Mai Kitsune Waifu Character sheet

Main Character

Liu Yi – Main Character – Blood Emperor – have a devil split personality

>AI – Little Jade – stolen from Glorious Sun Conglomerate by Liu Yi


Liu Yi’s harem

Lin Tong           -> Liu Yi’s Master and is a heavenly fox demon, taught him < Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra>


Liu Yi’s harem to be

Ma Yuanyuan     – Ma Yixuan’s sister, Middle schooler, Nice Girl, Liu Yi’s Neighbor

Li MoLi                – Poison Jasmine – Assassin, Wants to be MC’s student

Wang Yuzheng   – Smartest girl in school – Crush on Liu Yi

Yuan Zhenyue    – Policewoman – hates Hundred Ways to milk a man

Gu Yu                   – taught Liu Yi <Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra> to fend against the demon energy inside his body

Murong Die        – Rich ojou-chan – Tsundere – friend of Wang Lele – Crush on Liu Yi – Dead Mom

Wang Lele           – Big breasted airhead – friend of Murong Die


Side character

Grandfather    – Liu Yi’s grandfather – Butcher – Former Soldier 

Wang An          – Bodyguard of Murong Hong and Murong Die – Nicknamed Uncle Wang – Former Soldier

Murong Hong – Rich Gentlemen – Murong Die’s Dad – Dead Wife

Director Wang – Director of Liu Yi’s school – Related somehow to Wang Lele



Ma Yixuan       – School Bitch – Metal Spiritual Body*tem – Liu Yi’s neighbor

Kevin                – School Bully

Yuan Shaojun – Biggest School Bully

Li Bing             – Underling of Yuan Shaojun

Lan He             – Rich Playboy – Asshole

Chen Cai          – Best friend of MC


Hunters Organization

Leng Mo          – Lesbian – Mission Control

Old Man Ma   – Drunken fellow


Red Scarf Army

Hu Rui            – Nicknamed Rat – From Highschool 14

Sun Haoyuan – Nicknamed Big Head – Former Boss of the White Tiger Gang – From Highschool 14

Tang Guo        – Nicknamed Little Chili – Tigress – From Highschool 14

Chen Dahai    – Former boss of Cape Bar – Wife is a Tigress – ex-soldier

Chen Ye           – Subordinate of Dahai – ex-soldier

Zhou Jinle       – Subordinate of Dahai – Traitor for Black Dragon Group – ex-soldier


Black Dragon Gang

Cheng Ye       – Hall leader of Xin Dong district

Ma Wei          – Low level Black dragon gang member – Associate of Lan He

Jun Dao         – Undering of Cheng Ye’s second brother – an expert



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