MKW Chapter 994

Chapter 994  [Title below]

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Hearing this, Liu Yi wishes to clap his hands and laugh loudly. What a good Daoist nun. It indeed came!

So planting two smokescreens on those two people for free was to wait for this! The ten people who donate the most incense money, wow. It feels like everyone must donate incense money. Furthermore, other than the ten people who donate the most, everyone else is donating for nothing!

A brother who dressed up as a migrant worker holds up a hundred dollar bill and stuffs it into the donation box as he shouts, “I donate! I donate a hundred!”

“Hahaha, what is there to show off with just a hundred! I donate a thousand!”

A white-collar walks over and stuffs a thousand dollars in.

“I donate ten thousand!”

Just as the white-collar is somewhat proud, a rich guy wearing mink fur walks out from among the crowd. He takes out a briefcase and takes out a bunch of 100 dollar bills, and tosses it into the box.

This instantly makes a lot of people click their tongue in wonder while a number of people gaze at the ocean and lament their inadequacy.

Indeed, ‘prayers are effective only when they are sincere’! To make Fox Immortal Goddess manifest, it is impossible without money.

“I donate ten thousand then.”

An even richer fellow appeared. A shorty walks over in unremarkable sportswear holding a bank card and asks, “Can you accept card?”


Unexpectedly that Daoist nun really took out a POS machine! Seeing this, Liu Yi immediately gives a thumbs-up as he praises in his heart, indeed. To do a good job, an artisan needs the best tools! This Daoist nun’s preparation is quite adequate. To even prepare a POS machine!

The rich guy slashes his card and attracts the envious gaze from the rest. Alas, right now, I wish to beat up a rich fellow! He has so much money. What can he not do? Why does he want to snatch this precious quote from us!

With the rich guy asking that question, everyone starts to clench their teeth and follow suit as they start taking out their own bank card and use their savings to donate!

As long as I can make a wish, I will be able to make even more money! Furthermore, there are lots of matters where money will not be able to do! If I am able to do it, all the money I spent is worth it!

One of the white-collar workers took out his entire life savings, preparing to become an official then earn back his money!

Towards this kind of person, Liu Yi had long seen through their thoughts and disdained them.

Greed is the natural instinct of humans. It is because of greed; someone will progress; someone will take the wrong path. And there will also be people who are used by others and are deceived.

Most of the people here are blinded by greed and are ugly. Wait till they realize when they were duped, they will come back and attack the Fox Immortal Goddess Temple of Fertility and, at the same time, curse all Fox Immortals.

An old man hesitates as he takes out his bank card. Inside is the 200k that is meant for his son to see a doctor. His son has a weird sickness. His body is feeling cold, and he can only lie in bed strengthlessly. He even needs other people to feed him as well as saying nonsense. He will also have a fever at night.

They have found a lot of people to try and cure this weird sickness, but it is useless. This time he came to the Temple of Fertility to make a wish for his son.

Temple of Fertility is very efficacious. She will be able to treat my son.

But 200k…I am somewhat unwilling to donate it. After all, this money was gathered from me and my wife selling our home to treat our son.

Forget it. For our son, so what if it is 200k!

The old man clenches his teeth and plans to donate the money.

The Daoist nun smiles merrily as she holds out her POS machine and passionately walks in front of that old man.

Just as the old man is about to swipe his card, Liu Yi stretches out his hand and grabs hold of his hand.

“What do you want?”

The old man is shocked; why did this young man grab my hand? Could it be that he wants to snatch my money? But he does not know the pin to my card!

The Daoist nun also frowns as she stares at this unknown person who suddenly appears.

“Old man. Your son’s sickness can be treated, but you must not donate this money.”

“Ah, how did you know that my son is sick!”

The old man stares at Liu Yi in astonishment, not knowing how Liu Yi knew of this matter!

“I know it, but she does not know.”

With that, Liu Yi points to the statue in the Temple of Fertility, “That is nothing but a small demon who knows smokescreens. Old man, please do not be tricked.”

“What nonsense are you saying!”

“Where did this madman come from. Stop disturbing us from making our wish! Scram!”

“That’s right. We have already donated our incense money! Stop wasting our time!”



The crowd starts scolding Liu Yi, making Lin Tong worried as she stomps her feet and says, “We are only helping all of you, why are still being unreasonable!”

Only the old man did not scold Liu Yi. Because what he had said earlier had hit the nail on the head. He cannot help but somewhat believe him.

“Everyone, I also know how to make anyone that I look at pregnant.”

Liu Yi laughs before clapping his hands lightly.

Instantly everyone exclaims in shock because their stomachs are starting to expand! Even that Daoist nun is also the same.

“Gods! I am pregnant!”

“Wuwuwu, don’t, I am still a young virgin maiden!”

“What the fuck! I am a man!”

The crowd is in utter chaos. Seeing how they scream, Lin Tong’s tears turn into laughter.


