MKW Chapter 992

Chapter 992  [Title below]

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“You are saying that Liu Yi killed me, and his existence is a threat to me!”

Ai Ling is very direct as she says, “But he is the person whom I love the most! You lied to me!”

“Who says that I lied to you?”

Great God Sect Sect Leader sneers, “When you are a realm crosser, you can basically do anything you like in the six realms. But you still died in the end. Why? It is because you died in Liu Yi’s hand. In this world, only Liu Yi is your bane. Not to mention, I did not ask you to kill him. I only asked you to cripple his cultivation.”


Ai Ling frowns; what does this Great God Sect Sect Leader mean. Why does he still want Liu Yi to remain alive even though he does not like him? He says that it is for my own good, but I do not believe it.

“Stop hiding your intentions! Tell the truth!”

Ai Ling is not an idiot. She is famous for her intelligence. She immediately guessed the lie that Great God Sect Sect Leader was telling.

“If you are a man, then tell the truth! Stop covering it up like a woman!”

“There is no need for you to use this kind of provocation on me. It is useless.”

Great God Sect Sect Leader is very calm like he does not mind Ai Ling’s anger. On the contrary, he laughs and says, “Everything that I do is for your good; furthermore, it is also for the good of Liu Yi.”

“You are doing it for his good? What a joke. Crippling his cultivation is for his good?”

“It is you who does not understand.”

Great God Sect Sect Leader stretches out a finger and says a slew of words that Ai Ling does not dare to believe.

“In this world, I dare to guarantee to you that the one who is the best to Liu Yi is not you nor Fox Immortal Lin Tong but me, the Great God Sect Sect Leader.”

“What a joke!”

Ai Ling sneers as she examines the Great God Sect Sect Leader, “You and Liu Yi are neither a relative nor a friend. Why do you want to be good to him? Not to mention the two of you should be enemies? You will treat him well?”

“So be it if you believe or not.”

Great God Sect Sect Leader also did not explain anymore, “Crippling his cultivation is also for his own good. Otherwise, sooner or later, he will do something that will make him regret.”


Ai Ling tilts his head and looks at Great God Sect Sect Leader, “I heard that you know 500 years into the past and future and can calculate and foresee the future. Then you know what will happen to Liu Yi in the future?”

“Although you lost your memories, you still did not change.”

Great God Sect Sect Leader sighs, “Even at this time, you still follow your instincts and consider for Liu Yi, wishing to help him obtain some advantages.”

Ai Ling creases her brows lightly like she also did think of this problem.

Used to consider for Liu Yi? With him saying this, that seems to be the case.

“So what if it is for him?”

This time Ai Ling did not deny it and said, “We were in love in the past and are friends now. Helping him is right and proper.”

“If you are doing it for his own good, then do not be considerate for him.”

Great God Sect Sect Leader warns, “Otherwise you will not be helping him but harming him.”

“Could it be that you are envious of him?”

Ai Ling seems to think of something as she suddenly questions Great God Sect Sect Leader, “That is why you do not allow him to be more fortunate and did not allow me to help him because you were jealous and envious right?”

Great God Sect Sect Leader suddenly did not say anything like Ai Ling’s words had jabbed into his heart.

“If you do not say anything, that means you agree. Don’t tell me that you like me?”

Ai Ling guesses brazenly, but it seems to provoke the anger of Great God Sect Sect Leader.

“Shut up!”

This is the first time she has seen Great God Sect Sect Leader have some loss of control. He clenches his fist as the face formed from flames distorts slightly.

“What do you know? You do not know anything! If you make random guesses again, then don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Hmph! You will not be able to stop me nor confuse me.”

Ai Ling snorts and continues to say, “The fate between Liu Yi and me still has not come to an end. Furthermore, he likes me, but I forgot this. I owe it to him. Even if I do it for him, it is also my fate!”

“Ignorant woman!”

Great God Sect Sect Leader roars, “Torment yourself as you wish! Sooner or later, there will come a day where you will regret it.”

With that, his body suddenly turns into a flame and disappears from the side of the phonebooth.

“Even if I regret it, it is also because I regret that I had forgotten about him.”

Great God Sect Sect Leader’s voice, which carries a trace of hesitation, asks, “Do you really wish to remember?”

“Of course!”

Ai Ling is direct and did not hesitate and replied, “Can you comprehend the feeling of forgetting a person? If you forget your loved ones, would you be happy?”


Unexpectedly, Great God Sect Sect Leader contemplates, which is rarely seen, before saying, “If one can really forget about the one whom one loves, perhaps it might be more relaxing.”

“Why are you putting things so profoundly. You make it seem like you have experienced a lot of stories!”

Ai Ling curls her lips, “You are the Great God Sect Sect Leader. How would you have matters that trouble you?”

