MKW Chapter 991

Chapter 991  [Title below]

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“Big sister Xiao Die, there seems to be a Santa Claus on that rooftop.”

Wang Yuzheng, Murong Die as well as Wang Lele, these three beautiful girls are wearing various cotton clothes. They are standing prettily among the snow, looking at the Santa Claus that is created from the LED screen on the building by the side.

“Sighs…it is a pity that Big brother Xiao Yi is not here. Otherwise, how happy would it be for all of us to celebrate Christmas together.”

Wang Lele’s expression is somewhat lonely, while Wang Yuzheng is wearing a big sunglass with a thick scarf covering her up as she comforts her, “It is okay. Perhaps during the next Christmas, he will be back.”

“But…he said that he would come back very quickly…”

Wang Lele pouts, “I am not happy!”

“How many Christmases has it been since he left?”

Murong Die finally speaks. As a Rich missy, she carries a noble attitude like automatically turning on an aura making other people feel like they cannot get close to her.

“It is already the third year. He is so hateful!”

Recently Wang Lele had watched too much Korean drama and is imitating the tone of the female lead in the Korean drama as she shouts, “Lele cannot wait to be shown special favor by our Liu Yi.”

Wang Yuzhen smiles, “It is only three years, and you already miss him so much.”

“Hmph! Big sister Yuzheng is teasing me!”

Wang Lele pouts and says, “I wonder who was tugging at my shirt yesterday while drunk saying that she missed Big Brother Xiao Yi.”

“Damn lass…”

Wang Yuzheng’s face instantly turns red, and steps forward and pinches Wang Lele’s cheek. Wang Lele giggles as she hides behind Murong Die playing catch with Wang Yuzheng.

“You can’t pinch me; you can’t! Hahaha, you also said that it had been a long time since you had been kissed by Big Brother Xiao Yi, and now your mouth is dry!”

“Stinky lass! Watch how I pinch you to death!”

Wang Yuzheng is very bashful, while Murong Die is taking joy and delight in the calamity and disaster.

“Lele, what else did Yuzheng say? Quickly tell me!”

“You are not allowed to say! Not allowed!”

“Hehe, Big Sister Xiao Die, you also said a lot of drunk things!”

Wang Lele suddenly smiles cheekily at Murong Die, “Liu Yi, quickly come and love me! I really miss you; I beg you to quickly push…”

“Go, die! Stinky lass, how would it be possible for me to say that!”

Murong Die immediately becomes angered, “Yuzheng, you tear her mouth while I crush her milk!”

The three girls are laughing and messing around with each other while Li Biyue, who is just nice standing among the crowd, witnesses this scene.

Li Biyue cannot help but feel rueful. It is still these younger girls who do not know worries.

Lolita Liu Yuelian, who is only a few years old, is holding her mother’s hand as she asks softly, “Mother…why did father not come and celebrate Christmas with us…”

“Be good. Father is too busy. Wait till he is not working; he will come and accompany us.”

Li Biyue can only comfort her daughter like this, “How about this, didn’t you always want a big stuffed bear? How about mother buy it for you as a Christmas present?”


Only then did Liu Yuelian become happy. During Christmas, the streets are bustling, and small snowflakes are floating in the air, making the atmosphere very bustling.

Just as Li Biyue is about to bring her daughter into the department store, black clouds suddenly cover the sky, and the originally bright daytime instantly becomes like night.

Seeing this scene, the crowd becomes startled, not knowing what had happened. Li Biyue, Murong Die, and the rest of the girls look at the sky together at the same time while Liu Yuelian points at the sky and says, “Mother, there is a person over there!”

Li Biyue raises her head, and upon seeing that person, her expression blanks out.

As a water spirit body, Wang Yuzheng has the best eyesight among the three girls. Seeing that figure appearing in the sky, she exclaims with some delight, “That person…looks likes Liu Yi…”

“Really? Did Big brother Xiao Yi come back?”

Wang Lele and Murong Die became happy at the same time. After leaving for so long, Liu Yi is finally coming back!

But at this moment, that person in the sky suddenly laughs loudly, “From today onwards, I am the King!”

This voice is very hoarse, like a damaged gong, and is very unpleasant to hear.

Wang Lele and the girls look at each other. This person is definitely not Liu Yi! Liu Yi’s voice is slightly magnetic and is very pleasant to hear!

“From today onwards, I shall establish my kingdom!”

With that, he raises his hand and tosses a black shadow sword below him!

 The shadow sword stabs into the ground, and instantly a black storm erupts out! The black storm instantly spread out with the black sword as the center, instantly sweeping the entire city!

All living beings were ground into dust by the storm! All of the people on the streets were turned into dust by the black storm!

Li Biyue exclaims as she watches the people in front of her turning into dust, including Murong Die, Wang Lele, and Wang Yuzheng, these three beautiful girls!

