Chapter 2 – Display of talent for the first time


Ma Teng is very popular within his army’s heart, he is very brave as well, leading at the very front in every battle killing enemies like scything flax, leaving behind a godlike impression in the hearts of his troops. As long as the cavalry is commanded by him, the cavalry will definitely charge forward bravely, their morale like piercing the sky and fight to the bloody end.

“Kill!” Ma Teng roars loudly, pointing his spear at the messy enemy right wing, at the same time he pets his horse head and takes the lead in charging over.

The thousand brave cavalry reply with a loud rumble, like a pack of excited and ferocious wolfs, the countless iron hoof stamped onto the ground creating a thunder like sound, raises a large dust cloud. Like a surging iron flowing, they charges forward. At this time, Dong’s army officers are starting to see signs of their army being routed. Looking at the unit of Ma Teng’s armoured cavalry like a large heaven swallowing beast open its gigantic mouth and charging over, none of them are not frenetic or scared. No sooner said than done, Ma Teng have lead the foremost row of cavalry and pointed their hollow lance forward, the hundreds of pointed lance forms countless red roses, creating a suffocating death forest. One of the officer was run through by Ma Teng even with his armour. Ma Teng expression is cold as he withdraws his spear and charges forward. He send out his spear again as he pierces to death an officer that is rush forward to ambush him, his cold gaze scares the enemy troops what are coming to kill him.

This is Fu Feng1 guardian, proclaim by the FuFeng citizens to be Western Liang Tiger Ma Teng, Ma Shou Cheng.

Ma Teng’s ferocity is like a hurricane that engulfs the whole of China, scaring all of the enemies in right wing. Soon after the next few rows of cavalry charges up with their cavalry swords held high in the air, the sharp swords shone simultaneously forming a sheet of terrifying cold ray.

In a short period of time, the officers in the right wing were routed, beaten in total collapse. Following the right wing defeat, the officers in the army formation starts to get restless, the troops in the rear guard are starting to cower. A few of the officers are urging their horses through and fro, berating their troops loudly to try and control the declining morale, but the efforts of the officers are futile, as more and more of the soldiers are start to shrink back, there are lesser soldiers willing to stay in their original spots.

The reason for the currently situation is not only because of Ma Teng’s army surprise attack, there is another reason.

In the messy army, Ma Zong Heng seems to possess the momentum to attack the Yellow Dragon, continuously charging up to attack and retreat, the two cavalry units on his side were fire-up by his bravery, although there were enemies trying to surround them, they were repel by their combine efforts.

“That damn Ma Family traitor child!! The loss of this battle already set, if General Dong wants to punish us, there is no way out!!” Wang Qiang clenches his teeth and curse silently in his heart, he have never imagine that today he will be so thoroughly defeated. After all although Ma Teng is bold and powerful, he is at most a merely a single person. Relying on his brave and good at fighting subordinates as well as strict battle formation, even if he cannot win Ma Teng, it should be enough to be able to fight on par. At that time Dong Zhuo who is viewing the battle from the city walls will send out the elites and at the most crucial moment, like a blade pierce deeply into the hearts of Ma Teng’s army ruthlessly.

Only Wang Qiang’s plan was destroyed by a youngster.

“General Wang!! That young bandit that have killed General Chen is charging over!!” At this time one of the flagbearer rushes over on a horse and report hurriedly. Wang Qiang pair of eyes suddenly flashes malicious ray of lights and mutter gloomy: “Good! Even if we losses this battle, at least I can kill the young bandit that ruin my plan otherwise how can I vent the hatred in my heart!?’

Thinking to this point, Wang Qiang immediately raises his vigor and swiftly gives out orders: “The cavalry on the two sides immediately disperse, give an outward appearance of being routed, but prepare in secret. I will stay here and be bait and tempt the youngster to charge over, when it is time, all of you listen to my orders and attack at the same time!!”

It looks like General Wang is not resign to retreat at this point and want to kill Ma Zong Heng with an ambush plan. When the cavalry hear his orders, they hurriedly obey his command and urges their horse and retreat.

No sooner said than done, after the cavalry have retreated for a while, a heaven shaking roar came.

“Dong Family brigand don’t think of escaping!!”

Wang Qiang looks at Ma Zong Heng who charges towards him like a hungry and thirsty angry beast, although he have make plans earlier, but his heart fails to live up to his expectation and beats quickly, quickly he whips his horse to escape.

Seeing that the enemy commander in front of him and it is a good chance to gain merits, Ma Zong Heng is not willing to let it go and urges the horse to gallop faster, suddenly catching up. Wang Qiang only feels that behind him is a extremely horrifying aura that seems to want to swallow him up not leaving behind even his bones. He was so frighten that he does not care about the plan anymore and immediately shouted: “What are you guys still waiting for, hurry up and kill this renegade.”

The moment Wang Qiang shouted, the hundreds of waiting cavalry immediately turns around and charges to surround Ma Zong Heng and kill him. But a number of them are unable to move forward when they realise that they are about to face a human swallowing beast.

“Whoever who dares to block my Ma Zong Heng path can come and face your death!!!” Ma Zong Heng roars like a lion, momentarily his heroic spirit rises, scaring seven to eight horses to go out of control and drops their owner on the ground. Momentarily cries of alarm were unending. Wang Qiang was so badly frighten by Ma Zong Heng roar that he nearly fainted and urges the horse to escape faster.

“This renegade is actually a demon!! He is no way inferior as compare to General Hua Xiong!!” Wang Qiang mind turns, from his back comes an urgent hoof beat and it is coming closer and closer. In his mind is a nightmare asking him not to ever turn around and look otherwise he will definitely die, but like being possessed, Wang Qiang unknowingly turns around, his wide open eyes full of fright.

