MCW 35

Chapter 35    [Superhuman is it]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

How is this a three-point convent?! This is basically being forced to sign an unbalanced treaty!

“Did you hear them? I do not wish to repeat them for a second time.”

Wang Yue’s voice carried a bit of delight like she had won over Qin Chuan.

“I do not agree!”

Qin Chuan immediately retorts, “What three-point covenant, get lost! If this matter is settled like this, the two of us would immediately break up! You’ll live in your villa, while I’ll sleep in my single room home!”

Finish speaking, he prepared to hang up and leave.

Wang Yue instantly became anxious and her voice carried a trace of urgency, “You, you wait!”

“What is it now?” Qin Chuan’s tone carried some impatience, “I say President Wang, you must have been too accustomed to being a superior right! Let me tell you I’m not any easy picking. So be it that you mess with me inside the company, but after work hours you still wish to control me? Even going to the toilet you still want to arrange a shift for me? Stop messing around. Controlling heaven, controlling earth, you still want to control when I take a shit and pee?”

“How is there anyone who speaks like you….”

“How am I supposed to speak then! I already had enough of this! I have to admit that you’re already used to being a big miss. In the company, how you like to act high and mighty is your own problem but at home, you still want to be a queen ah you? I, Qin Chuan does not owe you anything, why should I listen to you wherever we go? In public, we have the relationship of a boss and an employee, but that’s only limited to work! In private the two of us have the relationship of fiances. You are my fiance, so be it if you don’t listen to me but right now you still want to give me orders? What do you wish to do! ”

Qin Chuan’s mouth was like a machine gun. After speaking for half a day, he has fired a lot of bullets. After Wang Yue listened for so long, she doesn’t know how to retort.

This guy is really too annoying already. I obviously wish to say something but have nothing to refute to what he said!

Could it be that I really am that big of a  feminist already?

[Cry: Basically her being arrogant that she is more superior than other includes Qin Chuan.]


But Wang Yue doesn’t feel like she said anything wrong. After all, she is indeed the owner! While Qin Chuan is nothing but a tenant!

Wang Yue says, “Right, after all, I’m also considered as your landlord, you should be listening to me.”

“One, I did not beg to come to your house to stay. Although your villa isn’t bad, but my own single room house is much more comfortable! At the very least I don’t have to face your sour face every day! Second, which landlord set so many terrible rules. A house is for a person to live not to serve! This house is also not my Qin Chuan’s ancestors land! Why should I serve it? President Wang, I had enough, I’m unable to serve you so I’ll be taking my leave okay?”

“Who has a sour face!” Wang Yue is both angry and angered when she hears this, “You think that I am begging you to live here?”

“It’s not like I’m begging to look for you!”

Qin Chuan is unhappy as he says, “Since we are unable to come to an agreement, then I’ll just take my leave.”

“Since you feel that the terms are no good…then you say your terms…”

Wang Yue actually chose to retreat which caused Qin Chuan to be slightly surprised.

“If it was me, other than the first term that I can accept, the rest is absolutely impossible!”

Wang Yue asks testingly, “The second term also cannot?”

“Impossible! I have human rights!”

Qin Chuan takes advantage to strike back, I must completely oppress Wang Yue **…ah no, it is under me!

[Cry: So we thought about what that meant for awhile…Me and fuji agreed that it’s basically referring to his `Man hood` or his `D` for short.]


He originally thought that Wang Yue will reject, but unexpectedly she was silent for a while before agreeing to his terms. “Alright…”

“This way can already agree right?”

This time round, it was Qin Chuan’s turn to be stunned, What the, then what am I going to do now? Could it be that I’m really going to live with this lass? Wouldn’t it torment me until I become insane?

But even if he does not like it, but since he had already said them, he cannot go back on his words now.

“I’ll…come down and talk to you then…”

Wang Yue also slowly loosened her tone. It seemed like she also feels that she should not quarrel with Qin Chuan until it becomes a deadlock.

She hangs up and very quickly that beauty wearing casual clothing leisurely comes down from upstairs. Even if he had seen her so many times, every time he sees her he is always slightly stunned. This beauty is really worthy for taking a second look…

Her figure is quite exquisite and delicate. Even if she is wearing a rather relaxed casual clothes, it was unable to cover up her beautiful figure. Don’t know if it’s because no guy had come to her house before, but Wang Yue had actually forgotten to wear her bra which causes Qin Chuan to feel an itch and had to bear in his heart.

Usually seeing a beauty I am not like this, isn’t it just that President only wore slightly lesser clothes than usual…why does it make me feel so out of control? Furthermore, she is still wearing a shirt and it’s not like she was naked completely! Alas, it must definitely be because I was too agitated recently! I should go and take some medicine already!

“What are you doing?”

Wang Yue looks at Qin Chuan curiously. Currently, Qin Chuan is sitting on the sofa with both his legs closed tightly and his expression is slightly nervous. Could it be because he knows that he said too much earlier and is now slightly regretful? If that’s the case then he still can be saved.

Wang Yue asks, “What I just said, do you agree to all of them?”

[Cry: OKAY so explanation time. Qin Chuan just agreed to the first one. That is true. But author uses the word `all` meaning she is asking if he agrees to all 3 of those conditions she set. So blame author. ]


“What else can I do if I don’t agree?”

