MKW Chapter 997

Chapter 997  [Title below]

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“Do you hear it, Bai Jie? Our Lord Sword Emperor has things to ask you!”

At this moment, the little fox is delighted. The more capable Liu Yi is, the happier she is. Recalling back then how Liu Yi was tricked by her into entering the cultivation world, she really wishes to laugh. Who would believe her if she tells them that this current major character was unwilling to cultivate in the past?

Bai Jie, who is kneeling down, immediately says, “Please ask. I, Bai Jie, will not hide anything that I know!”


Liu Yi nods his head, “Let me ask you. Is there a Solo Sect causing mischief in this area?”

“There is!”

Bai Jie did not hesitate and replied, “Solo Sect has been operating around this area for some time! They are always snatching believers from me! Not concealing from two lords, my Bai Jie’s Temple of Goddess of Fertility used to have even more believers. This small brook’s vicinity was lined up with people waiting to make wishes to me. But as you all have seen, right now, only these few are left.”

What the, these number of people present is still little? They can become a reinforced link! Looks like evil cults, and the likes indeed expand very quickly! As long as they use their powers to satisfy the small wishes of a few people, these believers’ numbers will quickly increase.

It is not easy for humans to live in this world. They will meet all kinds of difficulty; thus, they will go and seek some spiritual hope to console themselves. A belief that can satisfy their wish? Very good.

“Do you know where Solo Sect is?”

Liu Yi does not know where Solo Sect is; thus, he can only ask Bai Jie.

“I do not.”

But Bai Jie’s answer disappointed Liu Yi. However, Bai Jie quickly turns the conversation and gives him hope again.

“But I know where they receive people. If the two lords wish to find Solo Sect, why don’t you pretend to be their believers! This way, you can infiltrate their sect!”

“You are rather crafty.”

“Lord is flattering me!”

Bai Jie is somewhat in fear and trepidation as she kneels there, and her earlier insufferably arrogant manner is nowhere to be found.

To demons, Sword Emperor is too scary. No matter if it is Sword Emperor or Dragon Hunter, either of them is words that demons are most unwilling to hear. Although Bai Jie did not live in the Demon Realm during those periods of time, some demons who came from the demon realm had told these things to her.

Just how Dragon Hunter kills demons and how the Sword Emperor defeated the Demon Emperor and destroyed the Demon Race army!

I am only a small nine-tailed fox. How would I dare to go against the Sword Emperor!

What she is afraid of is not Lin Tong and her master. What she is afraid of is this man in front of her.

“Okay, then. The two of us shall not stay here any longer. After returning the money, you should go and change into a more reliable business.”

Liu Yi says, “I am not against demons. After all, I used to have some lineage from the demon race. But if you abandon yourself to despair and disregard your demon race identity to break the law and commit crimes, then I will not spare you.”

“Yes. What lord lectures are right! This girl will no longer dare to!”

Bai Jie thinks rapidly and suddenly says, “How about letting this girl follow lord and serve lord! And let this one toil for lord! What does lord think?”

This sentence causes Lin Tong to be vigilant!

What? This fox spirit wants to follow Liu Yi? Hmph, wouldn’t Liu Yi be charmed by her!

“Hmph! Stop dreaming! Let me tell you the only fox that can stay by Liu Yi’s side is me!”

“Lord Lin is Lord Lin. I am me.”

Bai Jie says craftily, “Lord Lin is Sword Emperor’s dao companion while I am only a small servant and will not threaten Lord Lin.”

“That is true… wrong! Don’t give me a tall hat to wear! This miss is not an idiot! Letting you follow Liu Yi’s side and allow you to do your flattering, sooner or later, Liu Yi will be moved by you!”

“I indeed can use my flattering technique to walk unrivaled around the world.”

When Bai Jie mentions this, she is slightly proud, “The moment I use my charm technique, even a Great Luo Golden immortal will become motionless seeing me. But I do not how deep is Lord Sword Immortal’s cultivation to ignore my charm technique. While my charm technique will help Lord Sword Emperor in the future, that is why, may Lord Sword Emperor offer me shelter.”

Bai Jie has her own plans. Like the saying, a dog threatens based on its master’s power. If a fox demon wishes to survive, it must count on another formidable clan.

Didn’t the charm fox race in the demon realm relies on the Ghost Fox race to survive until now? Although the ghost fox race was exterminated, later on, the charm fox race as before relied on Sword Emperor’s fame to continue to survive.

Perhaps the human realm had already forgotten the Sword Emperor’s appearance and his name. But the demon realm will never forget!

If I can follow by Sword Emperor’s side, naturally, I can benefit from his reputation, and in the future, no one will dare provoke me. Not to mention, following Sword Emperor has a huge benefit. The yang qi on his body is simply the best. That Lin Tong had only followed him for so long and seemed to have already cultivated until she reached golden tails. If I wish to refine my white tails to golden tails, I must have the Sword Emperor.