Doomsday! This is a real doomsday!

She subconsciously bends her waist and hugs her daughter as she attempts to use her power to protect Liu Yuelian.

But at this moment, a circular golden light automatically emerges from Liu Yuelian blacking the black storm outside.

In the entire city, only Liu Yuelian, as well as Li Biyue, are left with a bit of light while every other living being was engulfed into the darkness by the black storm!

Although the golden light circle is a bit weak, it can barely hold off the storm.

The storm went on for over a minute before finally dissipating. But when the storm dissipates, everything no longer exists. The earlier tall buildings, heavy traffic as well as those people on the streets had all turned into history.

It is like it had turned into a desert while Li Biyue and Liu Yuelian’s side had turned into a sand dune.

Other than them, no one else exists.

“Mother…I’m afraid…”

Liu Yuelian does not know that she had saved her mother; instead, she was scared into tears by her surroundings.

All over the place are corpses, which are indeed scary. To a young girl, when they see such a scene, they will definitely be scared.

Li Biyue also stood there blankly and forgot to coax her daughter. The man in the sky had left at an unknown time, leaving behind this horrifying ruin.

Liu Yi exits from Li Biyue’s memories with sweat covering his forehead.

His face is pale with a very ugly expression on his face. Ai Ling by the side does not know what is going on and only feels that Liu Yi’s mood is very terrible, like he had experienced a scary calamity.

“Liu Yi? What is the matter?”

At that instant, Ai Ling subconsciously wanted to call him ‘Lord,’ but she did not say it in the end.

Liu Yi waves it off, not willing to say anything.

He is panicking. Unexpectedly that disaster implicated Murong Die and the girls.

To Liu Yi, no one else in this world is more important than Murong Die and those girls.

“I must go back to my era.”

A fierce gleam flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes, “All of this cannot happen! Otherwise, it will be too late for me to regret it!”

“But history cannot be changed…”

Li Biyue says with some worries, “Furthermore, Little Black is your natal pet. As long as you are alive, he will never die.”

“Let’s go back first. I will think of a method.”

With that, Liu Yi puls Ai Ling and leaps into the space-time passageway together.

“I hope that you can change everything.”

Li Biyue waved her hands at Liu Yi with an indescribable feeling in her eyes.


Holding hands, Liu Yi and Ai Ling swiftly return back to their era.

Looking at the bustling metropolis, Liu Yi lets out a soft sigh.

“Fortunately..before that disaster happened, everything was really very good.”

“Looking at your appearance, it is like you had just died.”

Ai Ling teases Liu Yi lightly, “Is our Big Official Liu still afraid?”

“Yes, too afraid.”

Liu Yi has lingering fears in his heart, “That is why I must prevent this matter from happening! I must kill Gui Tongtian!”

Ai Ling raises a very pointed question, “But where can you find him?”

But Liu Yi waves it off and says, “There is no need for me to find him. He wants a vessel; naturally, he will take the initiative to find me. At that time, naturally, it will be his death date.”

“Then what do you wish to do next?”

Recalling the ice pagoda that he had left in the future, Liu Yi says, “I had promised a person. I must go and save her first.”

“Then let me go with you.”

Ai Ling once again volunteers herself. After all, she has nothing to do; thus, she wishes to continue staying by Liu Yi’s side.

At that instant, what she is thinking is, even if I am unable to recall my memories, staying by this guy’s side for a lifetime seems to also be not bad…hey, Ai Ling! How can you have such thoughts? Do you, really, love this guy so much? If you love him, then return all of these memories!

Even if Ai Ling begs bitterly in her heart countless times, no one can give her an answer. What she can only do is to wait.

“Okay, then. Let’s take a trip along with me to Solo Sect.”


Just as Ai Ling agrees happily, she suddenly sees a figure in the corner of her eyes standing close to a phone booth. And this causes her expression to turn sluggish immediately.

“Right…I recalled an important matter that I had not done yet! I must go and complete it first…”

“In that case, you go first. After you are done, if you still wish to find me, give me a call.”

Liu Yi did not insist and turned around and entered the crowd.

Only after he left did Ai Ling let out a sigh of relief. After this, she puts on a chilly expression and walks over with wide strides to the phonebooth. She then questioned that guy in the hoodie, “You actually tracked me!”

“I was only curious.”

Under the hoodie is a face that is completely created by flames. The appearance is very vague, and one cannot see his face clearly. But Ai Ling recognizes him. He is Great God Sect Sect Leader, that guy who lied to her.

Seeing him, Ai Ling is very mad but is unable to vent it anywhere, “You lied to me and still have the cheek to come and see me?”

Great God Sect Sect Leader’s clone laughs instead, “When did I lie to you?”

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