Chapter 4 – Cunning as Fox


Only by defeating Ma Teng then would he have the abilities to fight against Dong Zhuo, otherwise everything is nothing but talks only. Although Ma Teng looks to be easy-going and boorish, he is actually a very careful person. Hai Sui have cross blows with him secretly a few times before and every time it is hard to gain advantages from the clashes.

Things quickly, Han Sui suddenly stands up and instantly capture the gaze of everyone. Because everyone knows that if it was not for Han Sui plotting against Bei Gong Yu and Bian Zhang, and vigorously pushes Wang Guo, otherwise Wang Guo could never be able to reach his currently post.

Wang Guo is nothing but Han Sui puppet.

“From the beginning of Han dynasty, it started from FuBo General Ma Yuan, Ma Family always sacrifices themselves for the country, from the past to current, they have been guarding the borders and resist the foreign enemies, worthy of begin a role model. Today Commander-in-chief is able to obtain the support of General who pacify the crowd, it can be said that Commander-in-chief have obtain a bevolent sword. As long as we can conquer ChenCang, in the future we will be able to attack in all direction and who will dare to stand against us?” Han Sui every word holds power and is deeply moving. When Wang Guo hears, he was is very happy, combing his beard, he said while laughing: “What sir have say is right. This one worries is how are we going to go about in attack this ChenCang. Currently all is going according to our previous plan, does sir knows of any other tactics?”

Han Sui slowly bends down and says calmly: “Replying Commander-in-chief, currently our army is surrounding ChenCang, but the enemy troops have high morale, if we want to scare them into escape it is not an easy task. I have heard that the general guarding the city east is Inferior Officer Zhang Ji, one of Dong’s subordinate. Zhang Ji is well verse in both literature and martial arts, he is also quick witted as well. He is someone who is well appreciated by jackal Dong and if we can oppress him, the enemy morale will definitely drop and abandon the city and escape will be just around the corner.”

When Han Sui have finish speaking, Ma Teng expression immediately changes and his gaze froze as he stares coldly at Han Si and say: “Before we discuss about how to handle Zhang Ji, this Ma have a question for sir. Does not know if sir is able to solve this Ma doubts?”

“General Ma please ask, Han Sui will definitely try my best to answer!” Han Sui smile sincerely and reply immediately almost without thinking.

“A few days ago, Sir have make an promise with me to attack ChenCang together but why is it that after my army have been engaging the enemy for a long time but does not see any sign of sir’s subordinate leading your army over? During that battle if my son have not risk his life to kill Wang Qiang, I am afraid that this Ma will only be left with less than half of my subordinate!!” Ma Teng expression is very severe, almost as if he is purposefully making that day’s battle to be very dangerous. The Ma’s officers in the tent were also glaring angrily and looking like fiends. Han Sui subordinate officers also does not step back, their expression cold almost as if they are going to draw their weapon and start to fight.

Ma and Han family does not get along is known by all of the Eastern Liang people, the subordinates of their also regard each other as mortal enemy, let alone during the friction during the past few years, both side have lost quite a number of brothers and underlings.

When Wang Guo sees this battle, the smiling expression on his face have already dissapper, his heart is in a mess, when he opens his mouth, he does not know what to say.

“Ahah. Although I have send people to explain to General Ma earlier, but it seems that General Ma want to confront me face to face. Then I shall repeat myself again, at that time because my army is not used to the terrain, while marching over, they have meet some problems and have gotten lost in the forest. Later on when I calculated the opportunity, I am afraid that I am not able to grab it in time. Helpless and without a choice, I can only order my man to report to General Ma, hoping that General Ma can retreat in time. Talking about this matter, this is indeed due to my lack of preparation. Han Sui also does not want to hide this matter from commander-in-chief, just that General Ma bring up this matter before I could bring it up. Commander-in-chief please punish me.” Han Sui says finish and kneels down before his puppet Wang Guo to ask for punishment. Wang Guo is frighten and immediately stand up and while supporting Han Sui in standing up, he also begs for forgiveness. “Sir is a famous scholar who is well-known throughout China, futhurmore I am also sir student, so I am definitely unable to accept sir kneeling before me, sir please get up, please get up.”

