MKW Chapter 990

Chapter 990  [Title below]

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Thousands of years ago, Gui Tongtian had cultivated knowledge of past lives.

He was a master monk who had cultivated for countless years and was proficient in the Buddhist doctrine. He had also gone everywhere, passing down Dharma to other people and lecturing on Buddhist scriptures. In the past, his Buddha-like heart was very firm; thus, he cultivated knowledge of past lives. But the moment he cultivated knowledge of past lives to major accomplishment, he saw his destiny to have a tragic death. Instantly his heart panicked.

Even if he cultivated knowledge of past lives and know 500 years into the future and past, he is unable to break away from reincarnation and must suffer reincarnation!

To become a buddha, it is even challenging, and must suffer 7, 7 49 disasters and experience 9, 9 81 reincarnations; then he can bear fruit!

How is that becoming cultivating to be a buddha! That is simply cooking a person!

Seeing how much suffering he experienced reincarnation after reincarnation as well as death, Gui Tongtian finally feels like he has walked the wrong path!

Nearly over a hundred reincarnations, and he was unable to become a buddha. While due to him unable to endure the suffering, he finally fell into the asura path and became an Asura who only knows how to massacre!

This is karma? No, I should not degenerate to this step! I bitterly cultivated Buddhism just for this?

Gui Tongtian thinks for a long time before finally calculated that he will meet the successor of God Race.

As long as he obtained the God Race True Blood, he will live forever and never die! He will no longer fall into reincarnation!

But he calculated another matter. Even if he obtained the God Race True Blood, he will still be killed by other people in the future! If he wishes to resolve it, he must possess a vessel for evil qi. After which, he will possess that vessel, and only then can he absolve himself from the predestination of death!

Thus Gui Tongtian painstakingly schemes and seeks a suitable vessel. Finally, he starts to settle on Liu Yi as this guy possesses a fake spirit vein!

Although due to the spirit vein destroying the history, he can no longer calculate the fate clearly. But he is still able to see a bit of the general flow of history. Liu Yi will not be an ordinary person! As long as he can possess his body, he can achieve meteoric success and might able to dominate the six realms and reach the top of the nine layers of heaven!

But Gui Tongtian was unable to calculate that Liu Yi’s heart is so firm. His benevolent thoughts are too strong, and he is unable to become that vessel that he wishes to possess. That is why Gui Tongtian settled for the second-best and chose Black Devil King.

He keeps corrupting Little Black and finally turns Little Black into a suitable vessel! Right now, this vessel is going to become a Buddha and leave; how can this do! How can he let a cooked duck fly away?

Gui Tongtian had been hiding the entire time. Upon seeing this scene, he could take it and rushed out and transformed into black smoke letting his conscience attach to Little Black.

But Gui Tongtian had miscalculated again. The current Little Black is no longer an Evil Spirit Body. Instead, he is a Golden Body Luohan who possessed Buddhist Qi.


A Buddhist term flew out from Little Black’s mouth.

The golden Sanskrit immediately flies out from the sky and smashes into Gui Tongtian’s body, smashing his body, causing his body to start to fall apart.

“You cannot kill me!”

Gui Tongtian possesses the Ghost Puppet thus can revive nine times a day; furthermore, he will be strengthened after each time he revives.

“Don’t look down on Buddha.”

As Little Black speaks, he flips his palm as a spangle appears in the hollow of his palm!

 This golden light shoots down and shines on Gui Tongtian’s consciousness. Gui Tongtian instantly starts screaming as his body keeps warping. After which, it is slowly being sucked over towards Little Black’s palm, and finally, it was entirely sucked into his palm.

Little Black clenches his palm and gets control over Gui Tongtian’s soul.

This way, even if he has the Ghost Puppet, it is useless.

“This is Gui Tongtian’s treasures. Since we used to be master and servant, you can have all of them.”

With that, Little Black tosses out three treasures towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and grabs the three treasures.

These three treasures are none other than Wisdom Clock, Evil Spirit Pot as well as Ghost Puppet!

“What the heck…these are good things!”

Seeing these three treasures, Liu Yi’s eyes turn red! The reason why Gui Tontian was so awesome is because of these three treasures! 

Among which the Wisdom Clock can stop the enemy’s time, which has a different approach but equally satisfactory outcome as his daughter’s clock. 

While the Evil Spirit Pot can absorb the evil qi of heaven and earth and finally turn it into its owner strength. To him, who is cultivating the devil path, Evil Spirit Pot is a huge supplement to him!

That Ghost Puppet is even more heaven-defying! Every day he can revive nine times, and after each time, he can become even stronger! But there is also something bad. If his soul got taken away, then he will be finished. I must think of a method so that even if my soul was captured, I can still use Ghost Puppet to revive!

Liu Yi subconsciously asks Lin Tong, who is familiar with his thoughts, {Immortal Fox sister, do you have any good methods?}

{I do know a secret technique that can allow a person’s soul to be split into multiple parts then hide it in different places. You can imitate this technique and scatter your soul. That way, your enemy cannot kill you instantly. Even if you lose a portion of your soul, you can still come back through the Ghost Puppet!}

{Let me try!}

Liu Yi instantly becomes delighted. So there is this kind of secret technique. It was created for me!