Liu Yi had experienced too much and became smarter. He instantly hit the nail on the head, “You fancy my reputation or the pure yang qi on me, right?”

Bai Jie’s expression did not change and straightforwardly admit to it.

“Indeed, that is so. That is why I wish to follow lord.”

This fox demon is smart and knows that if she denies it, Liu Yi will sneer and leave. Admitting it like this, on the contrary, makes it harder for Liu Yi.

“Since you wish to follow, so be it.”

Liu Yi sighs, “Go to Massacre Shrine and report my name. Naturally, someone will accept you. When you are there, there will be a place for you, and from then on, you shall be my Massacre Shrine’s Public Relations Minister.”

Public Relations’s Minister is the elder who would receive outsiders.

Chen Keqing and Poison Jasmine, these two people are not slick and sly enough. When they are dealing with guests, it is very likely for them to provoke them. But if it is changed to Bai Jie, just the name might awe the other party! Hahaha, I have a good plan!

“Fine then!”

Bai Jie feels that she should progress bit by bit. Wait till Liu Yi has seen my loyalty, then he will let me remain by his side.

“Then, you shall withdraw your charm technique and set off.”

After inquiring about the place where Solo Sect receives believers from Bai Jie, they part from this woman.

After Bai Jie leaves, those believers kneeling down slowly start to sober. All of them look at each other in dismay.

What happened just now? I only remember that after a beautiful woman appeared, I no longer recall anything.

Looking at the group of bewildered people, Liu Yi mutters in his heart. What a powerful Charm Technique. Luckily my mental state is very firm; otherwise, I would be easily pulled into her charm technique.

By the side, Lin Tong pouts as she asks, “Are you regretting now? Letting such a beautiful woman go, you must be very resentful!”

“Why did Immortal Fox sister bring this up?”

Liu Yi exclaims with injustice, “I already have a little fox immortal who has accompanied me throughout my life by my side! My Immortal Fox sister can accompany up the nine layers of heaven and down the 18 levels of hell. With this kind of dao companion, what else can this one seek for?”

“Tsk, the sweet things that you say are smeared with honey!

“That’s right. Sister, come and have a taste.”

With that, Liu Yi embraces Lin Tong and kisses her lips heavily.


Lin Tong’s jaw fell into enemies’ hands and was kissed into bewilder passion. Finally, she no longer cares that there are a lot of people surrounding them and hooks her hands around Liu Yi’s neck and kisses back passionately.

The two of them kisses in the middle of the street in passion, with neither of them willing to split.

“Wow, these two people are so passionate!”

“It is already 10 minutes! Impressive!”

“Are they trying to break the Guinness Book record?”

The surrounding people click their tongue in wonder. The number of busybodies is becoming more and more, and someone took out their phone to snap a few photos preparing to blog it.

In the end, Liu Yi and Lin Tong kissed for an hour, and near the end, they are not just kissing; they are also cultivating.

The yang qi in Liu Yi’s body starts mobilizing and, through his mouth, flows slowly into Lin Tong’s body. While Lin Tong’s yin qi also starts moving into Liu Yi’s mouth bit by bit.

This kind of yin yang transfer is incomparably wonderful. Their cultivation is slowly bit by bit improving under this kind of cultivation.

That is why under the prerequisite of cultivating, they unwittingly kissed for over an hour, making the surrounding people somewhat tired watching them.

“Do these two people not need to breathe?”

“Are they not tired?”

The busybodies express their puzzlement while Liu Yi finally loosens his mouth, and Lin Tong takes two deep breaths.

“Wuuu…my mouth is kissed numb by you.”

Lin Tong gently massages her lips and gives Liu Yi a reproachful look.

“Hey, hey. A single palm is unable to clap!”

Liu Yi expressed that he was wronged, “Afterwards, it was all because of you kissing me forcefully!”

“Get lost! Is this miss that kind of unreserved person?”

“You are a fox spirit.”

“Damn it!”

Lin Tong nearly exploded out with some swear words. Suddenly noticing several people taking photos of them by the side, she does not like it and immediately pulls Liu Yi’s hand before dashing through the crowd and ran away.

Several bored people still wish to chase after them and take more photos. But the two of them run too quickly and they are unable to chase up!

“This…are they marathon champions?!”

“Too fast!”

In a blink of an eye, they were all left far behind while Liu Yi and Lin Tong held hands and walked towards the place where Solo Sect received their believers.

Solo Sect had just sprung up and does not dare flamboyantly disseminate their teachings. Otherwise, they will suffer the suppression of the government.

The position of the government in the cultivation is not that low. After all, several cultivation worlds wish to recruit disciples, and more or less, they need to put things in order for the government. When some evil cults appear, they will help the government to step in and eliminate these evil cults. This is also why the Great God Sect always hides in a secret place, not daring to show themselves.

Right now, if Solo Sect wishes to have a footing and develop, they must use some extraordinary manner.

At this moment, Lin Tong and Liu Yi are sitting in a restaurant. They have casually ordered a few small dishes and waited for the prey to find them.

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