MKW Chapter 993

Chapter 993  [Title below]

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“Fox Immortal Maiden has come into being!”

“Quickly take a look. Let’s not miss it!”

“Come into being?”

Liu Yi and Lin Tong glance at each other. Could it be that there is still a fox demon in this era that is causing mischief in this area?

Liu Yi’s curiosity rises. Watching those people running towards the Fox Immortal Temple of Goddess of Fertility, he hurriedly stops one of them and asks, “Brother. Where are you all going?”

“Fox Immortal Temple of the Goddess of Fertility!”

That brother rolled his eyes at Liu Yi, “You must be an outsider. To not even know our most famous Fox Immortal Temple!”

As Liu Yi stops that brother, he smiles merrily while holding Lin Tong’s slightly cold hand and says, “We are indeed outsiders.”

Like the saying, ‘don’t smack a smiling face.’ With Liu Yi smiling merrily with a great beauty by his side, although that brother is anxious and feeling somewhat uneasy, he did not say anything much. Instead, he becomes patient and says, “This Fox Immortal Temple is the most famous Temple in this area! The Fox Immortal Maiden in it is very efficacious, and it is said that any wish that you make will be realized.”

Liu Yi and Lin Tong look at each other, is it that mystical?

“I’m not going to talk anymore. If I go late, I will not be able to get into the queue!”

Although this brother wishes to give Lin Tong a few more glances, thinking about how he can get beautiful women by his side, if he makes a wish, he immediately turns around and runs towards the FIT.

“Let us go and take a look as well!”

Lin Tong is interested and wishes to know what is the background of this Fox Immortal that brings blessing.


Liu Yi had never rejected his Immortal Fox Sister’s wishes. He immediately grabs her hand and walks to the side of the bridge, and looks at the Temple.

That side of the bridge is already filled with people. The two of them will not be able to go over from the bridge; thus, he holds Lin Tong’s hand, and the two of them get onto the railing of the bridge before leaping off.

“Ah! Someone is jumping into the river!”

A passer-by got the shock of his life and actually thought that the two of them wishes to commit suicide but did not hear the sound of them splashing into the river.

He leans over the bridge and looks down only to see that the river water is calm without anyone.

“Ghost, ghost!”

Seeing a ghost in daylight, this brother is badly frightened and thought that he had seen a ghost.

Liu Yi and Lin Tong did not know that they had scared a mortal badly. They flash and appear in front of the Temple.

This Temple was most likely constructed during the olden days with red bricks and green roof tiles. The Temple is not very big, and inside is a renovated two meters tall Goddess statue. Liu Yi and Lin Tong take a look, and this statue has 9 tails behind her back.

“Oh, it is a nine-tailed fox!”

Lin Tong’s gaze lets out green light, “I have only cultivated out 8 tails only! But…wu…it is 9 whitetails. Still okay, still okay. It can still be accepted.”

Although Liu Yi had learned Heavenly Fox Race’s cultivation technique, he does not really know the matters regarding the fox race; thus, he asks, “Oh, what is the difference with whitetails?”

Lin Tong did not mock Liu Yi and explained to him softly, “In our fox race, our cultivation strength is based on our number of tails! But fox immortals have different ranks as well. Red foxtails are the lowest, followed by white and above that are golden tails. I am cultivating golden tails while my masters are red tails.”

“So, that is the case.”

Liu Yi nods his head, so the fox race’s ranking is like this. It sounds rather interesting.

“This Fox Immortal Goddess also has nine tails. Looks like she is an expert among your fox race.”

“That’s right. You know when you see it!”

Lin Tong is slightly proud as she says, “Our fox race has a lot of experts, and I heard that they stayed in the Human Realm. I remember that my master told me that Daji is a very powerful nine-tailed fox. Back then, even the emperor was mesmerized by her, and the whole world nearly became hers!”

“That’s right. I know…”

When Liu Yi recalls the story, he has lingering fears. That sister caused the entire nation to be destroyed!

While Immortal Fox sister’s small eyes are filled with admiration…don’t tell me that Immortal Fox sister is thinking of walking down the old road of Daji? My god… no…with Immortal Fox sister in the human world, if she wishes to cause calamity in the human realm, she will be several times more horrifying than Daji!

My Immortal Fox sister is too pretty, and her figure is flawless! Any man who sees her will salivate. Any woman who sees her will be extremely jealous!

“Fox Immortal Goddess, Fox Immortal Goddess!”

An elderly lady wearing tattered clothes is kneeling in front of the statue as she kowtows continuously while muttering to herself words that sound like the conventional greetings from the older generation. There are several tourists by the sides who appear to disdain the elderly lady as she seems to be too filthy and is keeping a certain distance away from her like she has the plague! All of them fear that they are unable to dodge her!

“Fox Immortal Goddess, please protect me and bless this broken leg of mine to immediately become better!” 

The elderly lady seems to be a disabled beggar. Liu Yi can see that her right leg is somewhat withered like it had osteopathy.

