MKW Chapter 999

Chapter 999  [Title below]

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When Liu Yi returned to the hotel, he took out the box cigarette and observed it closely.

This kind of cigarette has such powerful magic that it gives that Solo Sect disciple such self-confidence? Should I get in touch with him?

Lin Tong has transformed back into a cute little fox and is lying on top of the table in front of Liu Yi as she gently wags her cute little tail.

Liu Yi did not realize that Lin Tong’s body is becoming more and more real. This is the effect of Lin Tong absorbing Liu Yi’s qi day and night. Her real body is slowly starting to be formed. Perhaps in the near future, her body will be completely recovered. But Lin Tong did not tell Liu Yi because she wished to continue staying by his side in this manner together.

After all, among so many girls, only I can keep accompanying Liu Yi by his side. While looking at the rest of his girls, no matter if it is Wang Yuzheng or Ai Ling, all of these girls that makes Liu Yi like them a lot, they can only stay by his side for a while only before needing to leave, and each of them are busy with their future prospects.

In comparison, I am the most fortunate one. No matter how huge my accomplishment, how high my cultivation is, or how good my luck is, I, Fox Immortal Lin Tong, only wish to stay by Liu Yi’s side and accompany him. 

Lin Tong feels that her greatest feat is being able to allow Liu Yi to achieve great things.

Looking at Liu Yi playing the box of cigarettes, Lin Tong asks, {What is mystical about that cigarette?}

{That is what I wish to know.}

Liu Yi opens his palm and looks at the box of cigarettes in the center of his palm and says what he is thinking in his heart, {Look at this box of cigarettes. Although it looks ordinary, it is actually one of the methods that Solo Sect is using to attract the nouveau riche. If it cannot satisfy the nouveau riche, wouldn’t they have made an expenditure in vain? That is why I feel that this thing is not ordinary.}

{Oh, how is it not ordinary?}

{I also do not know. That is why I plan to give it a try.}

As Liu Yi spoke, he took out a cigarette from the box of cigarettes and placed it in front of his nose to sniff it. There does not seem to be anything unusual with its smell. What part of it is strange?

“How can you try this kind of stuff of unidentified origin?”

Lin Tong throws her temple and leaps forward using her claws to press down Liu Yi’s hand, {What if something really happens!}

{Like the saying goes, how do you catch the tiger cub without entering the tiger’s lair?}

Liu Yi stretches out his other hand and gently rubs Lin Tong’s head, {If I do not try it, how would I know what magic this thing has? Yes, I know that you are worried about me. But you must believe me. If this toy can bewilder me, what kind of expert or great cultivator would I be?}

{Why are you always so confident!}

Lin Tong pouts, {In the past, you always listen to whatever this miss said. Why is it now, you no longer listen to m? Is it because now your wings are grown, you feel that the words that this miss says are now rubbish?}

{How can you put it like that.}

Liu Yi hurriedly denies {Immortal Fox sister. You still don’t understand my heart toward you? Furthermore, you know how powerful I am. I am close to a realm crosser; how would I be defeated by this toy? My good sister, just believe me this once. If something happens, even if I become a ghost, I will come and accompany you.}

{Pui, pui! Stop saying such unlucky things!}

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Lin Tong instantly becomes unhappy, {Since you wish to try, then try it! This miss is not going to care about you!}

{Come on, don’t be angry. I guarantee that nothing will happen one!}

{Hmph, can’t be bothered with you.}

Lin Tong rolls her eyes and turns away. She jumps up the sofa by the side and ignores him to calm her heart down.

{Nothing will happen. I’ll just smoke one! But now that I think about it, this is my first time smoking.}

With that, Liu Yi picks up the stick of cigarette and places it in his mouth. Following this, a red flame emerges on his fingertip and lights up this cigarette.

The moment the cigarette is lit up, the entire room is suddenly flooded with a strange fragrance! Even Lin Tong starts to become somewhat sluggish, smelling this fragrance. This fragrance is filled with magic! The moment he breathes it in, Liu Yi instantly feels like he is a lustful immortal floating in the air like he is going to fly away.

At this moment, Liu Yi feels like he is high in the clouds, and his surroundings are all white clouds with fog lingering around. While beautiful fairies are surrounding him, kissing him, caressing him like the wonderland of humans.

Right now, who would feel like a human? I feel like an immortal! If it is possible to be an immortal, who would want to be a human? Liu Yi cannot help but feel that this smoke is indeed unique to actually let a person reach this realm; no wonder that person from Solo Sect was so confident! If an ordinary person is addicted to this, it is even scarier than being addicted to drugs! Cannot! I must leave this wonderland; otherwise, I will be addicted!

Liu Yi quickly wake up!

He tries his best to pull himself together and attempts to wake himself up.

Surrounding him are beauties and fog like an enormous formation surrounding him making him unable to leave it.