“Our master and servant fate has come to an end. I hope that benefactor shall have less killing sin and not continue walking on my old path.”

After Little Black had handed over everything, he turned around and did not hesitate before flying into the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

This paradise slowly dissipates and only leaves behind a golden afterglow.

“Becoming a buddha ..”

Liu Yi sighs, “It is a pity that after becoming a buddha, I will not be able to enjoy the female charms. That is why I will never become a buddha in this lifetime. I am unable to put down my desire for the fairer sex.”

“Confucius says, appetite and lust are only natural.”

Ai Ling had unknowingly stood beside Liu Yi and said with a faint smile, “Even the sage cannot control it. How are you able to not lust for a woman. Not to mention you have me by your side! If your heart is still unmoved, then I can only suspect that your lower body has a problem!”

“Get lost; my lower body is very awesome!”

Liu Yi immediately defended his lower body!

“Whether or not it is awesome, this miss has not tried before.”

Ai Ling sneers, “Or could it be that I had done something with you before?”

“This…it seems that nothing ever happened.”

When Liu Yi said it, he was dejected. However, my little lass and I are each other’s sunshine and a pair of happy immortal companions. We have not done that thing yet. Even if I have the thought of doing it, there were no opportunities to do the deed.

“That is why I am suspecting that you have a problem!”

Ai Ling says impolitely, “Staying with this beauty daily without heads rubbing together; you still have not captured me. You must have a problem!”

“Do you believe I won’t take you down right now!”

Liu Yi is very angry. This woman is unreasonable!

“Just you? Tsk! This miss is a realm crosser. If we fight, why would I be afraid of you?”

“So, what if you are a realm crosser?”

Liu Yi is proud as he keeps his hands behind his back and says loudly, “Even if God comes and wishes to snatch away Little Lass’s love towards me, it is impossible!”

“I do not know if I am your Little Lass…”

Ai Ling pouts as her expression is somewhat laden with grief. The feeling of losing her memories is not good.

“Now that the matter has ended, we cannot continue to stay in this era anymore.”

Liu Yi does not wish to stay any longer to prevent messing up space-time.

The previous time when he time traveled, it gave him too much of a negative impact. This time, he is very scared and on edge.

“Are you leaving so soon…”

Li Biyue’s gaze seems to have some hidden bitterness.

“Can’t you stay awhile longer?”

“I do not belong to this era.” Liu Yi smiles and says, “If I stay too long, I’m afraid that some variable might appear.”

“How is that possible!”

Li Biyue hurriedly says, “This is the future, not the past. It will not have that much of a huge impact on one. Not to mention, in this era, there are a lot of women who are waiting for you. Are you not going to see them?”

“There is no need.”

Towards this point, Liu Yi had thought of it himself, but he still firmly shakes his head.

“They belong to the me of this era.”

Liu Yi looks at the sky before saying, “I think after I had become the Great Cosmos God, there must be some matters that delayed my steps. That is why I was unable to come back. You must believe me. If there are none of you, I will not be able to continue to live on, even if I become the Great Cosmos God.”

“I hope that is the case.”

Li Biyue knows that her own little brother is a very stubborn person. He cannot be persuaded; thus, she can only follow his intentions.

For so many years, when had I not followed his intentions?

“Are you leaving already…”

Liu Yuelian is not willing, “We…had just met…”

I have not felt a father’s love before…it has just started, and I do not wish for it to end.

“I will go back and let you live a new life.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and gently strokes Liu Yuelian’s hair, “I will return you a father’s love.”


Liu Yuelian becomes somewhat pleasantly surprised while Li Biyue, who is standing by the side, did not say anything while she watches all of these. She also did not exhort Liu Yi to not find them.

Liu Yuelian needs a father. And only Liu Yi can satisfy her.

Perhaps my protection towards Lian’er is not right.

“Really. I am not lying. If you do not believe, let’s make a pinky promise.”

At this moment, Liu Yi is like a father patiently coaxing his daughter. He stretches out his pinky and hooks it against Liu Yuelian’s pinky.

“Great! Then I shall send you back right now!”

Liu Yuelian is even more anxious than Liu Yi now. She transforms into a white circle and disappears from their sight.

“If it is possible, you must save this era.”

Li Biyue steps forward and holds Liu Yi’s hands, “Too many people have died…”

“What if history is unable to be changed?”

Liu Yi does not know if he can do it or not.

Li Biyue looks at Liu Yi firmly and says with a tone that is borderline ordering him, “You must change the history! Remember that!”

At this moment, the time travel passage slowly opens while Ai Ling is waiting for Liu Yi at the entrance.

“I will do my best, elder sister.”

“It is a must! You must! ”

Li Biyue stretched out three fingers and placed it in front of Liu Yi, “During that calamity, Murong Die, Wang Lele, Wang Yuzheng, all died!”

[TL: damn…that’s like a triple whammy…guess it is RIP Gui Tongtian]

Chapter 990   [Must achieve it]

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