MKW Chapter 998

Chapter 998  [Title below]

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A seasoned hunter must learn how to adapt to the prey’s taste if they want to capture their prey.

For example, to catch birds, at the very least, they must prepare the bait. This way, the bird would fall into the snare. Right now, what Liu Yi wants to do is to adapt to the fancy of Solo Sect. Thus he customized the pitfall, waiting for the Solo Sect people to fall in.

What does Solo Sect need if they want to develop? Naturally, it is money. If they do not have money, the sect will never be able to develop. Thus, Liu Yi and Lin Tong are playing the role of a rich married couple.

The two of them are sitting in a restaurant. Liu Yi is holding a cigar in his hand while Lin Tong holds out a sulfurless match and gently helps him let it up.

To manifest their rich identity, Liu Yi especially changed into a mink fur cloak. He wants to look like an upstart, the more upstart, the better!

Not only his outerwear, but even Liu Yi’s ten fingers are also wearing various kinds of rings. They are made of gold, jade, jadeite, and many more precious stones.

Liu Yi is even wearing a thick golden necklace around his neck, which is around a thickness of a pinky showing off his rich identity.

Lin Tong is also wearing a mink coat as well as decked out in gold. The two of them are dressed up as a rich couple together, constantly attracting the gaze of the surrounding people.

This is not enough. Liu Yi also summons Sky Supporting Pillar and lets this over 2 meters tall big fellow wear a black suit as well as an earphone making him look like a huge bodyguard.

Sky Supporting Pillar is naturally tall with a huge body making him a natural-born bodyguard. With him standing there, a lot of people sense the formless pressure leading to no one daring to sit in the surrounding few tables of Liu Yi and Lin Tong.

As Lin Tong extinguishes the match, she gently bites Liu Yi’s ear and asks, “Will this really work?”


Liu Yi takes a drag of the cigar. This is a top-quality Cuba cigar, and with a puff, the entire house is filled with the aroma of the cigar.

“As long as Solo Sect is not foolish, they will come and invite the two of us into the sect. It is a waste not to slaughter rich people!”

“What you say is also quite true.”

Lin Tong is not an idiot and naturally understood Liu Yi’s intentions. Thus she no longer says anything and actively acts in concert with Liu Yi’s performance.

The waiter is holding the menu as he walks over. Seeing that Liu Yi is no ordinary person, he asks differentially, “Sir and lady, what do you wish to order?”

Perhaps if my service is good, they might be happy and give me tips.

“There is no need to look at the menu!”

Liu Yi waves his hand that is holding the cigar and says, “Serve up the delicious food and the recommended dishes of your chef onto the table!”

Although they are only two of them, they are sitting at the largest table in the restaurant. When the waiter heard this, he said in his heart, what the, indeed, a rich person! Fine, then I shall slaughter the two of you!

“Please wait a moment!”

He groveling went to help them get their dishes. Very quickly, beautiful waitresses twisting their waist walks over with a tray and starts serving the food.

All kinds of dishes are arranged on the table and soon fill up the entire table.

All sorts of dishes with generous amounts of meat and fish, delicious delicacies make people salivate.

Lin Tong says cutely, “So greasy!”

“Don’t like it?” Liu Yi waves his hand and says, “Remove them all and change into something light!”

What the fuck!

The guests around them were all shocked. Nouveau riche, what an extreme nouveau riche!

This table of dishes is at the very least 3-4k, and you just threw all of them away! This is too fucking wasteful! Nouveau riche! Someone quickly come and beat them up!

Although the waitresses feel that it is wasteful, who asked them to be the consumer, consumers are gods. Since they ask to change it, naturally, they will change for them.

The lavishing meal on the table, as well as exotic delicacies, were soon taken away and changed into some green vegetable dishes as well as several plates of fruits and the likes.

Liu Yi asked, “Baby, how about now.”

“Barely edible, I guess.”

Lin Tong curls her lips, “Looks very ordinary. Who asked you not to listen to me asking you to bring our chef along when we go out.”

“Fuck! That chef is so handsome, what if he gives me a green hat to wear!”

Liu Yi says it like it is the reality with a hoarse voice, “What do you wish to eat? I’ll send an airplane to deliver it!”

“I wish to eat DQ ice cream, but this small place does not have it.”

Lin Tong exhibits her sweet charms and says, “Help me…”

“Okay, okay. I let the helicopter send it over for you.”

Liu Yi immediately gives Sky Supporting Pillar a look. Sky Supporting Pillar nods and takes out his handphone and makes a call, “Boss wants to eat DQ. Send it over.”

The surrounding people are muttering in their heart, is this person really so rich? Sending a helicopter to send over DQ ice cream just because he wishes to eat it?

The conclusion is within 20 minutes; there came a rumbling sound outside.

Everyone looked outside and got a huge shock as they saw a helicopter hovering outside of the restaurant!

Two men in black suits jump down the helicopter holding DQ ice cream in their hands and walk into the restaurant.

“Boss your ice cream.”

The two black suit men place the ice cream on the table in front of Liu Yi while the surrounding people exclaim while their gaze towards Liu Yi changes.

This fellow is indeed really rich! A real nouveau riche!

