MKW Chapter 996

Chapter 996  [Title below]

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“Asking me to kneel down and lick when you see me. Sister. You are really open. Worth being called Bai Jie.”

Liu Yi expressed his approval and heartfelt praise.

While Bai Jie cannot help to get angry as she stares at the two people in front of them in shock. The two of them were not pulled into my charm technique? How is that possible?

I am a nine-tailed white fox! Who can escape from my charm technique in this realm? Even those mortals who are stronger will also be charmed and fall into my embrace!

While these two people in front of me can still maintain their own consciousness! This shouldn’t be possible! It’s impossible!

“Damn it! It is impossible for my charm technique to lose effect!”

This immortal fox goddess Bai Jie shouts as she clenches her fist as a red light erupts from her eyes. This light spreads out in all directions and floods the surroundings hitting everyone present, making them tremble. At the same time, their reluctance to leave Bai Jie deepens.

“Everyone, become my slaves!”

As Bai Jie speaks, she stretches out a leg and steps on the head of a man kneeling in front of her.

The rest of the men also start kneeling down. After being targeted by her charm technique, right now, they had become her captives.

Right now, at this moment, Bai Jie is the queen in the hearts of these men.

But Liu Yi only crosses his arms as he stands there perfectly all right with a smile.

“What is going on!”

Bai Jie got a huge shock. I have used the full power of my charm technique, but it still does not affect this guy!

Could it be that my charm technique is not effective towards him?

Looks like this guy is capable!

But I had bitterly trained my charm technique for so many years. It shouldn’t be possible for a mortal to resist it!

“Your determination is not bad!”

Bai Jie says, “But you still might not be able to resist my charm technique!”

“Comrade Bai. Take out all of your moves.”

Liu Yi challenges Bai Jie, “If I get affected by your moves, I will be up to you to deal with.”

I already have the strength of a realm crosser. Although my mental state is slightly lacking, it is not a problem to deal with the charm technique of a nine-tailed white fox.

“Good! It is you who said it!”

Bai Jie is delighted. You will obey what I say!

She immediately walks up and lightly sticks herself to Liu Yi. A fragrance immediately surges into Liu Yi’s nose like a small hand tickling his soul. But Liu Yi kept up his guard around his mind, and his mental state was not moved.

Even if his cultivation had not reached realm crosser, Liu Yi is a person who had trained in Buddhist sutra. He also possesses a Luohan golden body, which strongly defends his soul like buddha protection allowing his soul to be unaffected by the six root kleshas of Abhidharma.

[TL: the kleshas are Attachment, Anger, Ignorance, Pride/Conceit, Doubt, Wrong View]

Liu Yi does not care about this minor charm technique. Only those mortals who had never gone through immortal cultivation will fall for it. Buddhism’s heart is originally exceptional. Wanting them to make them fall for a charming technique is even harder than making them eat meat!

Bai Jie sticks her body to Liu Yi and gently kisses Liu Yi’s ear. At the same time, she lets out a soft moan in his ear.

This voice enters the ears of the surrounding men instantly, causing them to become excited. They start letting out a groan as their lower body falls into the enemy’s hand and starts shooting!

Furthermore, it is not just a single person but a huge number! This shows that the might of Bai Jie is even more terrible than an atomic bomb!

Only Liu Yi stands there remaining unmoved. He places his hands together, eye watching his nose and his nose watching his heart, motionless like a statue standing there undergoing hardship, and nothing can shake him up.

“Old monk enter a meditative state?”

Seeing how Liu Yi remains unmoving, Bai Jie tilts her head and looks at him before knitting her brows lightly and mutters softly, “Could it be that you are a monk? Strange, how could there be a monk who still has hair?”

Bai Jie does not understand, but her unwillingness to concede is becoming clearer. She is not only moaning now. Her hands are touching Liu Yi all over the place.

As a nine-tailed white fox, her charm technique is very powerful! Logically, as long as she does what she is doing now, even Daoist immortals will not be able to resist her! But Liu Yi continues to stand there relaxing with his eyes closed like he is not affected at all.

“Don’t tell me that you are the reincarnation of buddha!”

Bai Jie feels that her dignity has been severely challenged. She bluntly moved her mouth to kiss Liu Yi. But at this moment, Liu Yi suddenly stretches out his hand and block’s Bai Jie’s mouth.

“Apologies, what you are going to do next is exceeding your boundaries.”

Liu Yi uses his hand to block and says calmly, “My mouth already has an owner. Don’t think about it.”

“Damn it!”

Bai Jie is angered as she did not expect that her charm technique would fail. Her expression turns cold as she raises her right hand. Her five fingers turn into sharp claws, clawing at Liu Yi’s head.

Her claws are very sharp and can slice through human skulls and dig out their brain!

But Liu Yi is not a person who will allow himself to be harmed by anymore. He stretches out a finger and jabs at Bai Jie’s descending claw.