At this time, Han Sui expression changes, his eyes shoots out two rays of dreadful light, with one hand he grabs Wang Gui arms, his weak and thin arm grabbing power actually makes Wang Guo suffer silently and instructed him: “Commander-in-chief is the leader of the army, so your rewards and punishment must be strict and impartial. Due to Han Sui negligence, General Ma and his subordinates were landed in a dangerous situation, this is indeed Han Sui mistake, how can I be pardon so easily!? Otherwise how will General-in-chief be able to command the 3 army (Upper, middle, lower or Left, Centre, Right), and how can the mess be convinced!!?”

Wang Guo is frighten, under the dreadful gaze of Han Sui, he start to shiver and say hurridly: “Han Sui negligence have cause General Ma and his subordinate to land in a dangerous situation, since he is willing to own up his mistake on his own, firstly he will be demoted to Lieutenant General, penalize by 300 tael of gold. If he is able to achieve huge merits in the future, he will be promoted back.” After Wang Guo finish speaking, Han Sui turns around and signal him with his eyes, after Wang Guo have receive the signal, he immediate say: “Ma Xi is the most courageous among the three army, not only did he suppress the enemy ferocious general, he have also kill Wang Qiang, turning around the situation. Base on his merits and achievements, he will be promoted to hundred man captain and rewards with 100tael of gold.”

In the beginning stages of the formation of the Heaven Volunteer Army, Wang Guo ‘accepted’ Han Sui suggestion and imitated the groupings of the official government army. Currently, Eastern Han army ranking structure is five-man squad leader and 10-man squad leader as the lowest, a hundred-man captain can leads a unit of cavalry. Comparing to the beginning stages of Han, the thousand man commander is abolish. After hundred-man captain are gate commander, cavalry commander or captain of a unit and so forth, after that are the military officers. Commander, Captain and above can command their own army.

Ma Zong Heng have only entered the war recently and is allowed to lead a unit of hundred man cavalry, his rate of promotion can be considered phenomenal. But thinking of his outstanding merit, his rate of promotion is a given. It must be known that Wang Qiang that was killed by Ma Zong Heng is one of Dong Zhuo cavalry commander.

“Shou Yuan do you think this punishment is acceptable?” Wang Guo feel that his rewards and punishment are fair, but the tent is kill fill of killing aura and looks towards Ma Teng hurriedly. Wishing that Ma Teng who would give him some face will be satisfied and reign in his men.

As expected, after Ma Teng snorted coldly and withdrew his anger he says slowly: “Zong Heng why are you not thanking Commander-in-chief for his generous rewards?”

Ma Zong Heng hears and obey, stepping forward, his strong and rubust body radiation a stifling oppression as he says coldly: “This general will not let Commander-in-chief down.”

Saying finish Ma Zong Heng retreats, without waiting for Wang Guo reply. Ma Zong Heng does not have any good will towards Han Sui’s puppet, instead he feels that he is too cowardly and false. When Wang Guo see how disrespectful Ma Zong Heng is, he narrows his eyes and snorted.

As Ma Teng does not seem to have any more intention to continue to look into the matter, Wang Guo is happy. Under Wang Guo commanding tone, everyone returns to their seat. Han Sui becomes low profile and closes his eye to recuperate his spirit. But Wang Guo knows what Han Sui is thinking of hence turn to Ma Teng and ask: “The plan made by sire earlier comfirms with my thoughts, wonder if Shou Yuan is able to take up the task?”

“Although Zhang Ji have a bit of resourcessfullness, he does not have the bravery that a general should have. If this Ma wants to defeat him it will be easily done.” Although he knows that earlier Wang Guo and Han Sui is just putting on a show for him, but at least he is able to see Han Sui loss of face. As he is able to retaliate slightly, his mood becomes better and agree to take up the task without any hestitation. When he say finish, he purposefully glance toward Han Sui.