Charging towards him on a horse is a fast as lighting strike shadow, the shadow is fierce and swift akin to piercing the heaven.


The Dong family cavalry that are hurrying over from the back can only watch as Wang Qiang’s head is pierced by a spear, that blood red spearhead is still dripping blood.

Horror, shock is no longer enough to describe their feelings, a few of them starts to shout crazily like their mind was broken as they escape.

“Demon!!” “Evil spirit!!” a series of blacken name are unending. Ma Zong Heng is similar to the existence of his infamy name, scaring all of the surrounding Dong Family army to throw away their armour and weapon and to flee ignominiously (in disgrace/shame).

Ma Zong Heng with his cold expression and just congeal blood on his face, when he was spray again with fresh ** blood, he looks weirdly beautiful.

When Ma Zong Heng looks towards the 7/8 men that he have dismounted earlier, those 7/8 men immediately crawl on the floor shouting loudly that they surrender in fear and terror afraid that if they are too slow they would be killed by Ma Zong Heng.

“Capture this Dong Family henchmen, if they dare to resist kill them!!” At this time a loud voice rang out from behind Ma Zong Heng. Ma Zong Heng expression changes slightly and immediately turns around and rushes over. Ma Teng enormous body and his baby elephant size horse ‘Rushing Thunder Beast’ swiftly appears in at the present.

Eastern Liang is rich in precious horse, this Rushing Thunder Beast physique is twice the size of ordinary horses, the moment it start to charge even the stones of the ground will fly up, its speed as fast as thunder. This hard to obtain thousand mile horse is deeply appreciated by Ma Teng.

At the same time, with Wang Qiang death, Dong Family army is like a dragon without it’s head, simultaneously with Ma Zong Heng infamy name being spread throughout the army, Dong Family army only care about escaping with their life. Ma Teng’s armoured cavalry like tiger entering the sheep pen, penetrated into Dong Family groups of routed army, like thrusting a sharp knife into a grass stack, they penetrated into groups and groups of units. A few of them have killed till their eyes are red, actually ignores the enemies surrender and instead raises the butcher’s knife in their hand.

Hence, a bloody massacre – begins!

The heaven shaking Dong Family army of Western Liang on this day have fallen to the point of being beaten to the point of collapse. The one who obtain this battle victory is Ma Family army leaded by Ma Teng.

Massacre of the routed army or forcefully seizing outstanding military service. Ma Zong Heng is not interested in either of them, he feels that the people are like dogs trying to plunder the leftover thrown away by the powerful after their feast.

While he have already enjoyed the feast.

“Ha ha ha ha!! Good! Good!! Good!! Xi-er is indeed the son of me Ma Shou Cheng. This Wang Qiang is one of that evil Dong Zhuo capable war general. This guy is more incline towards tactics, causing father have suffer a few time when against him. Can’t believe that he have died in your hands today.” Ma Teng laughs loudly, it is easy to see how happy he currently is from his saying of good continuously in a row.

Dong Zhuo with villainous nature and boundless ambition, work hand in glove with the Ten Permanent Functionaries (byword for corruption from at the end of Han) Zhang Rang to get the land of Western Liang in the dark. Previously Ma Zong and his troops have experience some conflict with Dong Zhuo and suffer quite a number of losses.

“Father praise erroneously, this is all due to father normal day teachings, your child have only uses what father have teaches me, hence don’t dare to claim credit.” Ma Zong Heng complex frozen, in front of Ma Teng, he is still have some restrain.

After experiencing contact is these few days, Ma Zong Heng have realize that Ma Teng is not a bold but not very astute person written in the history book. Ma Teng is more profound and possess way shrewder than what is written in the history.

After all Ma Zong Heng is occupying Ma Xi body, hence is afraid that Ma Teng is able to see indications of it.

No arrogance even after victory, Ma Zong Heng is calm and tranquil, with hints of disdain of the whole of China, he have immediately gain the approval of the Ma Family officers and soldiers surrounding them. Ma Teng is naturally incessantly joyous of his eldest son matchless bravery, stroking his beard and laugh heartily. Suddenly his complex changes and ask solemnly: “Think back, earlier Xi-er gives Father a shock when you called yourself Ma Zong Heng. Zong Heng, Zong Heng. Could this be Xi-er self-chosen courtesy name?”

When Ma Zong Heng heard it, his heart tremble with fear, in the ancient times, a courtesy name is usually chosen by the elderlies, not only that, if one have reach the coming of age year of twenty years old, it cannot be chosen. Otherwise it is looking down on the ancient teachings. Ma Zong Heng could not imagine what his sudden impulsive roar would bring him such trouble.

But Ma Zong Heng is mature in thinking, showing no sign of change in his appearance, he get off the horse hurriedly and kneel down on one knee. With flickering emotions in his eyes, he cups his hands and reply: “Replying Father. Zong Heng is indeed child courtesy name.”

When Ma Zong Heng says finish, the surrounding Ma Family high-ranking officers expression turns angry. It must be known that Ma Teng usually handles affairs strictly and impartially without lax. For Ma Teng, Ma Chao and his sons’ education are exceedingly stricter. Choosing his own courtesy name could be said to be a huge disrespect.

As expected, when Ma Teng hear it, his expression immediately turn cold, his wide open eyes glare like sprouting fire, his grip tightens on the horsewhip in his hand. The officers and soldiers looking at the side cannot help but to be worried for Ma Zong Heng.

1 扶风FuFeng Country in BaoJi, Shannxi


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