Bai Jie’s palm was instantly pierced through by Liu Yi’s finger, and blood flowed out, spraying over Bai Jie’s face making this beautiful, charming woman turn sinister like an evil spirit from hell!


Bai Jie screams in pain while the Daoist nun is terrified as this is the first time she has seen the immortal fox goddess suffer a loss.

“Just this bit of cultivation, and you dare cause mischief?”

Liu Yi lowers that finger that is not stained with blood. While Bai Jie’s palm is stained red by blood!

“You better go back and cultivate 500 more years. The six realms are so big and have many experts. How is it a place for you to be arrogant.”

“I am a nine-tailed white fox!”

Bai Jie shouts as she pounces at Liu Yi. At the same time, her claws light up with cold light like five chill wind.

Liu Yi allowed Bai Jie to claw his stomach, and when Bai Jie’s claws had entered his flesh, she felt like she was no longer able to stab her claws in anymore!

Liu Yi’s muscles are like they are alive as they lock Bai Jie’s claw in place.

“Who, who are you!”

She can sense that Liu Yi is no ordinary person.

“Just a person who likes to meddle in other people’s business when I see injustice.”

With that, Liu Yi raises his palm and slaps down on Bai Jie’s shoulder.

Bai Jie is only a nine-tailed fox. How can she endure Liu Yi’s attack! She instantly shrieks as she flies out and smashes into a wall behind, looking battered and exhausted.

“Lay down your butcher’s knife and become a Buddha on the spot.”

Liu Yi advises with kindness, “If you continue on like this, no one will be able to save you.”

“I will not die! I do not need anyone to come and save me!”

Bai Jie had steeled her heart to kill Liu Yi. She climbs to her feet as her nine tails emerge. They are very furry and very enormous floating behind her back.

Nine tails coming out is the strongest technique of fox race! Back then, Liu Yi had also learned a few tail transformation moves and used his three foxtails to beat a lot of experts up badly!

Right now, this Bai Jie’s technique appears to be a somewhat different method that leads to the same result.

“Not bad, but it is time to end here.”

Lin Tong praises by the side before walking over and says clearly, “Bai Jie. As a charming fox, you do evil deeds. If you still do not know to repent, don’t blame my charm fox race for punishing you renegade!”

Bai Jie sneers, “Who the hell are you to represent my charm fox race!”

“Good question.”

Lin Tong nods her head, “This miss is proud of my name and stands by my actions! I am Lin Tong!”

“Lin Tong?”

The nine-tailed white fox seems to have heard of a scary matter. Her eyes widen as she asks, “Who, who is your master?”

“Is there a need to even ask that? I only have one master, and she is Qiu Shuiyi from the demon realm!”

Only then did that nine-tailed white fox suddenly realize it and ask hurriedly, “You, you, you are Elder Qiu’s disciple?”

“Of course!”

Lin Tong snorts. Taking advantage that the men are still lifeless, she reveals her own tails.

Eight fox tails bordered with a gold tint, and golden body emerges scaring that nine-tailed white fox into kneeling down immediately.

“Oh my! My young master! Young ancestor!”

Her earlier arrogant attitude completely disappears, and is appearing respectful as well as frightened.

“Forgive my clumsy eyes!” As she speaks, she slaps her mouth, “I did not know that you had come! If I had known that you were Elder Qiu’s disciple, I would not dare to be like this even if I was beaten to death!”

“Looks like you know quite a bit.”

Lin Tong is delighted, my identity to outsiders is useless, but to this fox demon, it is useful.

“Then, then, this one should be the one who is famous in the demon realm….Lord Sword Emperor…”

Bai Jei is very frightened in his heart. I tried to seduce the Sword Emperor just now…good gosh, being able to still stay alive is truly the heavens being merciful…ah wrong, it is Sword Emperor being merciful!

“I had long ago abandoned this name.”

Liu Yi says calmly while Bai Jie is even more afraid in her heart. What the, the other name is Dragon Hunter! And to us demons, there is no scarier name than this!

“Lords, this one no longer dares to. This is also because I was mad about money!”

Bai Jie repeatedly begs for forgiveness, “I beg the two of you to please let this one off!

“I am not a ruthless person.”

Liu Yi is kindhearted and does not have the heart to kill this fox demon just like this. As long as she is willing to repent, he will give her a second chance.

“But you must guarantee that you will never do such things again. At the same time, return all those fortunes that you had conned these few days.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I will return them! Definitely!”

Bai Jie is about to be frightened to death. Being able to survive under the Sword Emperor’s hand is not bad. Who would dare to think about money!

Recalling that Bai Jie is the local snake in this place, he immediately starts talking about his proper matter, “I also have some matters that I need to inquire from you.”

Chapter 996   [Fox demon meeting fox demon]

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