Liu Yi claps his hands again, and those people’s stomachs start to shrink back to normal.

What happened earlier is nothing but an illusion technique. Liu Yi possesses the Illusion Butterfly, Xiao Cai. That is why he is proficient in illusion technique and easily tricked this group of people.

Seeing their own stomachs shrinking back to normal, the crowd becomes relieved as they start with Liu Yi with eyes filled with reverence. They no longer dare to speak nor scold him!

This guy is…making anyone that he looks at pregnant; this is too horrifying!

“This, this little brother…can, can you cure my son’s illness?”


Liu Yi laughed as he took a piece of yellow paper from the temple before biting his finger, making it bleed. He then uses his blood to draw an amulet.

After writing, the wound on his finger immediately heals, making the crowd astonished.

Liu Yi passed the blood amulet to the old man and said, “Since childhood, your son’s yang fire was very weak, and his body is possessed by a spirit. Naturally, he is bedridden, and his high fever would not retreat. You just need to let him carry this amulet on him and never lose it. Naturally, he will be safe and sound, and from then on, spirits will not dare to get close to him.”

“Real, really?”

The old man is slightly emotional.

“If you do not believe, take it back home first and let your son carry it.”

Liu Yi chuckles, “If it is not effective, you can come here tomorrow and donate your money.”

“Thank you, little brother, thank you!”

The old man shouts out his thanks as he carefully keeps away the amulet and leaves.

That white-collar worker who donated a thousand earlier walks over. Propping up his spectacles, he asks, “This brother, why did I suffer insomnia recently?”

“Your best friend got promoted while you did not. You feel that his performance is not as good as yours; thus, you were unable to sleep properly.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he laughs. That white-collar worker’s face instantly turns pale before giving a thumbs up, “Sir! Great divination technique!”

Divine your sister! I read your memories!

Liu Yi pretends to be profound, making even more people revere him.

“Then…what should I do…”

“Brother, you have spent your money in the wrong place.”

Liu Yi shows him the bright path, “Just donating a thousand here, and you will be promoted? Don’t dream about it. Your friend had spent 100k to climb to that position.”

Naturally, Liu Yi had read all of this from that brother’s memories. This brother knows why he is unable to be promoted, but he still wants to come to a temple to make a wish. What a joke.

Clearly, his higher-up is a greedy leader, and he is unwilling to spend money. It’d be a wonder if he gets promoted.

The white-collar worker’s face immediately turns red, and does not dare to speak anymore.

The people by the side exclaim in shock, they start to raise questions to Liu Yi.

“Sir, my son is having her college exams! You must help him!”

What the heck, I am not a private tutor!

“His mathematics are pulling down everything! All you need to do is to invite a person to tutor him on math.”

“Sir. My wife disdains me for being too small…what should I do…”

Get lost! I am not an old military doctor!

“Do enough foreplay and eat this when you go back.”

Liu Yi took out a rejuvenate pill that Huang Jie passed him. This pill is not used for treatment but to raise the performance of a man.

A while back, the two of them researched it, and it is not only health care products that can strike into the market!

It seems like these medical products which can raise the capability of a man are also great in demand!

Right now, those medical products in the market like Viagra are western medicines which are to provoke potential. It can be considered as an overdraft!

Although he can have pleasurable sex for a period of time, later one he will be very weak, and it will be even more serious when he gets older.

While the rejuvenate, pill is different. It is prepared through chinese medicine and contains immortal herbs’ medical attributes. These help to raise the kidney capability of a man and empathize on curing, not stimulating.

With a good kidney, you will have confidence, and naturally, your lower body will be valiant. If you want your spear to not fall, it is not a problem.

After that brother took it, he asked carefully, “Is it effective?”

“You will know after eating it. Don’t come and look for me after taking it. It is sold in the market. Remember, it is called the rejuvenate pill.”

“Oh, rejuvenate pill. I’ve heard of it…”

The guy is delighted, “This thing is always sold out. I do not have time to go and get one. After testing this time, if it is really effective, I will go and buy it as well in the future!”

Liu Yi knows that this is Huang Jie’s hunger marketing, by only putting a never enough portion into the market.

Right now, a single rejuvenate pill is sold at a few hundred on the surface; its price in the black market is still very high! There are even people who bought it for 10 thousand!

Liu Yi had always felt that Huang Jie not only knew how to refine dan. His mind for business is very good! But the most important point is still that the rejuvenate pill is effective. If it is not effective, any marketing is useless.

He is like a god rod standing among the group of people as he resolves the problem of the group of people.

While the Daoist nun by the side finally cannot watch on anymore and clears her throat before saying, “This younger brother, today, you came here to smash the scene?”

Liu Yi immediately smiles bashfully before saying with the most humble tone in his entire life, “That’s right. Are you going to bite me?”

Chapter 994   [Deity Liu’s rod]

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