Chapter 1 – Sandpit Newbie


But Ma Zong Heng very quickly stabilize his emotion, since they have come, we should make them comfortable, after all the occurrence of certain things are unable to be change.

Hence Ma Zong Heng puts on a uncommunicative and slow-speech behaviour. When Ma Teng ask him a question, he will reply a sentence. At this moment, the two of them does not look like father and son, instead they look more like a teacher and student.

Luckily Ma Teng is used to Ma Xi character, hence did not notice any indication that there is a problem. When Ma Teng was about to leave, Ma Zong Heng suddenly requested to join the army and fight in war.

As for Ma Zong Heng taking his own initiative to join the army, Ma Teng was very happy. Originally the have very little confidence in the plans for attacking Chen Cang. But his eldest son was endow with a extraordinary strength from birth, perhaps he is able to showcase an outstanding performance and bring glory to the Ma’s clan.

Hence Ma Zong Heng is able to follow Ma Teng for the campaign. How times flies, in these few days, the cruelty of war almost extinguish Ma Zong Heng passion. He remembers very clearly how helpless he felt the first time he have fought in close-combat with the enemy. At that time they have just reached Chen Cang borders when they were ambush by Dong Zhuo Western Liang armoured horsemen. The night have come and after many days of hasten journey, the troops were tired, when the enemies suddenly ambushes when, the troops were caught unprepared. Although Ma Zong Heng have experience life or death situation before, but battle before him is a disorderly battle of over a thousand, ten thousand people. Ma Zong Heng for the first time in his life was confused. Although he is heroic and courageous , but when was surrounded by enemies while he is only focusing on killing enemies, he suddenly remember of a dark obese man like a butcher exasperatedly shouting that he wants dismember him into ten thousand pieces. Till now he can still remember that hair rising sensation from all around him causing him to tremble unceasingly. He was almost unable to breath in that heavy atmosphere.

At that moment he realize that how laughable he is thinking that he is able to conquer the world with his godly body that he is possessing and his future knowledge.

Luckily at that time of life and death, Ma Teng saved him, causing his to loss quite a few of his inferior officers. At that night Ma Zong Heng have start to realize that the real battlefield is nowhere as single as what he had thought.

This is a human eats human world, there is no mercy, the moment you lose, it means that your destiny will be controlled by others.

Later Ma Zeng Hen suffers under Ma Teng severe scolding and was demoted from 5-man captain1 to a mounted archer.

Losing the first battle greatly lower the morale of the soldiers. Ma Teng orders his 3000 cavalry to retreat 10 miles, and set up a barrack 20 miles outside of Chen Cang. Dong Zhuo sends his subordinate to harass them time and again, allow Ma Zong Heng to gain war experience in the continuous fights.

Battling is a form of forging, after the end of each battle, those that died will allow those that survive to metamorphisis.

Ma Zong Heng slowly get use to the war and familiarize himself with war.

On a certain day, Ma Teng receive a secret scroll from Han Sui, knowing that his troops are close, arranges for Ma’s troops attack the eastern gate first then Han Sui will lead his troops to attack the western gate and catch the Han troops unprepared.

At present, Ma Zong Heng is following the vanguard, charging towards Chen Cang city.

“I am General Dong subordinate Hundred Man General Chen Bin. All of you traitors better retreat otherwise don’t blame my sword for showing no mercy!!”

A cavalry division of almost 800 men charges towards them, from the ranks came a loud roar filled with aggressiveness and the air of arrogance. In Western Liang, there is no one who does not fear Dong Zhuo name!

In a blink of an eye, the frontline of the Ma’s troops seems to have meet with a storm, suddenly became very messy, every section commander are trying their best to direct the troops into a proper battle formation, not daring to charge out.

Ma Zong Heng who is sitting on a horse is able to see the overview with his height. His eyes gradually turn grim when he sees how cowardly his troops are acting against Dong Zhuo’s troops.

“Dong Zhuo have yet to come and all of them have become cowards. Later when the battle have start, how could they win?” Thinking through, Ma Zong Heng takes a deep breath and swat the horse, charging out of the formation. His bodyguards that are around him got a shock and quickly chase him and tries to call him back.

