture level city in north Henan, on the Beijing-Guangzhou railway line

3 Three Ducal Minister is also known as the three dukes/excellencies/lords the collective name for the three highest officials in ancient China.

4 ChenCang City is the ancient name of BaoJi City

5 Zhongping (December 184 – March 189) is the fourth year of the Eastern Han Emperor Han Lingdi Liu Hong, also the second year of the Han Xian Di Liu Association . Han Dynasty use this time to remember a total of 6 years.

6 The author wrote AC189 which is wrong as 189 is the six year of Zhong Ping

7 The Yellow Turban Rebellion lasted from 184-205CE. For more info check out

8 Ten attendant are the ten eunuch in power during the rule of Emperor Ling for more info check out

9 Dou or 斗 is dry measure for grain equal to ten 升 or one-tenth of a 石

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