When Wang Guo hears, he claps his hands and cheerfully exulted: “Good! Shou Yuan is indeed frank and straightforward, it looks like I can start preparing to properly reward Ma Family army’s bravery!”

“We shall complete the task and display our army military prestige!” Wang Guo just finish speaking and with Ma Teng, Ma Family officers stand up swiftly and cups their hands and respond.

That night, after Han Sui have return to his own tent, he ponders for a long time. On his side is a man who is taller and bigger than the Ma son and father, the man is wearing a black ghost armour, on his face is three sinester scar and time to time deep within his eyes exposes a murderous spirit. This person is Yan Xing, Han Sui most ferocious general whose name also shake the Western Liang, he self-proclaim himself as the number 1 martial artiest and is nicknamed ‘Black-Ghost Devil’, his style name is Yan Ming.

In the beginning, Qiang leader Beigong Boyu have seen through Han Sui wild heart, hence decided to alliance with Bian Zhang and assassinate Han Sui. But while the two of them are discussing about the assassination, Han Sui send Yan Ming who charges into the barracks on his own. On his way in, he slaughter his way until he reaches Beigong Boyu tent. Catching Baigong Boyu unaware and with a thrust Yan Ming kill him on the spot. Bian Zhang manages to escape and later on Bian Zhang surrender to Han Sui who kills him in the end.

It is said that that night more than ten Qiang officers was killed by Yan Ming and nearly 80 Qiang soldier died under his spear.

Qiang people are always valiant and brave, never fearing death. But Yan Xing who dares to charge alone into Beigong Boyu barrack is naturally courageous furthermore he is able to kill so many of Qiang officers and kill BaiGong Boyu easily, it can be seen how accomplish he is in his martial arts. ‘Black Ghost Devil’ this name was disseminated out soon after this incident.

“Yan Ming your breath is in disorder and your murderous aura is threatening. It looks like you have something so say.” Suddenly, with a profound appearance, Han Sui open his eye slowly and within his eyes is a clear and bright spirit.

When Yan Xing hears it, he did not try to beat around the bush. With a cold expression he reply: “If your highness wants to break down Zhang Ji why do need others to achieve it for you? If this general set forth, I will definitely bring back Zhang Ji’s head.”

“Haha. Yan Ming how can I not know your abilities? It is only because I want to get rid of a person to remove threats in the future, which is why I carry out this borrowing another blade to kill a person plan.” Han Sui beam from ears to ears, saying neither slowly or hurriedly.

When Yan Xing hears, the murderous intent in his eyes strengthen and ask: “The person Your Highness is indicating, is it that Ma Shou Cheng?”

“Zhang Ji does not have the abilities to be able to kill Ma Shou Cheng. The one that I want to kill is that Ma Zong Heng.” While Han Sui is saying, his eyes narrows until it becomes a thin line. Recalling the provoking glances that Ma Zong Heng keeps giving him, his mind start to rage with fury.

“Ma Zong Heng is nothing but a little kid. Does Your Highness need to go through so much trouble?” Yan Xing does not understands hence ask with doubt.

“His son though young have a courageous deposition. Furthermore from his eye, I am able to see that is not willing to be a servant. If his wings are able to spread out and assist Ma Shou Cheng, when I want to deal with Ma Shou Cheng it will be very very difficult. Furthermore when Ma Zong Heng this son dies, Ma Shou Cheng will hate Dong Zhuo to the core, when the two of them start to fight, I will be able to benefit from pulling in the fishing net. Isn’t that the best of both world?” Han Sui is indeed Nine Song of Huang Jiang, full of bad waters inside his stomach.

When Yan Xing hears, he felt a cold traveling down his back and mutters to himself for a while before frowning and ask: “But Your Highness and Dong Zhuo are already working together in secret. I have heard that he have an adviser called Li Ru who have is known be be outstandingly intelligent. If your plans were seen through by this Li Ru, is Your Highness not afraid of Dong Zhuo falling out with you? Furthermore, although Ma Teng have promised to handle Zhang Ji but how can Your Highness make sure that Ma Zong Heng will certainly die in the hands of Zhang Ji.”



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