“Young General, please don’t act blindly without thinking. That Chen Bin is both courageous and strong and is able to defeat a hundred enemies on his own. Please don’t act blindly without thinking.”

“That’s right! Young General, you are the eldest son of the general, if you have meet any mishap, we underlings are unable to assume the blame.”

Ma Zong Heng ignores them. In the past, he have practice martial arts since he was young, participating in all kinds of competition. Later on he have join the Dragon Shield of the Nation Security Agency. In those 18 years, he have meet with a number of problems and setback, as well as experiencing a number of life and death situation. Hence Ma Zong Heng have never fear death, he have a resolute and upright character, only fearing that he live like a coward.

As for Ma Zong Heng he rather die than become a coward. In the past he was like this, now is even more so.

On the night of his first battle, he had originally planned to fight to death, even though in the end he decided to retreat, he have killed over tens of enemies and among them is two military officers. This was also the reason why that dark obese man like a butcher exasperatedly shouting that he wants dismember him into ten thousand pieces.

“Ah ah ah ah ~~!!!! Kill!!” Ma Zong Heng charges crazily, feeling that the ground is trembling because of him and that he and his horse have become a single unit. At that moment he feels that the entire world is revolving around him, trembling and shaking because of him, and the heaven and earth belongs to me. The intense heroic emotions rages in Ma Zong Heng chest, fire up his eyes, making him like a ferocious beast that have just broken out of a cage.

In a split second, the heaven and earth seem to be in awe and no matter if it is Ma’s troops or Dong Zhuo’s troops, their gaze are rivet at the muscular, tough and stocky build, courageous and strong youngster.

With a graceful leap, the youngster have reach the front of the high and mighty Chen Bin. Chen Bin eyes widens as he looking at the youngster charging towards him like a monster. He hurriedly raises his long lance and trust it forwards towards the freak rushing towards him.

A light shines and blood on the blade blinds the troop formations behind him.

Swings as simple and easy as cutting a cabbage, Chen Bin’s head was split into half and the blood spray onto the youngster face, dying it red.

“Ah!!! General Chen ~~~ General Chen was killed ~~!!”

“Archers what the heck are you doing why aren’t you showering that wretch traitor with arrows”

“Stand your ground, don’t break the formation, hurry report the situation to General Dong.”

Dong’s troops were in disorder instantly, the officers are all shout loudly. That crack unit that seems to have an inexhaustible might with a blink of an eye their might demises largely. One of the Ma Teng’s officer shouts loudly to boost morale.

“Dong’s troops are in disorder, shield bearers hurry up and pressure them, don’t let them release their arrow. The two of you quickly lead a unit of ten cavalry to guard Young General!!” One of the Ma’s officer snarls like a wolf and directs the squads of units, he is the commander of this thousand man army.

In an instant, like a bush fire, a fiery hot killing aura exploded, all of the troops regardless if they are using the mention weapons or carrying flags, or riding a horse, seems to be injected with chicken’s blood and chases after the charging youngster.

At that moment, Ma Zong Heng is the one who have violently hack down with his spear and kill Chen Bai. It should be said that spear techniques are usually either sweep, jabs or thrust2, with the trust as the core. Thrusts demands speed and thrusting it straight, accumulating the force on the tip of the spear, to have big accomplishment in thrusting, you must send out the spear like a dragon leaving the water but keeps the spear like a ferocious tiger returning to its cave. Ma Family spear technique, Submerge Dragon**Spear technique indeed uses thrusting as its core, as fast as lightning but crafty as well, sending out the spear like ghosts but keeping the spear with ease. This is Fubo General Ma Yuan self-created spear technique. That year Ma Yuan relies on this spear technique and was without rival in the whole of China, killing till the nomadic people and Qiang ethnic group were terror-stricken at him, not daring to step foot into the territories of the Hans.

Although the Ma Family Submerge Dragon**Spear technique is formidable, Ma Zong Heng body strength is too large. Thrusting a spear requires speed and accuracy, hence it is not suitable for him and does not fit his character. Comparing blades and spear, he prefers blade because blade chases ferocity and ruthless, seeking one’s life with a slash, a pure manifestation of brute force.

