Matchless Supernaturals of the Three Kingdom

Matchless Supernaturals of the Three Kingdom


Novel Status: Completed
Published Date: 30/06/2014
Author: Green Frog in the well looking at the sky
Total Chapters: 2406
Genre: Historical, Military, Time Travel, Male Protagonist

Light Novel Raws





Used to the sight of Lu Fengxian(courtesy name of Lü Bu), Zhao Zilong(courtesy name of Zhao Yun), Guan Yunchang(courtesy name of Guan Yu)独武山河, who says the protagonist can not have unrivalled military skills, prestige to rule the world!? Ma ZongHeng, descendant of the Fubo(Ma Yuan), since his childhood is a military fool. Due to an accident, time travels to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty and becomes the eldest son of the tiger Ma Teng – Ma Xi, but soon realises that there is no records in the history about this person. With an unparalleled body physique, and tremendous strength, Come and look…


Book 1 – Chapter 1-131

Book 2 – Chapter 132-2406




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