Mai Kitsune Waifu Character sheet

Main Character

Liu Yi

Cultivation technique: <Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra> / <Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra> / <Scarlet Blood Sutra>

Types of Qi in body: <>

Technique known: <Glorious Sun Palm> / <Spirit Fox Steps> / <Amourous Feeling Hand> / <Black and white world> / <Golden Eyes> / <Shadow Steps> / <Bountiful Chest Hand> / <Emotion Sword> / <Crippling Star Hand>

Transformation: <Spiritual Beast Transformation>

Spiritual Beast: <Little Die, butterfly> / <Little Black, skeleton> / <Yan Qiuhong, Monarch Scorpion>

AI: Little Jade

Idendities: <Blood Emperor>

Little Brothers: <Chen Cai> / <Chen Dahai>


Liu Yi’s harem

Lin Tong           -> Liu Yi’s Master and is a heavenly fox demon, taught him < Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra>. In the beginning, she wants to absorb Liu Yi’s vitality to recover but was sealed into Liu Yi’s right hand by Gu Yu. She is the one who has brought Liu Yi into the cultivation realm and become a cultivator. She passes to Liu Yi his first cultivation technique, <Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra>, in the beginning, to break out of the seal. But later on due to true love, she made a one-year pact with Liu Yi.


Liu Yi’s harem to be

Ma Yuanyuan     – Ma Yixuan’s sister, Middle schooler, Nice Girl, Liu Yi’s Neighbor

Li MoLi                – Poison Jasmine – Assassin, Wants to be MC’s student

Wang Yuzheng   – Smartest girl in school – Crush on Liu Yi

Yuan Zhenyue    – Policewoman – hates Hundred Ways to milk a man

Gu Yu                   – taught Liu Yi <Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra> to fend against the demon energy inside his body

Murong Die        – Rich ojou-chan – Tsundere – friend of Wang Lele – Crush on Liu Yi – Dead Mom

Wang Lele           – Big breasted airhead – friend of Murong Die


Side character

Grandfather    – Liu Yi’s grandfather – Butcher – Former Soldier 

Wang An          – Bodyguard of Murong Hong and Murong Die – Nicknamed Uncle Wang – Former Soldier

Murong Hong – Rich Gentlemen – Murong Die’s Dad – Dead Wife

Director Wang – Director of Liu Yi’s school – Related somehow to Wang Lele



Ma Yixuan       – School Bitch – Metal Spiritual Body*tem – Liu Yi’s neighbor

Kevin                – School Bully

Yuan Shaojun – Biggest School Bully

Li Bing             – Underling of Yuan Shaojun

Lan He             – Rich Playboy – Asshole

Chen Cai          – Best friend of MC


Hunters Organization

Leng Mo          – Lesbian – Mission Control

Old Man Ma   – Drunken fellow


Red Scarf Army

Hu Rui            – Nicknamed Rat – From Highschool 14

Sun Haoyuan – Nicknamed Big Head – Former Boss of the White Tiger Gang – From Highschool 14

Tang Guo        – Nicknamed Little Chili – Tigress – From Highschool 14

Chen Dahai    – Former boss of Cape Bar – Wife is a Tigress – ex-soldier

Chen Ye           – Subordinate of Dahai – ex-soldier

Zhou Jinle       – Subordinate of Dahai – Traitor for Black Dragon Group – ex-soldier


Black Dragon Gang

Cheng Ye       – Hall leader of Xin Dong district

Ma Wei          – Low level Black dragon gang member – Associate of Lan He

Jun Dao         – Undering of Cheng Ye’s second brother – an expert



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