For this kind of thing, even if you beg the Bodhisattva, how can you treat it. Even if it is treated, it needs lots of money; that is why the elderly lady uses this as a pretext to be a beggar. At the very least, she does not have to worry about clothes and food.

But she undoubtedly makes several people by the side fed up with it. So much so that a few of them cover up their nose and hide 10 meters away!

She does not care about external developments. She only wishes to request a matter from Fox Immortal Goddess.

“Fox Immortal Goddess, please let my lower leg become better! I do not wish to beg anymore…”

The elderly lady begs for a long time while the people by the side watch her silently. After three minutes, the elderly lady suddenly exclaims as she stands up.

Everyone was shocked to realize that although her right leg is still slightly atrophic, it has the strength to support her body weight!

“The Goddess manifested herself!”


“I also want to pray! I also want to pray!”

The group of people starts shouting as they forward while an elderly lady who appears to be around her 60s and dressed quite fashionably immediately kneel down and start muttering, “Goddess, I beg you to manifest yourself and let me have a son!”

Liu Yi nearly laughed out loud. What the heck. You are in your sixties, and you still want to be pregnant? Trying to be an old clam creating a pearl?

Not to mention, becoming pregnant at this age, wouldn’t it be dangerous?

Liu Yi subconsciously reads her memories and realizes the reason why she wants a son is for the splitting of the properties. That is why she wants a son. This elderly lady had long ago had a daughter but her family value males and attached less importance to females. Her daughter will not obtain any money.

Alas, for money, really…a portion of humans are evil.

While the elderly lady is praying, she suddenly feels pain in her stomach and following which, her stomach starts to expand slowly like an inflating balloon.

“Ahhh! I’m pregnant! I’m really pregnant! I’m pregnant!”

She is very delighted as she holds her stomach like holding a treasure.

“Long live the goddess, long live the goddess! When I go back, I will build a golden body for you and donate a lot for incense!”

The surrounding people were all stunned. What the fuck, she wished to be pregnant and immediately became pregnant! Could it be that this Fox Immortal Goddess has the ability to make anyone who she looks at pregnant!

With two manifestations, people start kneeling down!

While the Fox Immortal Goddess statue seems to be emitting faint golden radiance, which gives her another layer of mythical feeling, and those kneeling down become even more sincere!

“Hmph, how is this an immortal technique! It is clearly a demonic technique!”

Lin Tong has already seen through the methods used. She snorts and makes her way into the center of the crowd before saying loudly, “Everyone has been lied to. This is not any immortal technique but a smokescreen!”

“What are you saying!”

“That’s right! What nonsense are you saying! Speaking without knowing anything! Be careful of angering Fox Immortal Goddess!”

“Quickly scram! Don’t delay us making our wish!”

“Why is this beauty having mental problems!”

The group of people immediately start scolding. Being surrounded by so many people who were scolding her, Lin Tong immediately felt wronged, and her eyes turned red.

Liu Yi hurriedly walked over and gently hugged her.

“Immortal Fox sister. Don’t cry. I am here!”

“These idiots. They are clearly tricked, and they do not know!”

Lin Tong’s eyes are very red as she pouts while looking at Liu Yi, feeling wronged.

“These are a smokescreen, and it is of the lowest level smokescreen. You see that woman whose leg got better; it is nothing but a psychological effect. Later, when she goes backs, her sickness will become even worse. As for that elderly lady who got pregnant, when she goes back to the hospital to check, the doctor will tell her that it is only her stomach swelling with gas. All of them were tricked, completely tricked.”

“Those people who wish to reap without sowing or wishing for a miracle to happen to them are the easiest to be deceived.”

Liu Yi rubs Lin Tong’s back and comforts her, “This Fox Immortal Goddess has grasped this and made them perfectly happy to be fooled and taken in.”

“Then what should we do…”

Lin Tong is slightly anxious, “Our fox race’s name was very bad…if this goes on, wouldn’t it turn worse!”

“Let’s take a look first. I will think of a method.”

Liu Yi holds Lin Tong in his arms and stands by the side, preparing to observe calmly.

While at this moment, a Daoist nun walks out from the back and stands in front of the Temple. She swings her horsetail whisk at the crowd and says, “Fellow friends, our Temple is very efficacious. But Goddess’s magic power is limited. There are too many friends here today, so the Goddess is unable to help everyone. The Goddess’s magic power can only help 10 people daily.”

“Ah? Only ten people?”

“Let me! Let me! I came here very early just to make a wish!”

“What the! Why didn’t I see you when I arrived! I had been waiting here since yesterday night .”

The group of people starts disputing while the Daoist nun only smiles faintly as she says calmly, “For those who wish to make a wish from our Goddess, queuing up is useless. Only those who are fated can make a wish.”

“Then how do you determine if we have fate?”

“Among everyone present, the 10 people who donate the most for incense can make a wish. As for the rest, please go back.”


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