Qin Chuan shrugged his shoulders, “Could it be that I won’t be able to go out? Perhaps there are already countless bodyguards blocking me outside am I right?”

“Could it be that I would want to eat you up here?”

[Cry: I’ll be honest here this did not make any damn sense. It Should have been ‘ Wang Yue wanting to ‘Eat’ him. But the author uses the word ‘I’.]


Wang Yue didn’t know how to respond, “Qin Chuan, although I agreed to some of your terms, but you also cannot be too much.”

“Where am I too much?”

Qin Chuan did not understand, “Everything is you directing me alright? I was staying happily at my house when suddenly someone pulls me over here and then you suddenly said that you want to live together with me. I’m a young virgin guy do you know how bad would this be for my reputation!”

Wang Yue’s nose is about to become crooked from anger, I did not even mention about this defiling my reputation and he is the first to say it!

This guy…just where did his face go!

“You, don’t pretend to be obedient after obtaining advantages! Let me tell you, I came down to tell you that it’s just the two of us living together that’s all…you, don’t need to think too much.”

Qin Chuan instantly starts laughing loudly, “Where am I thinking too much! It was you who was thinking too much!”

“Hmph!” Wang Yue snorts before she lowers her head and looks at her watch. She realized that it was almost time to go to work.

“I’m going to bath first before changing clothes to go to work. You don’t follow me out. Go and take a walk around before going to work.”

Finish speaking she turns around and sticks out her butt before walking upstairs making Qin Chuan glare at her back view like a he was going to gobble up a beancurd.

This lass, of all things why did she say that she wants to take a bath and make my heart feel so itchy! My below is already so hard to bear already and now, it was going to emerge from its shell already!

What’s the matter with me to actually have such a lack of control over myself! could it be the side-effect of the strengthening of my body?

Qin Chuan cannot image it somewhat, but he also does not wish to be late. Thus he directly swaggers out of the house to go to work.

Because Imperial International and Imperial Department Store are not that far apart, Qin Chuan also does not need to ride his broken electric scooter. But Qin Chuan was more interested in the small district of Imperial International. The reforestation wasn’t bad and the entire small district was around 2 football fields big. The surrounding was tall buildings while the inside is villa which is shaded.

Because he did not train yesterday night, Qin Chuan was slightly not used to it. He takes advantage that there is still time currently and directly rolls up his sleeve before starting to run along the grassy area path in the district. Currently, Qin Chuan feels like he was a battery that was completely charged. His body is filled with so much power that he was unable to use all of them up! If it was in the past, after running more than 10 rounds, Qin Chuan’s speed will definitely not be very quick. But today Qin Chuan runs continuously at the speed of a 100 meter sprint and he didn’t feel tired at all!

After 300 meters, Qin Chuan’s face was neither red nor was his heart beat increasing. He wasn’t even panting.

Because the morning air is slightly better, especially within the reforested area of Imperial International, it wasn’t just Qin Chuan who was doing morning exercises.

Qin Chuan did not run far before seeing a beautiful young woman. She was wearing pink exercise clothing and was wearing earplugs while jogging.

The sportswear was slightly tight and clearly shows the young woman’s mature figure making people unable to be fussy! By the side, there’s also an old man who was doing his morning exercises and in the end, he kept looking until his eyes are basically completely looking at the woman. In the end, he knocks himself headlong into a tree.

With this kind of figure, it’s enough to attract countless men to try and commit a crime! But Qin Chuan’s vision is efficient and was able to see that she is wasn’t like Wang Yue who was an unmarried woman. She was wearing a diamond ring on her right index finger, perhaps she was already married.

While her body is also letting out a faint milk smell….alas this kind of beauty, don’t know who had already defiled her!

The ancient saying was correct, good cabbage is all dug up by pigs!

Qin Chuan shakes his head and calms his inner heart before continuing to sprint venting his strength to maintain clear-headed!

Seeing a guy wearing a security guard attire sprinting by her at the speed of which runners use for 100m sprint, the woman sneers.

Another hot-blooded man, there are so many guys who are like this showing off in front of me! Male animal ah, you think that this way will be able to help you obtain a girl’s favor? You are really naive. With this 100m sprint speed, after 6 seconds he would be done.

The young woman continues her slow jog as she waits for Qin Chuan to slow down. But what shocked her was that that security guard did not slow down at all, instead he was running faster and faster. After a while, he had already run a round, around the entire district and was already behind her.

“Such a coincidence we meet again.”

The security guard also great her teasingly before continuing his 100m sprinting speed!

Gods, this fellow’s endurance is too horrifying already! Could it be that he is a superhuman?

When Qin Chuan runs pass her 3 times already, she was slightly shocked in her heart. During the 4th and 5th time of running past her, her world view started to crumble into pieces! I’m not dreaming right? This guy doesn’t have blood in his body, instead, it was oil!

She finally cannot help but wish to ask that guy but he had already run out of the district and was headed towards the outside.

That security guard….just who on earth is he?

The young woman was slightly sluggish and doesn’t know when she would meet this guy again.

Qin Chuan runs outside of the small district and directly runs to the department store entrance. While today, Imperial department store is even more bustling than in the past. Because right outside, there were a number of police cars with their emergency lights turned on!

[ Cry: If you see any mistakes at all that needs editing just tell in the comments or discord.]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 35  [Super human is it]

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