These beauties are holding Liu Yi’s arm as they say sweetly, “Come on, don’t leave…”

“That’s right, let us accompany you…”

These beauties are like they really exist, which makes Liu Yi shocked.

What a powerful, mesmerizing smoke. It makes people unable to stop themselves!

“All of you scram!”

Liu Yi suddenly roars as he places his hands together as Buddhist light suddenly appears on his body. Following which rays of golden light shoot out into the surrounding turning those beauties which were hit into white bones which scatter over the ground.

The fog also disappears, and in a blink of an eye, Liu Yi returns onto the sofa in the hotel.

Lin Tong, who is a little fox, is lying there as she looks at him bored.

Seeing that Liu Yi had regained his awareness, but his gaze is still slightly blank, she immediately asks, {How was it? Fun?}

{It was a bit too fun.}

Liu Yi takes a deep breath before saying, {The medical attribute within is too strong. It nearly moved my dao. If it was an ordinary person, how could they endure it?}

{It nearly made you move your dao?}

Lin Tong is astonished, {Looks like Solo Sect methods are indeed impressive! How about I chant some Buddhist scripture for you to clear your mind?}

{There is no need for that.}

Liu Yi smiles, {But if it is possible, Immortal Fox sister can chant Golden Lotus for me to hear. It will definitely be very nice!}

[TL: Golden Lotus is a novel that is notorious and banned for its sexual content during the Ming Dynasty]

Hearing this, Lin Tong rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, {Get lost you, indecent fellow! Can’t you have proper thoughts in your mind?}

{I can} Liu Yi nods his head, {Isn’t my mind still filled with my Immortal Fox sister!}

{Tsk, less of that!}

Lin Tong would not be tricked by Liu Yi’s honey words. She wags her small tail and says, {Your mouth is learning to become worse and worse! I do not want to listen to what you say!}


{Why are you making pig sounds?}

-Liu Yi continuing to make the sound-

{Hey, speak properly!}

{Didn’t you not allow me to speak?}

{Go die! Why are you so obedient now!}

Lin Tong is angry but has nowhere to vent. She wishes to ignore Liu Yi but is still unwilling.

This damn fellow! What kind of medicine did he feed me! So hateful!

“Let’s stop here. It is almost time for me to give that section chief a call.”

With that, Liu Yi took out his phone and called the number on the card.

The other party picks up very swiftly, and from the other side comes a deep voice.

“Who is this?”

“Section Chief Zhang, this is Liu Dapo here.”

Liu Yi lets out clear laughter, “Am I disturbing you by calling you so late?”

“Liu Dapo?”

The other party hesitated for a while; Liu Yi hurriedly explained, “Did you forget already? We met this morning!”

“Ah! Boss, Liu!”

The other party’s voice starts to become passionate as he starts speaking respectfully, “How was it? You have tried our product already?”

“That’s right. Where did Section Chief Zhang get such a good thing? I really like it!”

“If Boss Liu likes it, I can get some more for you!”

Section Chief Zhang did not hide anything, “But, if I keep giving it to you for free, we will not be able to cover the cost.”

“Section Chief Zhang. You must have been thinking of using this thing to control me from the start!”

Liu Yi sneers, “Let’s take it as me falling into your trap. Go on, how much money do you want. After all, I do not lack money!”

Unexpectedly Section Chief Zhang says, “Money is an external thing. I only feel that since we are like-minded people, I feel that we should find an opportunity to have a proper gathering.”


“That’s right. Let’s have a gathering, and let’s have a proper discussion. At this kind, Boss Liu can have as much of this tobacco as you want.”

“Okay, then let’s meet.”

Liu Yi says magnanimously, “Where do you want us to meet.”

“Let me find you at the hotel you are staying at.”

“You know where I am staying?”

“Hahaha, after all, this place is my territory. As for the meeting time, how about tonight?”

“Sure. I’ll wait for you at the hotel.”

Liu Yi hangs up before placing the cigarette by the side and lights up a cigar.

“This is still better to smoke. At the very least, it will not make a person addicted.”

As a cultivator, it is impossible for Liu Yi to get nicotine poisoning. While the cigarette that Solo Sect had manufactured is filled with demonic nature. There is something weird within. Liu Yi feels that it is impossible for him to figure out anything on his own. It needs Huang Jie to find out what is going on. After all, he is a senior disciple from Medical King Valley and is the master towards these things.

{Then let me transform into human form as well.}

Lin Tong feels that when acting, you must have the entire set. Thus her figure flashes, and she transforms back into the appearance of beauty and gracefully sits on the sofa.

Because she is acting, Lin Tong creates a rather sexy short skirt to wear. Her pair of long legs that are hidden under the skirt is as sexy as one can imagine it to be.

Looking at the beauty Lin sitting opposite him, Liu Yi swallows his saliva.

Chapter 999   [Entice the enemy deeper]

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