“Why is it vanilla flavor?”

Unexpectedly Lin Tong is unhappy as she frowns and says, “I wanted strawberry!”

The surrounding people gasp, what the, this woman is too high-maintenance!

“Did you hear her?” Liu Yi says coldly, “Still not going to change it?”

“Yes, boss!”

The two black suit men immediately turn around and leave. Their movements are swift without any sloppiness.

Liu Yi is a bit secretly delighted in his heart. Indeed the feeling of being a nouveau riche is different!

A real rich person has a string of numbers in their bank account. No matter how much money us ordinary people earn or save in our bank, we all know the exact amount. While these rich people, they don’t know just how much money they have in their bank account, nor do they know an exact digit. Because these numbers are constantly changing at every moment.

The reason why they are still working hard to earn money is for a single word, and that is privilege. The only purpose of them earning money is to enjoy the privilege that ordinary people are unable to obtain! If they do not have this privilege, what is the point of them earning money?

Right now, Liu Yi is displaying privilege to its extreme, making those people watching stunned and envious.

After another 20 minutes, a new DQ ice cream is sent over. Lin Tong eats with keen interest while the surrounding people click their tongue in wonder while saying in their heart that the rich are indeed different.

While Lin Tong is enjoying her ice cream, she transmits her voice over to Liu Yi, {Big Idiot. Would we be too overboard, acting like this?}

{No. We must be like this.} Liu Yi told Lin Tong, {Only by squandering money like dirt will we attract our prey. This time, I want to use a long line to catch a big fish.}

As he smokes his cigar, he says to Lin Tong, {With us making such a huge movement, I reckon that it is nearly there.}

While he is speaking, a man wearing a suit walks over. This guy is tall and slender and is holding a briefcase, giving off the aura of an office worker.

He walked directly towards Liu Yi but was blocked by Sky Supporting Pillar.

“Sir! Sir!”

The man hurriedly says, “I am the Section Chief of Foreign Affairs of this Lu Zhen Tourism Planning Department. I wish to have a chat with you!”

“Oh? Functionary?”

Liu Yi waved his hand, “Let him sit then.”

Although China is a country with officials at the top, it does not represent that functionary is the biggest. Officials and money are directly proportional. Some small officials are still very respectful towards big businessmen.

Right now, Liu Yi is acting like a big businessman who has an endless amount of money.

This Section Chief groveling walks over and carefully sit down on the chair before smiling apologetically, “Sir, may I ask you for your surname?”

Liu Yi blows out a smoke ring as he says, “Surname Liu.”

[TL: okay, this is a mistake, I would say..]

“Good, good. Boss Liu. With just a look, I can see that you are a rich person. You come to this small town for touring or to inspect this place?”

Although Lu Zhen is a small town in Jiangnan, due to the local conditions and customs of this patchwork of waters, the tourism industry is rather developed. These few years, Lu Zhen had earned quite a bit of money through tourism; thus, the living standard of Lu Zhen’s upper-class residents has improved by quite a bit.

“Of course it is for touring. Everyday discussing business is so vexing.”

Liu Yi sneers, “I bring my baby out to play and hide from those wine gathering and business gatherings matters to be at ease!”

“Yes, yes. Naturally, when a big boss like you comes to my Lu Zhen, I will accompany you to have fun around this place. Otherwise, you will not be able to properly experience the fun places in Lu Zhen!”


Liu Yi raises his eyebrow, “Lu Zhen has places that I cannot go?”

“Of course.”

The section chief smiles before opening his briefcase and took out a box of cigarettes.

“Seeing that you like to smoke, you can give this a try.”

He passes a stick to Liu Yi. Liu Yi took it to have a look, and there is no brand.

“Don’t tell me that this is a drug?”

“What are you saying. How would I dare to!”

The section chief is in fear and trepidation, “Giving a person of your status drugs, isn’t that seeking death! This is a box of cigarettes that is manufactured by my small town. It has a unique flavor, and most importantly, it can also…”

He scoots over to Liu Yi’s side and whispers into his ear, “Most importantly, it can also improve your sexual capability and allow you to not have a problem doing a hundred women a night!”

He secretly gives the beautiful Lin Tong a look. This kind of beauty being dominated by Mr Liu, this kind of inelegant nouveau riche is a waste of natural resources!

“So mystical?”

“You can give it a try. After trying it, you can come and find me.”

Seeing that mysterious appearance of the section chief, Liu Yi’s interest seems to be incited.

“Sure, later, when I go back, I’ll give it a try. If there is nothing else, you can leave.”

Liu Yi is not polite and sends him off.

“Okay, okay. I shall not disturb you anymore. If you have any matters, give me a call. This is my card.”

With that, the small section chief handed over a name card to Liu Yi and did not stay here any longer. He turns around and leaves.

Liu Yi did not say anything and continued to smoke his cigar.

Lin Tong asked, “Is it not him?”

Liu Yi winks at Lin Tong. “It is him.”

“Why did you not capture him?”

“He is nothing but a small fish.”

Liu Yi continues to smoke his cigar and says faintly, “What I want is that big fish behind him!”

Chapter 998   [What is a local tyrant]

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