Within the time frame of striking a flint, like a released beast, Ma Zong Heng have charges up to the front row of Dong’s army. The commander of the Dong’s army is familiar with war tatics, he intentionally waits until Ma Zong Heng is near before giving the archers fire orders.

Wooosh Wooosh Wooosh Wooosh Wooosh ~~!! Arrows came flying through the sky in succession from the two wings of Dong’s army. All the horse archers with their malevolent and revengeful complex are shooting on continueously, almost as if they are going to shoot Ma Zong Heng into a beehive.

“Kill!!” The bowstring trembles, as the arrows fly into the sky, Ma Zong Heng heartbeat speeds up and his blood fire up, with a loud roar, twirls his spear like a tornado and hit down all of the arrows coming towards him.

“Idiot!! Shoot the bloody horse!!” When the commander of the Dong army sees the arrows flight, was so furious that he is almost steaming and started roaring at the units on this left. When his roar ended, the horse archers on his left immediately aims and release their arrows at Ma Zong Heng horse.

“Not good!! That damn commander is really cunning!!” As Ma Zong Heng had experience a few battle, he is shock. At this time the arrows on the left are aiming for his horse while the arrows on the right are aiming for his body, causing him to be at a lost to defend which direction.

“Young General do not panic, we have come!!”

Suddenly someone shouted. A unit of ten over calvery have rushes over and helps Ma Zong Heng to block the arrows from the left. In a flash another unit of calvery have also arrived and blocks the arrow on the right.

The problem is while the arrows are flying over, the vanguard of Dong army are rushing over, over hundreds of troops have gathered and are rushing towards Ma Zong Heng.

Ma Zong Heng complex changes, his eyes are shining with fericity, giving people the feeling that they are looking at a ferocious beast.

Raising his spear and directing his horse forwards, Ma Zong Heng at this moment no longer have any fear, his only have a single thought.

Kill the enemies!

The horse cry cuts through the air, Ma Zong Heng directs his horse to dash towards the cavalry coming towards him. The cavalries are wielding blades and spears, slashing and stabbing towards him ferociously. But Ma Zong Heng strength is boundless, swinging his spear with great strength, his sweep force is akin to a have a momentum to annihilate thousands in his path and sweeps away the foremost weapons that are coming towards him. Shifting his body to dodge the spear stab coming from the left, follow up with a twist of his spear, he sudden sends a stab to the right and kill an officer before he could ambush him. At this moment of life and death, Ma Zong Heng wild nature exploded. His body seems to have endless strength as he twists the spear and sweeps around him ferociously, every attack is a wide ferocious technique. The Dong army that are charging over was immediately split into half, like a wave being split into two, resulting in a gap in the formation.

As Ma Zong Heng charges, he seize a spear with his left hand and starts to brandish around the two spears. He faces the commander who is rapidly giving out command and charges over.

Ma Zong Heng display vividly and thoroughly the meaning of undefeatable among ten thousand men. This supernatural like body, ferocious strength of lion, explosive power of tiger and speed of a wolf. Furthermore what makes Ma Zong Heng curious is this body does not feels unfamiliar to him, when he uses it, it is like proper and expected. Ma Zong Heng have never dream before that there is really time travel in this heaven and earth nor he was the eldest son of Me Teng in his previous life – Ma Xi!

Just when Ma Zong Heng is about to brave the wind and the billows and continues to kill his way in, from the back suddenly came a continuous yell of kill, like an enormous ocean boiling overturning seas and rivers, the waves of kill desire to shake the heaven. Only to see Ma Teng rising his golden spear upwards, digs his spurs and rushes madly forward. Behind him a thousand armoured cavalry as shadows that follows the body follows closely behind him. The enormous cavalry formation seems ghost soldiers that have come from hell demanding lives, bearing the might that seems to swallow up all living things, like heaven falls and earth rends, like raging waves beating against the shore, charges towards the messy Dong army in front of them with unrestrained momentum.

1 帐中well as I can’t find a proper term I decided to use the lowest term used in the Kingdoms manga though I think it should be the second last rank.

2 For the forms check out The ending is the thrusts well at least that is what I think so.


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