Character List

Character introduction (as of chapter 412)

Male main character

Liu Yi

Cultivation technique: <Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra> / <Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra> / <Scarlet Blood Sutra>

Types of Qi in body: <Demon Qi> / <Immortal Qi> / <Netherworld Qi> / <Devil Qi> / <Asura Qi>

Technique known: <Glorious Sun Palm> / <Spirit Fox Steps> / <Amourous Feeling Hand> / <Black and white world> / <Golden Eyes> / <Shadow Steps> / <Bountiful Chest Hand> / <Emotion Sword> / <Crippling Star Hand>

Transformation: <Spiritual Beast Transformation> / <Dragon Transformation (lose control over body)>

Spiritual Beast: <Little Die, butterfly> / <Little Black, skeleton> / <Yan Qiuhong, Monarch Scorpion>

AI: Little Jade

Servant: <Mingyue Xuefeng, Netherworld xxx>

Idendities: <Blood Emperor>

Little Brothers: <Chen Cai> / <Chen Dahai>



Ling Tong (First meet on chapter 2)

In the beginning, she wants to absorb Liu Yi’s vitality to recover but was sealed into Liu Yi’s right hand by Gu Yu. She is the one who has brought Liu Yi into the cultivation realm and become a cultivator. She passes to Liu Yi his first cultivation technique, <Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra>, in the beginning, to break out of the seal. But later on due to true love, she made a one-year pact with Liu Yi.

Murong Die (First Meet on Chapter XXX)
Wang Lele (First Meet on Chapter XXX)
Gu Yu (First Meet on Chapter XXX)
Wenren Qian (First Meet on Chapter XXX)
Wang Yuzheng (First Meet on Chapter XXX)
Li Biyue (First Meet on Chapter XXX)
Ao Susu (First Meet on Chapter XXX)
Ai Ling (First Meet on Chapter XXX)
Yoko Nishikawa (First Meet on Chapter XXX)

A Japanese kunoichi. A lolita. First girl to be pushed down by Liu Yi. (Chapter 334)

Zhang Meixin (First Meet on Chapter XXX)

Supporting Role

Chen Cai (First Meet on Chapter 13)

Liu Yi’s best friend. Deskmates when they are in high school. Obtain his ability when he got electrocuted by lightning when playing computer and obtain the ability to summon out computer games heroes from LOL and Plants vs Zombies. He falls in love with a woman but killed her because his heart had died from her betrayal. Because he uses his special powers when killing the woman, he attracted the attention of the Dragon Group. After fighting the Dragon Group, he joins them in the end. To become stronger, he follows Liu Yi into Asura Realm to train. He died in Asura Realm during the 5X day into the training and becomes an Asura. He had managed to get open 16 star jades within 200 years but was killed to 8 star jades by Liu Yi and before they leave Asura Realm 300 years later, he had only managed to get his cultivation back to 13 star jades.

Ma Yixuan (First Meet on Chapter 13)

Liu Yi’s first love. Ask her boyfriend to beat Liu Yi up.

Ma HUa (First Meet on Chapter XXX)

Original name, Ma Long. Originally a chief disciple of Raising Immortal Palace, but was harm by others and turn into a devil. After becoming a devil, he went to the Devil Realm and become the Devil King in the Devil Realm. After which he tries to return to the human realm and fought with the Realm Guardian but loses and was crippled by the Realm Guardian’s <Crippling Star Hand> and loses his cultivation. Taught Liu Yi <Emotion Sword> in chapter 236. Currently a night watch foggy in KeDa (Chapter 342). One of Liu Yi’s teacher.

Xiao Mi (First meet on chapter 351)

Dog Zodiac, after being saved by Liu Yi, she acknowledges him as her master. Likes Liu Yi.

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