“Even Buddha also has matters that trouble them.”

Great God Sect Sect Leader smiles indifferently, “There is no need to mention all of these. If you want to restore your memories, I can help you. At the same time, if you wish to know why I will stop Liu Yi, I can also tell you the reason. But, I’m afraid that you will not be able to take these consequences.”

“What is there I cannot take?”

Ai Ling feels that Great God Sect Sect Leader is looking down on her, “I am a person who has experienced death! What is there that I am unable to accept?”

“Fine. Since you put it like this, I shall fulfill your wish!”

With that, Great God Sect Sect Leader suddenly stretches out a hand and, with the force of thunder, taps Ai Ling between her brows.

Ai Ling trembles as her expression turns lifeless.

Memories flow from Great God Sect Sect Leader’s finger into Ai Ling’s mind.

These memories are in a terrible mess and are the part of memories that Ai Ling had lost. When they return, Ai Ling feels like her cerebrum is swelling.

As it is getting more and more full. Ai Ling starts to slowly recall what happened in the past. How she get to know Liu Yi, their interactions with one another, and everything. When all of these appear, tears start appearing at the corner of Ai Ling’s eyes.

I…I am too evil…to forget whom I love the most…

“Lord…don’t blame Little Lass…”

Ai Ling is truly upset. She feels like she is too much to dare treat Liu Yi like this.

Liu Yi definitely must also be grieving …

Thinking to here, she cannot help but detest the Great God Sect Sect Leader.

“Why did you want to do this! What benefits does it give you! My lord is upset!”

Ai Ling grinds her teeth in anger as she looks at the Great God Sect Sect Leader with eyes filled with hatred.

“You really wish to know?”

Great God Sect Sect Leader laughs bitterly, “So be it. You are the Spirit Vein. The only unique point of this cosmos. There is no harm in telling you.”

With that, he taps Ai Ling on her forehead again.

A whole new set of memories enter Ai Ling’s mind.

Seeing everything that Great God Sect Sect Leader passes to her, Ai Ling is stunned as she stands there motionless like a statue.

While Great God Sect Sect Leader who had done all of this disappeared.

“Why…would it be like this…”

Ai Ling is in disbelief in what she is seeing, is all of this real? Could it be that Great God Sect Sect Leader is lying to me? But, why would he want to create this kind of story? But if it is real…what, what should I do…

This is the first time Ai Ling has fallen into deep doubt. She is unable to make any judgment anymore.

Lord… tell little lass what should I do…


While at this time, Liu Yi cannot help Ai Ling clear up her confusion. Right now, he is in a small town among the patchwork of waterways in Jiangnan.

Based on the most recent news, Liu Yi found out that Solo Sect is roaming about this area.

After finding Solo Sect, Liu Yi will also find Li Heqiang and liberate Bai Xiaowei.

Different from the cities which have steel monsters everywhere, this small town is filled with an easy and comfortable atmosphere.

“This place is very tranquil.”

Lin Tong cannot help but jump out of Liu Yi’s body and transforms into her human form.

She hugs his arm and accompanies him as they walk above a small bridge.

“That’s right.”

Liu Yi nods his head immediately, “Wait till I no longer need to fight anymore; I shall bring all my girls to this kind of place to live forever.”


Lin Tong immediately nods her head before pointing at a temple far away, “Big Idiot, there is a fox maiden temple there!”


Seeing this, Liu Yi cannot help but laugh, “This place is really interesting. The people here actually built a temple for a fox spirit!”

“Hey, what fox spirit! It is a fox maiden!”

Lin Tong says, “It is not the same!”

“What difference is there?”

Liu Yi smiles mischievously, “Aren’t both fox demons, furthermore, both are female.”

“That is true…hey, that’s wrong! What are you saying! Both are two completely different things!”

As Lin Tong speaks, she points at herself and says, “Those like me who are kind-hearted are fox immortals while those who confuse the people and are evildoers are the fox spirits. For example, Daji, who damages the country and causes suffering to the people, are fighters among the fox spirits!”


Liu Yi laughs loudly, and his laughter makes Lin Tong baffled.

“Idiot, what are you laughing at!”

Lin Tong pouts as she stares at Liu Yi with dissatisfaction.

“Immortal Fox sister. Do you remember how the two of us met each other?”

“Of course, I remember. At that time, I wanted to suck your essence, ah….”

Only then did Lin Tong become aware of what Liu Yi meant. She turns bashful and angrily hammers Liu Yi.

Back then, she nearly walked down the path of a fox spirit…but that time was due to some unexpected circumstances…

Just as Lin Tong is about to explain, a lot of people suddenly start to run over while shouting, “Quickly, quickly go and look, the Fox Maiden has come into being!”

Chapter 992   [Come into being]

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